How to Set Up Eclipse for Android App Development

How to Set Up Eclipse for Android App Development

june 26, 2023 14:20PM

Android App Development Eclipse

A developer or mobile app development business in India often favours the Android platform when it comes to app creation. Globally, there are a tonne of people who use Android smartphones. So let's learn more about Android app development.

It may surprise you to learn that 49% of app users visit the Google Play Store 11 times each day. The developers who work hard to deliver cutting-edge app concepts are to thank for this rise in usage. But creating applications is a difficult endeavour for any business or individual developer. Their first challenge is choosing the appropriate technology, which comes first.

Although there are numerous options, Android Studio and Eclipse are two of the most popular tools for creating Android apps. Here, we'll concentrate on the eclipse for developing Android apps. You will discover many things, including how to set up Eclipse and start using it.

What is the Android app development eclipse?

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE for creating Android applications is called Eclipse. Although it was first designed for Java-based applications, it currently supports a wide range of programming languages.

This IDE has a base workspace plus a tonne of plug-ins that let you customise the programming environment and expand its functionality.

Since it is free and open source, many developers have utilised it to create Android applications. It is available for download for computers running macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Android App Development Eclipse Features
  • Simplified Software Update System

  • Easy-to-use Functionalities

  • A bunch of bundles and plug-ins are available to expand its potential.>

  • JPA and JSF tooling support

  • Ideal for making spring-based apps

  • Used in multiple modelling projects

How do I install Eclipse for Android app development?

Before starting the Android app development Eclipse process, you will have to install it first on your PC from the official website:

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC.

  • Open the link:

  • Now, click on the "Download x86_64" button.

  • Start the download and wait for it to complete.

How do I set up Android app development in Eclipse?

Eclipse must now be configured for Android app development after installation. To set up this IDE for Android app development, follow these steps:

Install SDK

The Android SDK is required for Eclipse to function on your machine. Online downloads are available. Install it, then go to the next action. While choosing your settings in Eclipse, you may also install the SDK afterwards.

Download New Software 

    Run Eclipse, and from the home interface, tap on the "Help" button. Go to "Install New Software".

    A new window will appear. In the work with box, just type "" and click "Add".

    Also, a dialogue box will pop up. Join "ADT Repository" and hit the "Add" button. Now, tick the "developer tools" option shown under the "Name" section.

    One more additional dialogue box will display; click on "Next" and "End" to begin downloading the ADT plugin.

    Setup the preferences

    When you have finished installing the ADT plugin, Eclipse will restart. After the restart, a dialogue box where you can select your settings will appear.

    • Click "Open Preferences" > Proceed."

    • If the dialogue box does not appear after continuing, select "Windows" > Preferences."

    • Choose "Android" from the left panel where the software asks whether you want to send stats to Google or not. Click "Proceed".

    • Move on to the "Browse" button and search for the SDK directory (C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-SDK).

    • Click "Apply" > "Ok" to complete setting up your preferences.

    If you haven’t configured the SDK yet in your plan, just click on "Install New SDK" > "Next" in Eclipse. One more dialogue box will pop up; accept all the noted packages and click "Install".

    Note: If you have Android Studio Downloaded, you can copy the Android SDK location path from "Android" > "Tools" > "SDK Manager".

    Create an Android Virtual Machine (AVD)
    Android App Development Eclipse

    After completing the SDK installation, you must create an AVD for the apps you create to function on an Android emulator.

    • Start the "Windows" menu and select "AVD Manager."

    • Select from the current AVD and click "Edit" or click on the "New" button to begin making an AVD.

    • If you are creating a new one, enter the name of your AVD and select the Android version.

    • Now, click on "Create AVD."

    • For those revising the existing AVD, they will have to edit the selection in the dialogue box.

    Build Your First app

    For creating your first Android app, select "File" > "New" > Other," and then you will notice a new dialogue box. Select "Android" > "Android application Project" and click "Next". You are now ready to make your first Android application in Eclipse.

    Why did an Android app Development Company in India choose Eclipse?

    An Indian firm that develops Android apps might employ a variety of techniques and technologies. Eclipse comes next, followed by Android Studio at the top. The latter option offers plugins that an iOS development firm in India may use to create iOS apps, which has several advantages.

    There is no better alternative than Android Eclipse for both iOS and Android app development if you want to select a productive and dependable app design software to improve your business in the field of mobile apps.

    Final Thoughts

    A rewarding career may be had by entering the fascinating subject of Android App Development. If you're considering a career in this field, you should start by learning the fundamentals of what it entails and how to build up Eclipse setups for Android App Development. It serves as a fantastic substitute for the feature-rich Android Studio.

    Now that we have concluded this essay, we hope that you have found our advice to be useful. You need solid frameworks and tools to obtain the best results while developing Android apps. An excellent tool for developing software is Eclipse, which is mostly found in Java development kits.


    Is Kotlin better than Java?

    Kotlin and Java are both awesome programming languages that have some significant differences. While Java is a more established language with a large community and extensive libraries,Kotlin provides modern features and a concise syntax, making it an attractive choice for many developers.

    Which IDE is used for mobile application development?

    Google introduced this IDE for the sole purpose of Android development. Based on JetBrains IntelliJ Idea, Android Studio supports multiple languages, including Kotlin. C++.

    Is Android Studio built into Eclipse?

    Eclipse needs many resources to start, but Android Studio does not. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ's Idea Java IDE, and Eclipse uses the ADT Plugin to develop Android applications. The following figure shows how to work with Android Studio.

    Why has Kotlin replaced Java?

    It's easy becauseKotlin's design allows simple conversion from Java with well-thought-out interoperability. This design made it possible for JetBrains to supply the developer community with J2K, the Java to Kotlin converter that comes with IntelliJ and Android Studio.

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