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How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Noon

June 22, 2022 3:00 PM

eCommerce Noon Clone App Development

Smart devices are one of the most important items that people cannot leave home without. Smartphones are everywhere, and they have become our friends who help us complete various tasks such as communication, banking, food ordering, and route searching. One of these is shopping. The era of digitization saw the transformation of the entire e-commerce sector into a web/mobile-based industry. Everything has become digitalized, including Shopping Spree and Shopaholic. Thanks to mobile app platforms, you can shop wherever and whenever you want.

Is it possible to have a successful business and keep its shops stocked? Noon is an eCommerce clone platform that allows you to target users all over the globe.

PerfectionGeeks, the best e-commerce app development company, will assist you in determining the e-commerce app design cost, such as Noon.

What Exactly Is the Noon App?  How Does it Work?

Noon is a well-known e-commerce app. It provides a platform for digital-savvy buyers who shop frequently. Mohammad Ali Alabbar, an Emirati businessman, launched 'Noon'. It was created by an eCommerceerce development company. The app allows users to search for products from a variety of categories, including electronics, fashion, groceries, fragrancandauty, and health products. all over the globe.

This app is the most popular e-commerce shopping platform in the UAE. Noon's highly interactive user interface and easy accessibility to all the features of an eCommerce app like Noon have helped it gain a lot of recognition faster than anticipated. Although the app uses the same basic concepts, it still sets a standard with its easy-to-use services. Companies want an eCommerce app similar to Noon while adhering to its business model, growth plans, and supply chain systems.

The app provides easy navigation, so users can easily search for the products that interest them. This app focuses mainly on the supply chain and offers an express delivery mode called Noon-now, which is followed by the standard delivery model. It also provides a direct process for storage, packaging, delivery, and return of the product.

Noon's working process is essential for enterprises that wish to learn how to create an app. It has partnered with a prominent retailer chain near the target audience's locations, where they can buy products.

Users must create a profile after installing the app to purchase products. This includes providing their name and address as well as contact numbers.

The app sends notifications to nearby stores whenever a user places an online order. The delivery boy then reaches the address to pick up the product and delivers it to the specified address at the given time.

This process gives all parties involved, such as the store owner and delivery person, a fixed percentage.


Sign in/Register

  • Free delivery to your front door
  • Search products with advanced filtering and simple navigation.
  • Add items to your shopping cart/wish list.
  • Easy payment options: cash on delivery, credit or debit card.

How to make a shopping app that looks like noon?

These are the essential features that you need to consider when developing an online shopping app like Noon:


If you're looking to create a mobile shopping app like Noon that will attract your customers, then onboarding should be quick and easy. Don't make users spend more time filling out information. To make onboarding fast, you can allow users to sign up through third-party apps such as Facebook or Google.

User Profile

Registration is the first thing that your application needs from a user. You can access additional information about customers and their preferences by creating personal profiles.

Multiple Accounts

If you are claiming a market space, you need to consider more than just a user account. A seller account should include additional products, get payment, and communicate directly with customers.

Landing Page

After onboarding, the landing page is what your users first see. Ensure it incorporates the information that is most interesting to your audience. Your landing page could display the latest offers/discounts or the most popular product categories.

Product Catalog

Your e-commerce app's product catalog should be the heart of your application. The best way to organize your catalog is to use pictures. Another way to go about it is through a rundown of similar components that are legitimately under each other. If you are unsure whether the item depiction fits in your application format, you can also show it.

Product Pages

Each category's product description includes information such as the product image, price, description, reviews, and an Add to Cart button.

Advanced Search/Filters

You should be able to divide the advanced search into different categories. It is a good idea to include a savvy search feature in your application. This will allow you to anticipate the content that users might be writing. Filters are what customers use to search for things: price, type, color, and other attributes.

Favorites, and Cart

Users should be able to add items to their carts or top favorites. Cart abandonment is the biggest problem for retailers. It is the final phase of the buying process. Cart abandonment can be controlled by providing a wonderful source of inspiration and limiting its use.

Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notification is one of the greatest benefits mobile apps offer. Studies show that push notifications are instantaneous and very effective. The open rate for push notifications is also remarkable. Push notifications allow you to interact with your users and encourage them to buy. You can also advise them about alerts and bonuses.

Push notification also helps to prevent cart abandonment by informing users when an item they like is back in stock or less expensive.


Reviews and ratings are a necessity. People are less likely to buy an item online if it hasn't been viewed. The reviews left by other people who have purchased the item are the best thing for internet shopping.


The payment option is one of the most important features of an e-commerce app. Payments must be handled quickly and efficiently by your application. Most users won't complete their shopping if they aren't satisfied with the purchase.

