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OTT Application Testing: What It Is and Why You Can’t Do Without It

OTT Application Testing: What It Is and Why You Can’t Do Without It

june 2, 2023 14:40PM

OTT Application Testing

What is OTT testing?

OTT testing, or software testing in media and entertainment, is the method of executing software testing on an OTT media product. A standard procedure for OTT testing only contains individual types of testing. All-encompassing quality confirmation is needed to check every single part of a streaming effect.

Ideally, OTT application testing should be performed by two subteams, with manual and automated QA, respectively. This authorises the team to make the most intelligent use of help while maintaining the superior quality of the product.

Key types of OTT testing

A good media streaming testing system is a complicated and wide one. The main part of the process is not so much about the individual styles of testing as it is about the parts of the application that require testing. Still, it’s possible to single out a few of the most significant kinds of testing that can be found in any media app testing plan. Here are the ones you cannot miss:

  • UI/UX testing

    The user interface of a software solution is the first thing users see when they decide to give it a try, and if they decide to stick with the platform, it's something they'll interact with every day. Because of this, UI/UX testing ought to be among the first tests carried out on an OTT software platform. A good user experience is frequently the only thing that will make a user choose between two OTT services when they both offer comparable amounts and calibres of content.

  • Performance testing

    When a user launches a streaming application, they anticipate a few key things, including constant platform and content availability, rapid response times, instant full-screen switching, and others. Performance testing deals with each of these issues. You will be certain of how your application will function under various conditions and for various users once you have conducted thorough performance testing.

  • Load testing

    Streaming platforms frequently experience peak load times, even though popular OTT platforms provide users with access to years' worth of content around the clock. For instance, in just 28 days, subscribers watched 1.65 billion hours of the first season of Squid Game, the most-watched show ever on Netflix. Major sporting or cultural events also attract a lot of viewers. This is why load testing is crucial to ensuring that the platform is prepared to withstand peak load.

  • Compatibility testing

    An OTT product owner can no longer simply make their product available on one or two platforms and call it a day in the modern world. There are thousands of different device/OS/browser/network protocol combinations that can be used with a streaming service, whether it's an audio, video, or VoIP solution. Streaming services are used on dozens of different platforms, from smartphones and tablets to TVs and car entertainment systems. Because of this, it's crucial to consider broad compatibility during development and conduct compatibility testing at every stage.

  • Network testing

    A stable network is essential for the smooth operation and engaging user experience of OTT technology. All of the content is kept off of the user's device, so if there are any network issues, the stream will either not start at all or keep buffering. In-depth network testing can prepare the product to handle the most typical connectivity problems, even though it is difficult to test against every potential network issue.

  • Accessibility testing

    It's crucial to consider people with various disabilities, especially those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired, when developing and testing an OTT solution, in addition to the fully abled users who unquestionably make up the majority of a typical streaming service audience. This entails testing the app's various features, such as voice-over functionality and font size adjustments, that may improve the user experience for these users.

  • Security testing

    It might appear that OTT applications don't require the same level of security as, say, fintech or banking applications. But regardless of whether they deal with audio, video, or communication, OTT software products contain a lot of private data. As demonstrated by Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to name a few, a security breach can have disastrous effects on a product's reputation and market position. A safe environment for users can be ensured, and the app owner can be shielded from many privacy-related problems with timely security testing.

  • API testing

    The number of options for enhancing an app's functionality and user experience can be greatly increased by the use of APIs. You can add any new feature to the website with the aid of an API, from adding several payment options to allowing users to log in using various social media services. However, since third parties frequently create APIs, it is crucial to test how they are incorporated into the main app using API testing.

Final thoughts

OTT Application Testing

OTT application testing ought to be one of your top priorities when introducing a new OTT product into a market that is already booming or considering ways to grow its appeal or user base. A thorough testing strategy will assist you in taking care of the most crucial components of your product, ensuring favourable customer feedback, market viability, and simple scalability.


  • What is OTT application testing?

    Test the platform by accessing it using both a browser and the web application if it is available. Ensure that the user experience is not compromised on both platforms.

  • What factors should I consider while measuring video quality?

    Bit Rate

    Lag length

    Buffer fill

    Lag ratio

    Play length

  • What are the skills required for automation testing?

    Proficient in programming languages.

    Must have experience with manual testing.

    Familiar with DevOps and Agile methodologies.

    Must have excellent analytical and communication capabilities, time management, and reporting.

  • What elements do you measure in video load testing?

     You can monitor video streaming metrics and real-time viewership and develop video streaming infrastructure according to user behaviour.

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