Transportation Management System Development

Transportation Management System Development

Oct 18, 2023 15:00 PM

Best Transportation Management Software

Inefficiency in logistics increases costs and leads to frustration among customers. Implementing a transportation system has proven to be a lifesaver for many businesses. These systems can help businesses manage planning, delivery, and other critical processes.

It's no wonder that the demand for transportation management systems has increased over the years. Globally, the market for transportation management systems grew from $9.22 billion in 2021 to $10.46 billion in 2022. It is expected to reach $31.18 billion by 2030. Off-the-shelf options are not without their flaws.

Even though the software provided by the leading transportation management companies is packed with AI-based analysis, real-time GPS trackers, and other advanced functions, the most widely used platforms may not have the functionality your business requires. We are an experienced software development company and know which features can reduce costs and increase efficiency in logistics and transportation companies. We'll explain the benefits of transport management software in this article. Learn about the benefits that companies can gain from custom transport management software.

What is a Transportation Management System (TMS)?

TMS is specialized software that allows for the planning, execution, and optimization of transportation. Logistics companies can use top-quality TMS software to find the fastest shipping routes, create documentation, track operations, and ensure compliance.

How does the Transport Management System software work?

Transport management solutions consist of data repositories that have transactional, analytical, and communication features. A TMS can be part of an ERP platform, a supply chain management system (SCM), or other platforms. These systems also access, process, and share data among logistic service providers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Here is a simplified version. The customer orders an article from a website connected to your ERP platform. The platform sends order data to the TMS and pulls product availability information from other systems. You can then use the platform to create a route, generate the necessary documents, and select a transporter.

The transportation management system returns the order data to the central platform after processing the shipment. A TMS allows your managers to track order deliveries, contact carriers, and handle problems in transit. The software can be integrated with the CRM module to give customers status updates.

TMS is the Ultimate Transport Management Solution

Best Transportation Management Software

Transportation management software integrates essential functions that mirror the functions of the freight cycle. It provides transparency in the day-to-day operations of transportation, documentation, and trade compliance. It allows you to guarantee timely delivery of goods and freight.

TMS Offerings

Transportation management systems form the basis of supply chain management. They are a central repository of documents and information on all shipments.

TMS services include tracking, visibility, reporting, scheduling, and routing.

This can be done using the TMS to optimise routes and schedules or using routing software to help find the best possible route for a shipment given certain constraints (such as time of day or geographical location). The TMS can optimise schedules and routes, or routing software can help find the most efficient routes to ship a package, given certain constraints.

The TMS Features Can be Classified as

Benefits of Transportation Management Software Development

We would lose count if we listed all the advantages that the modern Transportation Management System (TMS) offers. We had to choose only the benefits that you can use with TMS software. Here they are:

TMS can reduce costs for both the customer and the business.

It is a simple way to manage supply chains across modes, carriers, and geographies.

It automates certain business operations to ensure faster and more accurate billing and documentation.

This software improves security and transparency, particularly in transit.

Reduces delivery delays by reducing the number of manual steps.

A single platform that allows you to track your freight both locally and globally.

Reduces penalties and delays in shipment by ensuring import and export compliance.

Delivers the latest business insights and allows for faster action.

Improves customer service by providing real-time updates and reducing shipment delays.

Finally, you can scale up your business quickly by exceeding the customer's expectations.

What to Look for in TMS Software Providers

Transport management systems must be scalable and flexible. When choosing a platform, it is essential to consider its architecture, payment system, and technical capability. The most important factors include:

Type of deployment. On-premise deployments suit companies that want more security and control. Cloud transport management software, however, is more accessible, easy to configure, and scalable. A software-as a Service provider usually updates and maintains the software.

Modular architecture. A loosely-based architecture allows you to integrate third-party software and allocate system resources more efficiently. It is also more fault-tolerant compared to monolithic applications. Your TMS software will not crash if any of your modules go offline.

Payment Type: Cloud-based TMS is typically subscription-based. Not all solutions charge a fixed monthly fee. They can, for example, offer pricing models based on features (pricing varies depending on the number of users), active users (number), or consumption metrics (consumption metrics).

Module de formation Your employees will need detailed guides and instructions to master your tools. Your TMS provider should offer online help for quick troubleshooting and assistance.

Provisioning of computing and infrastructure. Infrastructure as a Service solutions (IaaS and PaaS), which provide virtual servers, test environments, load balancers, and other functionality to maintain or build, are available. Only 10% of providers provide such services, according to Deloitte's 2019 TMS Compass Research.

Support for multiple languages. The majority of solutions support English. International businesses should, however, check whether their TMS software can translate the interface and documentation into other languages for business partners and clients.

Here's what you need to know. Deloitte's study shows some providers do not offer a full-blown order management and planning module. Over half of providers have dedicated sales, inventory management, and loading planning.

You may not have all of these features or characteristics. It would be best if you considered custom software in this situation.

Custom Software for Transport Management Systems

Deloitte says that no TMS is suitable for all supply chain parties. Your logistics requirements may require customised software solutions.

You may be able to benefit from the advanced functionality. Some of the most popular pre-made platforms lack certain features.

