What is the Role of an App Development Company?

What is the Role of an App Development Company?

Oct 30, 2023 15:05 PM

App Development Company

Apps are not only successful because of the development team. Many factors contribute to the success or failure of a mobile application. These include the business idea, the look and feel, the user journeys and algorithms, the architecture, risk management, and security.

This is where an app development team comes into play. To achieve all of the above, team composition is crucial. Therefore, it is advisable to create an application development team before venturing out.

App development can sound like black art to many. So many strange words and technical phrases can be difficult to pronounce. You may also get confused if you are not a tech person.

App Development Team Structure (Explaining the Role of Each Team Member)

A web or mobile application development team can be described as a collective organism that performs various tasks through collective efforts. What matters most are the skills and abilities of each member of your team? You must understand the roles and responsibilities of each member of your team. To kick-start your project, you need to know all the details.

Imagine your app team before you begins as a superhero squad. This will make the process more exciting.

Sales and Marketing

It is the beginning of an app or website idea. You will first contact a sales manager for your project. They will analyze your app idea and suggest how to improve it. They will introduce you to the mobile app development team.

You will also learn about the various technologies that web and app developers are proficient in. After discussing the entire project, the sales manager will share an app development cost estimate.

The marketing strategist will also research the market and develop a plan to help you promote your future product. Marketing covers everything, whether creating advertising material or pre- or post-product launches.

Business Analyst

Most believe a project's final execution begins with the project manager. The reality is very different. In a mobile application development team, the role of a business analyst is as important as that of a project manager.

In one sentence, define the role of the business analyst as "building the right product at the right time." According to the analysis, app development companies invest 8–15% of their time and money in BA. BA primarily aims to create requirements and vision according to stakeholders and customers.

What is the role of a business analyst?

App Development Company

Prepare the document and prioritise the technical requirements.

Estimate the time and costs of project development.

Understand business requirements and transform them into development tasks.

Determine the latest trends, inspect them, and then report back.

Check the current process and determine how to improve the mobile app development process.

It helps the client develop a strong vision of the product.

Create user manuals and documents whenever necessary.

Tools and technologies used by BA Team Value Proposition, Storymap,

Product Backlog, Business Model Canvas (BMC), Adobe XD WPS, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs.

Project Manager/Product Manager

Do you think that the product manager and the project manager are the same? The certainty is different. There is a big difference between a product manager and a project manager.

They both have distinct roles and responsibilities. Checking on the type of project or product they are managing can make all the difference. Project managers are responsible for creating a product's value for the user. A project has a precise plan and a deadline.

"Something is not working, or there's a bug." - Call the project manager. A PM is responsible for the delivery of the project and its implementation. Priority one is to maintain quality and meet the deadline.

The project manager is a multi-talented person who must navigate through the peaks and valleys of completing a project.

How Does A Project Manager Fit In The Mobile Development Team Structure?

Prioritising tasks and assigning them to different tech teams

Building a bridge between clients and developers.

How to adapt to changes in the structure of an app development team.

Use of project management tools such as Asana, TeamGantt, and Confluence.

Identify, manage, and minimise potential risks.

We are maintaining quality and meeting deadlines while maintaining realistic expectations.

App development methodologies such as the SCRUM model (Scrum model), Agile model (Agile model), Waterfall model (Waterfall model), and others.,

UI/UX Designer

You should know that user experience (UX) differs from user interface (UI) but is interconnected. UX is how a user interacts, and UI is the visual aspect of a product. A UI/UX designer's primary goal is to create an intuitive, unique, attractive, and user-friendly web or mobile application interface.

Sail by the roles of UI/UX specialists,

How Can a UX Designer Contribute to the Application Development Team?

Develop an information architecture first (how information is presented).

Identify your target audiences and see how they align with your business goals.

Analyse designs according to the preferences and dislikes of users.

Create a wireframe, visuals, and mockups of the application.

Create prototypes to test with users.

Lastly, work with developers to bring the designs to life by turning them into a working product.

What is the role of a UI designer in app development teams?

Work on user requirements and research.

The UI designer is responsible for all visual aspects of the project.

UI designers are responsible for creating micro-interactions and other UI elements, such as animations, fonts specific to brands, logos, and brand-specific fonts.

UI designers also work on colour schemes and styles to create visually engaging visuals.

Work closely with the app development team and QA to ensure the design features are agreed upon.

UI/UX designers use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InVision Studio tools and technologies.

Android/IOS Developers

The final step of the development cycle begins after the UI/UX design is complete. Your app development team should include Android and iOS developers if you plan to create a mobile app for multiple platforms.

Before building the app's structure and functionality, you should know each development team member's roles. We've compiled a list of points that illustrate how the development process for mobile apps differs between Android and iPhone.

We will first review an app development team's primary or general roles and then get into specific roles for different platforms.

How Can a Mobile App Developer Contribute to an Application Development Team?

It is building clean, high-quality, reusable codes suited for application.

I am converting the wireframes and sketches into a real-time application.

