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5 Best Mobile Apps for Reading Books in 2023 - PerfectionGeeks

The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Reading Books in 2023

January 13, 2023 16:52 PM

Mobile Apps for Reading Books

What is a Reading App?


A reading app is, as the name implies, an application you can download and install on your mobile device that allows you to read or better manage your reading.


While some reading apps are dedicated to letting you read without holding paperback books and even offer more features like the choice to listen to books instead of reading them, others are more concentrated on allowing you to track your reading and your reading habits. Of course, some even connect these two major factors into total solutions for modern readers.


Among some of the most famous parts, we find reading lists, note-taking functionalities, timers, and automatically developed statistics about the number of books you read, the time you consume doing it, and your reading speed.


Reading apps or apps for books have been around for a good pair of years now, but their popularity has grown greatly recently. These apps attempt to tackle various problems the modern reader faces, and they are extremely efficient in delivering a better reading experience.


Why do you need a reading app today?


Well, the answer is superficial: because our energies have transformed and we live in a different rhythm than we did only 100 years ago, We live fast-paced lives, and we rarely work to find time for ourselves.


Reading apps allow us to manage our reading; they put a little order in the clutter in our lives, reminding us to find the time for a reading session to soothe our souls.


Book apps make it more comfortable for us to remember what texts we want to read, keep track of the labels we already read, and even find book suggestions that match our tastes.


And in the case of book-reading apps, the need for one arises from the fact that we manage to have less and less space in our houses for big bookcases. Keeping your task digital saves you a lot of cash and space and is less wasteful since no form is being used.


The Best Free Book Reading App That You Can Use


Kindle, powered by Amazon, is one of the free book-reading apps that is known for its subtle characteristics and ease of use. If you are an Amazon user, you can sign in using the same certificates on the app. Finally, you can access a list of all known books in your Kindle based on any previous Amazon book purchase. One can also choose from the available free book list by typing "free books" in the search bar. Besides, if you are a Prime member, you can also get many free books.


The categorization of books makes selecting the books you like to read easier. You can also emphasize critical points and create notes in the app itself. Additionally, one can bookmark chapters of their selection and select the font size and style as per their liking.


This app is the literal interpretation of a reading platform or community where you discover everything you’re looking for. Fan fiction from contributors and writers; comic books; fictional books; course books; and so on. This is one of the most useful apps for reading books and joining a community whose interests match yours.


With its Facebook plug-in feature, Wattpad is one of the best reading apps available. If you’re a developing writer, you can convey your writing to the community and ask individuals for their beliefs. Furthermore, Wattpad runs an award contest as well, where serious readers rate the books and the most popular ones win.


iOS, Android, and the web are all supported.

Audible by Amazon

Another is the type of paid reading app; this one requires no opening. Audible has been on the market for quite some time and has already dazzled its users with an interactive interface and a fantastic reading mode. The most intriguing aspect is that you can attend a reading by the author or whoever said it, usually a Hollywood celebrity.

 Audible and its amazing content are worth a try if you're into audiobooks. It is positively compatible with several forms, like smartphones, smart home devices, Amazon products, computers, tablets, etc.


Available platforms:

iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Amazon Kindle, and Fire TV.

 Google Play Books

 Perhaps the most universal app Google Play Books supports most of the designs, including EPUB. It supports PDF uploading as well, which implies you can instantly upload to the app and read texts from third-party websites. Additionally, the app lets you make modifications to the text and color details, view the book’s initial pages, add a bookmark, and even hear the book read aloud.

The Google Play Books also come with a dark mode, an offline dictionary, and the option to use the volume keys to turn pages. All in all, it is a wonderful app. You can also get complimentary classics right on the app, and during sales, you can choose from many books for free.

Google Play, iOS, iPad, and Chrome browsers are all supported.

Moon+ Reader

An easy-to-use reading app, Moon+ Reader, includes an amazing number of audiobooks and eBooks in its online library. Filled with unique features like audio reading for when you’re too tired to read the text, a floating button to switch back to the text you were later reading, the ability to import books from other platforms, download eBooks, and so on, this reading app is all about connecting with book readers.


Available on: Android 


To Wrap

Mobile Apps for Reading Books

The eBook reader market is constantly growing, adjusting to the exact requirements of students. There have been several changes made to existing apps in terms of functionalities and new elements to make the reading process much more comfortable.


The best way to select an eBook reader for your exact requirements is to study the market thoroughly before making a purchase. The choice should largely be made based on factors such as your academic interests, price, and design expectations.

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