Three Ways to Rebrand Your Digital Innovation

Three Ways to Rebrand Your Digital Innovation

Sep 5, 2023 03:47PM

Digital Innovation

Your brand's quality is crucial to the success of your (or your clients) business. Digital rebranding is necessary when your brand becomes outdated or does not accurately represent your mission and values. It's crucial to create a well-thought-out plan.

This post will explain digital rebranding, its benefits, and when it is appropriate. We'll then give you three strategies to help you approach the process effectively.

Digital Rebranding: An Introduction

Digital branding is made up of a few elements. This is how you present and position your business online through your website, social media accounts, and other digital assets. These features can influence the way others perceive your business and its identity.

Rebranding is like giving your business a new look. Rebranding is a strategy used by all types of companies. It can be a partial or total transformation.

Dunkin' Donuts, the former name of Dunkin' Donuts, is a good example.

To attract younger generations and embrace its slogan "America Runs on Donuts," the global franchise removed the "Donuts. The change included a new logo, updated packaging, advertising, and signage.

Digital rebranding is more than simply changing your logo. Although your visual front is integral to rebranding, it also requires a careful and thorough rethinking of the brand's values, assets, content, and how you approach your audience.

Digital rebranding has many advantages. You can gain an advantage in the market by improving your customers' perceptions of your company and appealing to new markets or audiences.

Rebrand your digital innovation. Digitally, you can increase profitability and stimulate growth. It can be used to harness innovation and re-establish relevance.

Rebranding does not have to be motivated by something negative, such as a bad reputation or a low return on investment (ROI). Rebranding can be triggered or motivated by the desire to modernise and evolve.

Digital Innovation vs. Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation

Digital innovation and digital transformation can be used interchangeably. Digital innovation and digital transformation are both similar concepts, but they are also very different.

Due to mutually causal relationships, one may lead to the next. Digital innovation, however, is often a response to a new (or existing) problem. Digital transformation is an extensive, strategic journey that leads to fundamental organizational changes. Digital innovation in an organization is smaller than a digital transformation initiative.

Digital transformation is a complete business renovation. In other words, digital innovation is the addition or change of individual areas within an organization. Intel, for example, acquired Mobileye for $15 billion in order to enter the driverless tech market. This acquisition required some transformation but did not transform Intel's core business.

What to do when it's time for a digital rebranding

Digital rebranding comes with some benefits, but also some risks. It can, for example, lead to a decrease in brand awareness or customer loyalty. Rebranding can also require a lot of time and money.

It's essential to consider whether this is the right decision for your business. How is it the right time to rebrand your company digitally?

You may want to consider a new identity for your business if:

  • You have merged with another brand or been acquired by it.

  • Your brand is confusing and misunderstood.

  • You are looking to reach out to a new demographic or target a brand-new audience.

  • Your mission statement, business model, or value proposition may have changed.

  • Your current brand is outdated.

Rebranding may be optional in some cases. If you want to shake things up or do something new, there are better solutions than rebranding.

Rebranding your digital presence: 3 ways to go about it

Rebranding your business digitally is a great way to give it a new lease of life. A successful revamp requires careful planning and consideration. We'll look at three different techniques to help you with this process.

  • Redefine your brand's mission and values: The mission statement and core values are at the heart of your business. Your mission statement and values are the core of your business. They influence and drive all aspects, including branding, marketing, and operations.

    If not, it's time to redefine them so that all aspects of your company are on the same page. It's important to redefine your brand's mission and values if they don't align with the goals of your business.

    You may want to consider asking the following questions:

    • What values would we like our new brand to convey to our audience?

    • What makes your brand unique?

    • What is our purpose, and to whom do we answer?

    • What are our goals, and what motivates us to achieve them?

    Your messaging and motivations will change when your mission and values are revised. Referring to your mission and values throughout the rebranding process can keep your efforts consistent and focused.

  • Make a list of your brand assets to determine the scope of the project

    You can determine the scope of a rebranding project by taking stock of existing brand assets. Does your logo need an update? You may want to reach a different demographic. This could mean updating your marketing messages and using new channels.

    You will have a much easier time with your digital rebranding if you identify the areas that need to be upgraded. You could use a range of digital assets, such as:

    • Logo

    • Social media accounts (usernames, profiles, graphics, etc.)

    • Website (web design, domain name, content)

    • Marketing materials (ebooks and newsletters)

    Not everything must be reworked just because certain elements are outdated. Keep your existing assets and branding if they are successful.

    It is also crucial that new assets created during rebranding be matched with the existing ones. How will your new logo fit in with your existing website?

    Consider physical assets, like your business cards. You can allocate budgets and resources better if you know which aspects of your brand need a refresh.

  • Create a communication and promotion strategy for your new brand identity

    After implementing and executing your rebranding, creating a communication and promotion strategy is essential. It can affect how your audience perceives the change and their willingness to accept it.

    Consider announcing a new product or service or teasing an upcoming significant change. You can choose from several different promotional strategies, such as:

    • You are sending a press release:

      You can reach a wider audience by announcing your rebrand through a press release.

    • Share on social media: Keep your followers updated about your digital rebranding project. Consider using Twitter or Facebook ads for your new look. This will help you target specific audiences.

    • Write a Post:A blog post is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas. You can explain your decision to rebrand in detail and give customers context and information about what they can expect. This is also an excellent resource for social media posts or email newsletters.

    It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you communicate clearly. Share your reasons for the change with customers and what you plan to do.

    Transparency and honesty with your customers will help prevent confusion and increase loyalty. By keeping them informed, you can reduce the chance of your customers feeling surprised and increase their interest in your brand's story.


Digital rebranding is a great way to modernize and grow your business. Start by redefining the brand's mission and values, then conduct an inventory of all your brand assets. This will help you determine how to approach this project successfully. Clear ommunication and promotion of your updated brand will help generate excitement, awareness, and customer support.

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