3D load planning

You can distribute your goods using 3D modelling software in warehouses and docks. For example, the 3D planning TMS for a trucking firm allows you to enter data about your vehicle and item dimensions. It allows you to make the most of your space during load planning.

Dedicated Fleet Management Module

Advanced tools can track the status of your vehicle using data from sensors and work orders. Algorithms can help you determine the likelihood of a malfunction and the optimal maintenance time. Some tools allow you to control your vehicle or use GPS anti-theft remotely.

Interlinked Shipment Monitoring

Tracking a container's seal number across customs, ports, and carriers is helpful. It notifies shipping lines, third-party logistics software development services, and authorities about pre-, primary, and on-carriage movement. TMS can also automatically notify truckers when goods are ready to be picked up after clearing by the freight forwarder.

User-friendly Interface

TMS platforms already in place have complex legacy interfaces requiring special training. A software developer with experience can create a frontend from scratch for your application. Web and mobile apps that are intuitive and visually appealing will make it easier for your employees to find, manage, and analyse data.

Mobile Application

Around 80% of TMS web-based solutions are also available on mobile devices. Most vendors do not focus on applications for smartphones and tablets. These versions are usually companion apps. You can build a multi-device solution with features like order management, route planning, and transportation control.

Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis

Natural language processing (NLP) helps you understand, classify, and organise documents stored in your data repositories. A context-aware module for sentiment analysis can also monitor geopolitical implications using social media data. You can predict future demand and supply chain disruptions.

Cold chain management

The cold chain module allows you to adhere to thermal requirements when packaging and distributing temperature-specific products. You can monitor the supply chain's CO2, humidity, air quality, and temperature ranges. The TMS software will also alert the carrier if the temperature changes to avoid product spoilage.

Blockchain-based Technology

Blockchain technology records events in a peer-to-peer, immutable network. Participants, customers, and auditors can easily track loading, transport, and delivery. Smart contracts also allow faster trading and lower commissions because a central authority does not process transactions.

You can add more functionality to your TMS. If your team lacks the development skills to develop a TMS solution, you must partner with a reliable agency.

How to Choose a Transportation Management Application Development Company

You can choose your methods for finding the perfect technology partner. If possible, pay attention to the following criteria:

Company's reputation. Experience is the number of years spent on the market and their results. Check if the vendor has worked on projects similar to yours or in your field.

Client testimonials. Clutch, for example, and other social media platforms, such as Facebook, can be used to find out what clients are saying about the company.

The IT outsourcing market. Outsourcing locations can provide information about expected programming skills and payment rates. It also provides talent availability, English proficiency, and available talent. You would also benefit from sharing the business hours with your outsourcing location.

Technical stack. Ensure the team is familiar with the technical knowledge you need for your project.

Data security measures. The development of transportation management applications should prioritise security. Your vendor should adhere to international privacy policies and utilise practical data security tools.

Set up a meeting with the companies you have shortlisted to discuss your needs. You can learn more from a long conversation with the company's experts than you could ever find on their website.

Why Choose PerfectionGeeks Technologies for Transportation Management System Software Development?

PerfectionGeeks Technologies has been developing mobile and web applications for nearly 20 years. Over a hundred engineers, designers, and cloud migration experts are on our team. Our company has completed hundreds of successful projects. We do not just follow your business requirements; we look for ways to make your organisation more valuable. As an ISO 9001-2015-certified company, we can ensure top-level project management and consistency in quality.

PerfectionGeeks's Portfolio of Transportation Management Software

We have developed several applications that are secure, compliant, and rich in features for the transportation and logistics industry. Here are a few of the projects that we have worked on.

Shipping Web Platform Development

A previous vendor had asked us to build a platform for shipping. Our team of dedicated professionals conducted a technical audit to find payment bugs, optimise the code, and replace third-party services that were not performing well. Our app began attracting customers in less than two months. Our optimisation efforts also reduced the client's operational costs by 60%.

Mobile Shipping Service Application Development

Our client's shipping platform needed robust mobile apps that could track drivers' hours of work for brokerage firms. Our specialists begin by optimising the architecture and fixing bugs in web and Android applications. This improved security by 90 spans and increased session speed by 28 spans.

We added real-time GPS tracking and maps, considering external factors (like traffic jams or vehicle breakdowns). In just three months, we created an MVP for the iOS applicationn.

Transportation Management System Modernization

Our team had to modernise an old TMS platform with destructive code and broken backend processes. We updated the PHP, libraries, and legacy components in less than three months and reindexed ElasticSearch to fix data desync problems. The final solution was faster and saved the client $8000 monthly in database management.


Transportation management system development can solve most logistics issues. The best TMS platforms will help you plan shipments, increase efficiency through automation, work with trading partners, and optimise processes to save money.

Do you feel that the existing solutions do not meet your needs? Custom TMS software could be the solution. It doesn't have to be a massive investment if you choose the right developer.

PerfectionGeeks will help you create a unique TMS solution for your business, reengineering existing software or integrating sophisticated features for logistics management. You may have specific business ideas but lack the expert team to implement them. It's no problem! No problem!

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