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How to Make an App like OnlyFans: Features, Steps, and Cost

August 18, 2022 12:21 PM

OnlyFans Clone App Development

The “OnlyFans” app is one of the trending subjects nowadays. How people are earning so much with the use of this application and what is the main reason for the popularity of this app? These are some of the numerous asked questions by the users. That we will discuss in this blog.

To create an app like OnlyFans, you need to first understand the OnlyFans app and how it functions. So here we go:

  • OnlyFans app is a medium that is used by people for selling their original and unique content in the form of videos or pictures.
  • Here subscribers have to pay for watching the content of their famous artists.
  • There is no limitation on publishing the content through OnlyFans. However recently they have restricted adult content on their app.
  • OnlyFans was launched in the year 2016, and since then they have paid $600 million to their users.
  • The content creators let their subscribers spend through other digital channels.
  • Subscribers can purchase the monthly subscription or can spend as per PPV. Let us examine your plan related to apps like OnlyFans.

Is It Beneficial To Create An App Like OnlyFans?

In this part, we will examine a few issues that will explain why one should go for creating an OnlyFans clone. These stats will allow you to comprehend the success of the OnlyFans app. Let us begin:

  • Nowadays, OnlyFans has more than 1 million users. It is trending and you can go for the OnlyFans app clone without any mess.
  • An app like OnlyFans is the origin of income for many users. therefore, it is too premature to declare that this app is reaching to lose its favor in the coming years. Rather, the popularity of the OnlyFans clone app will increase with time. That is because it delivers the perfect platform to the users as well as to the app owner for making money.
  • OnlyFans app creates more than half of the funds from subscriptions and the rest from the PPV and tips.
  • It takes less than a year to get famous among users with an app like OnlyFnas.
  • One of the most trending and entertaining apps which are going to rule the market with its advanced features and functions.
  • People above 18+ can get entry to this app. So, you don’t own to worry much about its range type, whether it is an adult range or normal. However, you can customize your OnlyFans app clone as per your vision and thinking.
Features To Integrate Into OnlyFans App

Now, let’s examine the elements that make an app like OnlyFans so famous among users. We have said a few important components below. You can select the best for your app like OnlyFans:

Interacting while Going Live

These components will let the users interact with their famous person (video creator and performer) through live video streaming and in addition they can also chat with them. Such features are used in many social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Let users share their posts or stories on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. it will allow your app to collect more subscribers and will help increase your user base.


This part is something very new that has been raised primarily by TikTok and now by an app like OnlyFans. The app delivers some information to its popular designers or users. It motivates users to make something useful or interesting every time.

Top fan badges

Just like there are gems and other stunning features in the gaming app. Likewise, in an app like OnlyFans, you can use digital badges to award dedicated users by delivering them exclusive services. This will improve the user retention rate and the favor of your app with loyal users.

PPV Messages

Again, a new feature was established with the app like OnlyFans. The “PPV” stands for pay-per-view. You can also let users send PPV messages.

Post scheduling

This component will let users organize their posts. When they like to post the content for their fans and for which country or zone.

An app like OnlyFans is most famous internationally, therefore it is very important to control the time and fans from other regions due to diverse time zones. And with the use of post-scheduling components creators can create the content at any time and can publish it as per their fan’s availability.

Pinning your favorites

Just keep the videos that we want on other social media platforms. Likewise, an app like OnlyFans authorizes users to pin their favorite content creators with an app like OnlyFans.

Designing interactive polls

You can view this as an important part of an app like OnlyFans. The attention of the user is the key to OnlyFans. That is why it is essential to integrate this component into your app. Because with these fun polls it becomes more comfortable to interact with the fans and support they engaged with the stories and posts.


One of the prominent components of every social media app. Conveying stories of everyday movements is the best way to remain connected with the fans. And the main goal of an app like OnlyFans is that the fans should be linked with their favorites every time. So, you need to add this feature if you like to have an app as popular as OnlyFans.

Purchase content

Let users spend for downloading the content created by their favorite creator. Let them make gains through any online payment mode.

Media vault

Allow users to save their tapes or photos for last. A media vault will save all the tapes or pics made by users through the app. A whole space that will be saved to the user’s content that he/she may upload anytime they like.

Online Payment

Allow users to pay via any digital payment mode. Provide a medium through which users can pay for any exclusive service or feature.

Main steps to creating an app like OnlyFans

Now let’s dive into the facts. What does each step of the development mean? Why is the process taking so long? What steps are inevitable?

• Business Analysis

Qualified business analyst understands how to calculate and sidestep risks, monitor the advancement of development, and bring the task to a high level of return on investment instantly after launch. At this step, the Code Care team supplies you with a full-fledged planner with clear milestones.

• Design & development

The design of the site will instantly affect the image of the client and his further want to return, so try to create everything as fashionable, simple, and suitable as possible. The first stage is to make a raw style. The second step is to create elements like authorization form, profile management, settings, chat, payments, management, accounts, posts, etc.

• Front-end development

The platform looks easy, but it is an accomplishment of a development team that has paid a lot of time and action combining design, performance, and functionality. When planning functionality, you must think through clearly all the components.

• Back-end development

Back-end development needs close awareness of detail and amazing developer talents. The basic functionality consists of putting up the environment, database architecture, project initiation, and design, preparation for deployment; authorization, subscription/unsubscription/blocking of users, notifications, payments, profile management, wallets, and integration with the price system, commission, etc.

• Testing

Such a large-scale project as making an application like OnlyFans needs a large number of tests at all phases of its execution to bypass bugs and make the user experience awesome.

• Deployment

The next stage is to deploy the app on your server and present it to the main app platforms.

• Support

Our team is willing to support and update the project behind its launch.

Cost needed to create an app like OnlyFans

If we talk about, how much does it cost to create an app like OnlyFans? Then it won’t be unfair to say that, it will be someplace around $20,000 to $30,000.

However, the cost completely relies upon the number of hours taken by developers to create the app.

The cost of app development also relies upon the country from where you are engaging the developers. It is seen that the charges of European and U.S developers are quite higher than the charges of other creators. So, if you like to keep things on a budget then you can research a bit about inexpensive mobile app development companies.

Wrapping It Up

Reading this article is the foremost step to an app like OnlyFans development. Cost and time analysis may look overwhelming, but keep in mind that the accounts will spend off fast. If you are curious about a development project like this, do contact us at PerfectionGeeks Technologies. We will be happy to help you!

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