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Programmers' Top AI Coding - PerfectionGeeks

Programmers' Top AI Coding Assistants

feb 28, 2023 14:44 PM

Programmers' Top AI Coding

If you are a developer, brace yourself! AI technology can now assist you with your next project by completing code.

While we all know about the advances in artificial intelligence, many people don't understand what it can do.

Developers face complex problems every day, in addition to writing code for software and apps. Having an AI code completion app allows you to complete more tasks in a shorter time and be more productive.

Why developers should use artificial intelligence programming?

For practical reasons, AI autocomplete solutions can be extremely useful tools for programmers. In addition, AI-powered code generator tools help code programmers create high-quality software quicker and with less work. Let's examine why developers choose AI-powered coding assistants and how this AI can help the software development process.

  • Automation: Software developers are often affected by a lot of manual tasks. Programming is tedious because all programs require the same code lines to be repeatedly written. An AI coding assistant can generate code automatically, check for errors, and optimize code smells (less efficient parts). Automating these often tedious tasks will greatly facilitate routine coding.
  • Acceleration: With AI coding, the overall speed of software development naturally increases. AI-generated code means developers no longer need to waste time on tedious, repetitive tasks and can focus their attention on more important tasks.
  • Optimization: For optimization purposes, code-writing AI is a good choice. An artificial intelligence coder can not only complete the line for you but can also read the script and suggest ways to optimize certain parts.
  • Quality: AI code generation, AI-powered abilities to spot bugs in code, and suggestions for improvement are all features of AI tools that help with coding. These features can positively impact the quality of software. Programmers use an AI-powered tool to identify code errors and inefficient parts. Without the AI helper, human eyes would have missed them. They get an IT solution that is responsive.

AI-Powered Code Completion and Its Use Cases

These platforms or applications use AI technology to compile the code you create to build tools or software. AI code completion tools are great for developers and coders. In addition, there will be fewer keystrokes, which will make it easier to write code faster.

These applications will help you code more accurately and reduce common errors like typos.

Every developer knows that writing the same code in multiple places can be tedious. AI Coding Assistants for Programmers: Completion Tools reduce repetitive coding by suggesting the next code elements you might type.

It considers your context and millions of programming codes and languages to make accurate predictions.

These tools reduce the chances of making mistakes in coding and allow developers to spend less time looking for reference codes. As a result, these solutions are very popular with freelance developers and software development teams.

This is a list highlighting the top code completion tools using AI technology:


Tabnine's AI code completion software takes productivity to the next level. It combines a cutting-edge public model with a customised algorithm. This all-language code completion tool continuously learns codes, patterns, preferences, and other information from your team to provide business-level solutions.

This app increases code completion accuracy by increasing the number of team members who use it. In addition, developer teams can use the tool to get standardized code alignment.

Tabnine's instant code suggestions make it easy to approve inflows. In addition, it suggests code in your IDE, so you don't need to worry about downtime.

This could be a great choice if you care about compliance and privacy. The AI tool runs on your computer locally and does not share your code or data. This means that you and your team have complete control over your data. This ensures compliance and data security.


Kite, another AI-powered code completion tool, allows you to code faster by suggesting context-aware code. This tool can be used with your code editor to reduce the number of keystrokes by 47%. This tool uses models that have scanned over 25,000,000 files to provide multi-line suggestions.

Kite can help you find files related to your current coding file in your codebase. It can also view Python documentation by hovering the mouse over it and looking for how-tos or examples.

Developers can set up this desktop app with multiple code editors such as PyCharm, Sublime, Atom, and RubyMine.

Kite supports 12+ languages, including Java, PHP, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. You will also receive Python support if you sign up for the freemium account.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is the best choice if you're looking for an open-source tool to compile code. This self-described AI pair programmer will suggest lines and whole functions within your code editor.

This tool allows you to access the vast knowledge of millions of open-source code lines to stay focused and spend less time.

You will still be in control of your code because you can choose from different suggestions and manually edit the code. In addition, this tool can adapt to your style and edits.

Programmers' Top AI Coding
Visual Studio IntelliCode

IntelliCode, a Microsoft tool that allows AI-assisted programming, is available from Microsoft. It integrates with Microsoft's IDE, Visual Studio. Visual Studio supports C#, XAML, and JavaScript. In addition, Visual Studio Code is compatible with it.

This AI code completion tool was trained on half a million GitHub open-source projects with at least 100 stars. It can provide smarter suggestions based on the context and current code.

It also uses variable names and positions, IntelliSense lists, libraries you use, and functions in nearby codes to assist it. This tool will display suggestions alphabetically, but you can toggle between the options.


You can be more productive while coding the most complex software. PyCharm is an integrated development environment specifically designed for Python developers.

You can further enhance the AI code completion feature. PyCharm is keyboard-centric, so you can code quickly and concentrate on the important things.

It supports intelligent code completion and seamless project navigation.


We hope you found this article useful and that it helped you learn more about AI coding and how to use coding assistants in modern programming. Artificial intelligence code writing is a great tool that can help programmers eliminate tedious tasks and mundane processes.

However, it's still too early to trust your software's quality to AI tools. Pick the best AI-based programming assistant from our selection of programmers' tools to simplify your day. This will allow you to focus on more important and creative tasks. Subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date on all the latest code-writing AI news for programmers. We keep an eye on all developments in AI codingand other IT innovations and share them with you in our articles.

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