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Increase Your Website Value: Expert Tips and Strategies - PerfectionGeeks

Tips to Influence the Website Value

March 29, 2023 03:15 PM

Website Value Optimization

Ask a business or marketing owner what their customers would like most globally, and they'll likely give you more information about their customers. What happens after that? A higher number of visitors to their site. Indeed, more than 61% of marketers believe their main issue is creating leads and traffic.

There are numerous ways that you can boost traffic to your site. In today's article, we've provided a few key strategies that will increase the website's value if used properly.

How can you drive traffic to your site by providing information?

The truth is that you will only increase website traffic with content. If you're thinking of not reading this section, then go for it! You'll know in a matter of minutes that you've skipped to the next section because you realise you couldn't use one of the other methods without high-quality, relevant content.

Blog about your business

The first and most important thing is that your company should have a blog that allows you to post helpful, long-form content on your website frequently. This is not a matter of negotiation.

  • Businesses that blog receive 97 percent more web links to their sites.
  • Blogs are a great way to receive 55 percent more visitors to their websites than those who do not.

  • Blogs can be thirteen times higher and likely produce positive ROI.
  • If you can add value to what you provide on your website, more compelling reasons will compel visitors to visit it. If you have a blog, it's going to be easier to implement most of the strategies described in this post (or any other post related to the subject, in fact).
The focus is on evergreen topics

While trending and news subjects can increase traffic in the short run, it's not worth the effort. Create content on topics that are always important to your target audience. These evergreen posts will build up links and traffic over time, particularly when you regularly refresh them (more on this later).

Invite other bloggers to guest blog on your site

Not only will guest authors broaden your perspectives and topics, They'll also be able to share your article via their networks and include a post on their websites that could lead new readers to your blog. A set of standard guidelines for guest posts can ensure that your content is on the right Wordstream brand.

Create amazing images

Use design tools such as Canva to show concepts, visualise data, or create charts that reflect your brand. When other websites use the images you've created, they'll hyperlink to your website. In addition, Google is showing more images in their regular search results, which means you have an increased chance to rank and improve your page's quality (and consequently the click-through rate).

Video incorporating the company

Text-based content is fine and good. However, video is a great way to attract more attention and keep them interested. Here are some strategies to make use of video to drive more traffic to your website:

  • Include videos in your blog posts so that they will show up in search engine results.
  • Perform YouTube SEO to increase your rank on YouTube. Then, add hyperlinks to your website within the description of the video.
  • Add call-to-action buttons to your video to direct viewers to your website.
Set up an information centre

Blog posts and videos aren't the only kinds of content you need to be creating to educate your viewers and build trust. Remember infographics, guides that you can download as templates, webinars, and much more. When you've developed lead magnets and then used them elsewhere on the internet, you can save them to an information page. A collection that includes multimedia is sure to draw in visitors who come back to your website time and time again.

How to drive more visitors to your site using SEO

Website Value Optimization

There's a problem with every strategy mentioned above. They won't drive customers to your website if no one can find them. In addition, with the top page of Google being the primary source of 71 percent of clicks on search results, you need an SEO strategy.

SEO is optimising a website to be indexed by the search engine (hence the term "search engine optimisation") to ensure it will be more prominent when searching for relevant questions. SEO is an entirely different animal; however, here are the SEO fundamentals.

Keywords to be targeted

Keywords are the phrases and words you search for; as you can imagine, specific keywords get searched more frequently than others. When using the tools for keyword research, it is possible to see, for instance, that "how to increase website engagement" is only getting approximately 10 % of the searches per month, while how to boost website traffic receives 300 searches.

Enhance the SERP appearance

There needs to be more than just mentioning keywords in the meta description and meta title. You must optimise these essential elements to increase their impact on search engine results and encourage more natural clicks.

  • Meta description: Maintain this between 155 and 165 characters. It should also specify the benefit the reader will gain from the blog post and make it feasible.
  • Meta title: Provide these 60 or fewer characters and include the keyword near the beginning. Also, give some form of benefit or value.
Link Internal

When publishing and creating articles, ensure that you include at least 1-3 hyperlinks to other pages on your website on the same page. This can help drive visitors to the pages as well as:

  • Keep users on your site for a longer period of time.
  • Get them to visit additional pages of your website.
  • It helps them gain more website value, improving your rank and bringing more visitors to your site.
Improve the speed of your page

Have you ever waited for thirty seconds for a website to load? I haven't. If your website takes a long time to load, the bounce rate is going to be astronomical. The quicker your website loads, the faster it will load.

Google's PageSpeed Insights tool can provide you with a score on your site's performance and give suggestions for improving your web vitals, among much more.

Make sure your website is mobile

Nowadays, more people visit your site on mobile devices than desktops, so if your users pinch and scroll around your website, you're informing them to leave your site.

Make sure to refresh your content regularly

Every once in a while, even the best evergreen material loses its shine with time, and the freshness of the content is a critical ranking factor. A new publication date on the SERP will substantially boost CTR, boost your site up a few places, and increase traffic.

However, you cannot just alter one or two words and then alter the date you publish your blog post. Google is more intelligent than this. Here are some tips drawn from my post regarding how to increase visitors from evergreen content:

  • Update or add new statistics and information.
  • Replace images that are outdated or create new ones to show concepts.
  • Update links to other current sources.
  • Repair broken links and images.
  • Include new keywords from the report on queries in Search Console (more about this later).
  • Change your meta title or meta description.

How can you boost traffic to your website by using social media?

Marketing on social media has many benefits, one of which is referral traffic to your site. Here are some suggestions to turn these giant sites into traffic sources for your website.

Make sure to share your content on social media

There needs to be more than just writing unique content and then hoping people come across it. You are promoting your content by posting it on the most well-known social media platforms for your followers. Twitter is perfect for short, quick (and appealing) links, while Google Business posts can help your website appear within local searches. If you're a B2C product business, it is possible to gain engagement with photo-centric social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

This will drive traffic to your website and increase the number of eyes on your content by making it more likely you'll be able to get the backlinks we mentioned earlier.

LinkedIn articles that are natively posted LinkedIn articles

The largest professionally-oriented social media network is an excellent publishing platform, meaning you should post content to LinkedIn regularly. This can increase the number of visitors to your website, drive more people towards the LinkedIn Company Page, and boost your standing within your business. It's okay to come up with a new idea. Write your reflection on an issue of the moment or reuse the content you've already composed. You can hire professional web design services to get help with your work.

Interview thought leaders from the industry

Are interviews just reserved for big leaguers? You'll be amazed at how many people are willing to meet with you if you request it. Send emails asking for an interview with thought leaders in your field and post those interviews to your blog. Not only will the reputation of the interviewees boost your credibility and the number of visitors to your site, but the person who was interviewed is likely to post the interview on social media to increase its reach.

Improve brand visibility with PerfectionGeeks

Each small business owner is busy, yet taking the time to promote your site is crucial. "You can have the best website in the world, but if you don't drive traffic to it, no one will know how great the site or your company is. "It's an essential part of growing your business and will pay off."

However, increasing visitors to your brand and website takes time and commitment. With Perfection Geek's range of marketing tools, you can work more efficiently than harder to attain the desired results. We are ranked as the best website-design company in Delhi. From simple website builders that are easy to use to the segmentation of your marketing campaign, we've got it covered.

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