Work closely with both front-end and back-end developers.

Making APIs to support functionalities.

Ensure your mobile app adheres to the App Store and Play Store guidelines.

Create and test mobile apps.

Android Developer Specifications in the Android App Development Team

Command of Kotlin and Java programming languages.

Understanding of important Android SDK concepts.

Understand XML, material designs, and databases.

Knows Android Studio.

IOS App Development Team Specifications

Ability to create native apps using Swift and Objective-C.

Can create apps for iPads, iWatches, and other devices.

Command of Apple's Xcode IDE, Apple Human Interface Guidelines, and Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

Backend Developers

We play highest role that any backend developer can play in an app development team. The backend developer is the one who brings all the magic to life with his sophisticated logic and algorithms. The backend developer is responsible for the server, cloud storage, and operational logic.

What is the role of a backend developer in app development teams?

Create the functional code with the team of developers.

Optimise your application to maximise its speed.

Maintain and develop behind-the-scenes functionality for the mobile and web apps.

Design and build data storage solutions.

Working with Databases, IDEs, and Collaboration Services.

Implement a robust mechanism for data security.

Testing the backend and debugging it.

Tools and technologies used by backend developers include databases and SQL, Node.js and PHP, algorithms, and microservices.

Quality Assurance

App development can be confusing and error-prone, making even the most experienced developers scratch their heads. The mobile app development structure needs a quality assurance specialist.

QA identifies the bug before users interact with your app to cut a long story short. They are essential to the delivery of a user-friendly and high-quality application. They are not only testers but also verify the features implemented, prepare documentation, and actively participate in successfully launching a project.

How is quality assurance structured in the mobile app team?

They are identifying issues that users may encounter while using the application.

To maintain the quality of your app, you should follow strict guidelines for testing.

Test app progress and document test cases.

Manual and automated testing.

Examine technical design documents, requirements, and quality specifications accurately.

Ensure that the final product complies with the requirements of the client.

Tools and technologies used by the QA Team Postman (QA Touch), Test Flight, Burp Confluence.

DevOps Engineers

Your mobile app runs smoothly, and users love it. Your app starts to slow down, and your users are experiencing bugs. What would you do if this happened? In this case, a DevOps engineer can save your business and application. They will act as a firefighting team and fix the bugs.

DevOps engineers are the commandos of your app development army. They can maintain your application's standards with their strong coding and scripting skills. They want to bring your mobile app to the next level.

What is the role of a DevOps engineer in an app development team?

Troubleshoot your app.

Setting Up the Work Environment.

Set up the development server and staging.

Deploying an application.

They are protecting applications against hackers and viruses.

Related tools and technologies for DevOps Engineers: AWS, Ansible, Azure, Kubernetes, Cloud Computing, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Docker, and Terraform.

Delivery Manager

Think of your app development team as a team of Avengers, and it's now time for the final action—the Avengers Assembly.

A delivery manager's primary responsibility is ensuring the project runs smoothly. DMs also work with clients to clarify the technical details of a project. A delivery manager is a person who gives the client a vision of what they want. They must be able to apply and understand various methods in the development process.

How do you build your mobile app development team structure?

You now know the mobile team structure and each member's roles. But what about the size and composition of the team? Before building an app development team, you must understand key elements. Consider the factors you can use to determine the size of your team.

You should first determine the size of your team for app development. You will have many problems and miss deadlines if you only pitch to a few professionals. Focus on the following factors to avoid such concerns:

The number of platforms on which you wish to develop an application

List how many features you want to add and measure the complexity.

Before building your app development team, make sure to check the budget.

Choose the terms for app development.

Consider the experience of the members of the team you are planning to finalise.

We can divide the complexity of an application into three phases.

Simple Applications Has a few standard features, a minimal design, and ordinary buttons.

Medium Apps, Small Apps.

Apps with Complex Functionalities This requires a high-tech app structure, including chatbots and complex functionality.

Once you have decided on the app type, work out your requirements and decide how to proceed. Once clear, you can easily connect your mobile app development team's structure.

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3 Prominent Aspects to Note for App Development Team Structure

You must adhere to three aspects to create a successful development team.

Joint Cooperation:

It is essential to understand that the entire process of developing a mobile app involves many steps. This requires equal effort from all team members. Select a team structure for app development that encourages cooperation and aims to achieve rewarding results.

Work on Deadlines

All participants in the app development project should understand the importance of deadlines. It is essential to adhere to deadlines to launch the app on time. Choose a team that adheres to strict guidelines.

Qualified Management

It's like rearranging deck chairs in Titanic to create a team structure for mobile app development without proper qualifications. Make a team that understands your project's core value and the role it plays in it.

Final Words

This article has covered the entire structure of a mobile app development company in Singapore. You should now be able to identify the roles and responsibilities of each team.

Do you want to know more about your team's structure, or do you want to hire the best iOS app developers or Android app developers? Please share your ideas with our experts! PerfectionGeeks Technologies is always on top of client requirements and creates something unique by recognizing the value of their company.

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