Order Status

Once an order has been placed, you must update your customers on its progress. It is good practice to send push notifications when an order has been sent. Also, include the estimated delivery time. You should also notify your customer when the order arrives.

How much does it cost for an e-commerce app similar to Noon?

The cost of Noon App Development varies depending on factors such as app platform, app design, wire-frame, the complexity of app development, add-on technologies, and app platform. On average, e-commerce app development costs like Noon range between $15k and $50k.

PerfectionGeeks is a leading e-commerce app development company with years of experience in building high-quality e-commerce apps within a budget or minimum budget.

The benefits of a mobile ecommerce app such as Noon:

Data collection device: Businesses can collect useful data to determine customer behaviour and offer personalised promotions.

High utility: Mobile e-commerce apps can be used as an effective tool to make everyday tasks in all areas easier. Noon is a great example of an e-commerce mobile app design that facilitates strong interactions between clients and companies.

Increase brand awareness by using the Noon mobile e-commerce app. Businesses can connect with clients more effectively by using intuitive and stylish apps that send personalised promotional messages.

The basic features of ecommerce mobile app development, such as Noon

Registration: This feature allows users to log in using their email addresses or social media accounts.

Push notification: With this feature, business owners can send the latest offers, discounts, and deals to their customers in their inbox.

Cart For Customers: With this feature, customers can add all products to their cart and then purchase them later.

Advanced Search: This option saves time and allows users to skip the whole app. The search bar allows customers to type product keywords to find the product they are looking for.

Wishlist: This feature allows the user to bookmark products and can even notify him about any suggestions.

Customer support: These features allow you to contact us regarding any issues that may have occurred with your order.

Multiple payment options: Customers will have multiple payment options that are highly secure and confidential.

Feedback and review: Users can give and receive feedback on the products they have purchased through the mobile e-commerce app. This will help you grow your business.

Product catalog: This is where the user will find all images, costs, and item information for the product in the e-commerce app.

Each product in the catalog has a unique description. This includes information such as the price, description, reviews, and an add-to-cart button.

Your landing page: The first page your customers see after signing up for your e-commerce app, such as Noon. Landing pages are pages where you can display the most popular product categories or discounts.

Order status and delivery status: Once the user has placed an order, they should be kept informed about the progress of the order by sending push-notifications when it is dispatched. The user will be notified when the order is delivered once it arrives.

Factors that impact the cost of Noon-like apps

The cost of developing an e-commerce app like Noon is dependent on many factors. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to develop an e-commerce app like Noon that can be used for your e-commerce store.

These are the factors that influence the price of Noon's e-commerce app development:

App Platform: Select the right platform to target your audience. The cost of platforms like Android and iOS will vary depending on which platform you choose.

App Design: Prices for e-commerce app script clone scripts vary depending on what design you choose. App design should be pleasant for customers.

App Size: The price of an app similar to Noon will depend on its size and the features it offers.

Noon, App Designers Similar app costs vary with a reliable, proficient mobile app developer. His determination and expertise also influenced e-commerce application development like Noon.

Basic features: Prices for e-commerce apps like Noon depend on their basic features.

Advanced functionality: The development cost of an e-commerce app such as Noon will depend on the advanced features required to provide the best functionality.

Cost Assessment for eCommerce Mobile App Development:

Here's the last part of our comprehensive guide on how to create an e-commerce app similar to Noon. Because it has such a significant impact on the other functions of the app, entrepreneurs are always more excited about the cost estimation for developing an app. It all depends on the business's goals and needs when determining the cost of eCommerce app development.

Other factors may also have an impact on the overall cost of eCommerce Noon Clone App Development. These are the main ones:

  • The complexity of UI/UX design
  • Platforms for Mobile Apps Selected
  • Several Advantages
  • Total Time Spent on Development
Fees and Location

These numbers indicate that the average cost of developing an app like Noon for Android or iOS would be between $20,000 and $30,000 on an individual platform. If you choose to incorporate advanced features or get the cross-platform app, this estimate will be higher.

It would be wise to start with the basic version. Depending on the app's performance and user demand, business owners may make it available across more platforms.

In Essence

Businesses who wish to get into the mobile app and smartphone market have many options. Mobile eCommerce apps are seeing a boom because of many factors, including consumers' needs, time, and convenience. Entrepreneurs will make a lot of money by creating a fully functioning eCommerce mobile app. This can be used to provide a competitive edge and reach users quickly.

Are you looking for a top eCommerce app development company in USA? PerfectionGeeks is the right company to contact if you are. We can help you create a robust e-commerce platform that is customer-centric and offers great support.

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