Top 10 Features of Social Media That Make Your App Popular!

 My Social Media App Popular

APR, 11, 2024 14:30 PM

Top 10 Features of Social Media That Make Your App Popular!

What was it that you were doing on your phone the last time? What were you doing on your mobile phone?

You'll probably remember using social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Tinder. We spend the majority of our time using social media apps. Social media has become so important to us that we can't imagine our lives without it.

A social media app development company is a global solution to connectivity, with more than 5 billion users. Entrepreneurs like you are left with the question, "Can my app be successful in the social media race and become as popular as Instagram or Facebook?"

This question's answer, while uncertain, is dependent on the value proposition of your social media application. What features do you offer users on social media that make you stand out and encourage them to return?

What is a Social Media Application (SMA)?

Social media apps are online platforms that allow users to communicate, connect, and interact. Users can share information, messages, and updates using Twitter and Instagram. Users can create profiles, communicate with their friends, and engage in various activities, creating a virtual network.

You might find the image below helpful if you're wondering why social media apps are so popular these days
Benefits of Social Media Apps

Social media apps have many advantages-

Social media creates a sense of community by fostering connections. It breaks down geographical barriers and provides a place to share thoughts and experiences.

Social media is a hub of information that keeps us up-to-date on global news and current events. It also allows us to broaden our perspectives and knowledge.

Social media offers a wide range of entertainment, from videos to memes. It allows us to interact with others who share our interests, allowing relaxation and a feeling of belonging.

Social media is essential for business. It facilitates connections with customers, product promotion, and brand building, while also providing a platform for networking for entrepreneurs.

Personal Branding and Expression: Social media allows us to express ourselves, showcase our unique interests, and promote our brands.

Social media is a valuable resource for educational content. It offers tutorials, expert insights, and interactive learning experiences that contribute to knowledge expansion.

Social Causes and Actionivism: By empowering activism, social media allows individuals to increase awareness, advocate causes, and take part in social change movements.

Basic Features of Social Media

Login or Sign Up

In today's fast-paced environment, users do not have the energy or time to complete a long and tedious sign-up or login process. They want to be able to interact with other people and access a wide range of content.

Platforms that offer a seamless login process will score major brownie points. This builds trust and confidence in the app. A sign-up or login procedure that is complicated will alienate users, at least sometimes.

You can improve this feature by:

Social Media App Integration:You may integrate your social media app with popular platforms to offer a familiar login/signup experience.

Mobile App Integration:You can create a seamless sign-in process using facial recognition or finger scans.

One-Time Password Verification (OTP):For safe and convenient app access, you can use OTP-based verification.

In-App Messaging and Calls

Users are looking for a single-stop solution to all of their problems. Users will enjoy a seamless experience if you include a messaging and calling function within the app. This gives your app a competitive advantage. You can also tap into the billions of users who use messaging apps every day.

Enjoyable News Feed

If a social media platform does not engage users, they will quickly move on to another. A visually appealing news feed is the best way to keep users on your platform for a long time. Dynamic newsfeeds are the secret to social media giants such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram's success. They allow for personal expression while strengthening global connections.

How to create an engaging news feed:

Prioritise quality content to ensure each post is relevant, engaging, and enhances the user experience.

Build Emotional Connection: The content in the newsfeed must evoke positive emotions among the users.

Be relevant, but add diversity. Your news feed should include a variety of posts that are engaging and provide real-time updates.

Facilitate Personalisation: Customise the newsfeed based on user behaviour and social connections to suit individual preferences.

Search Engine

A search function that is easy to use and rewarding adds value and improves the user experience of your mobile social media app. Your social media app should provide the same seamless experience that Google provides.

Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have powerful search engines to meet this demand. Instagram and Facebook, for example, allow users to search for content using music, hashtags, and creator names.

Push notifications

Push notifications can be a great tool to attract users to your application. This is one of the few social media features where you don't have to open the app to interact with it. The notifications keep users informed about what's going on in their area of interest. Users can receive real-time notifications if their favourite users have posted new messages or discounts.

It is important to use this feature with caution. Users do not want to receive a constant stream of notifications. To avoid annoying users, we suggest that you use push notifications strategically.

Friend requests and follows

A social media application cannot function without friends and follow requests. This is crucial for the engagement of users and building a strong community. It allows users to connect with others who share their interests, regardless of geographic location. These requests allow users to expand their reach and find new friends. They also keep users returning for interaction.

Gamification Elements

Add game mechanics to your app to encourage users to interact. Incentives like badges and rewards can drive engagement and encourage participants to interact with each other. TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube already have these features in place to give users a feeling of accomplishment.

Simple User Interface (UI)

Apps like Instagram and Facebook are characterised by a simple user interface. A design that is engaging and easy to use will encourage users to return to the app. You can improve the user experience by implementing:

Accessibility:Your application should be accessible to everyone, with fonts that are easily readable for all and the ability to automatically generate captions and responses. It would be inclusive of people with disabilities. Simplicity: Your design should be easy to use and simple. Avoid sensory overload with random images and complex fonts. Simple and clean designs allow users to concentrate on the content they are interested in. Consistency: Use a theme that is consistent throughout your entire app. Colours, fonts, and icons should all be consistent across every page. This reduces confusion for users and enhances their perception of your application.

The Security of Your Own Home

Cybersecurity is the most important feature of social media applications. Cybersecurity is one of the most serious threats to social media apps. Social media accounts are the most common targets for phishing. It is almost impossible to convince users that their data is secure.

Security is a major concern for all users of mobile social media apps. Users of social media need to know that their information is secure. Therefore, apps for social media should emphasise robust security features as well as unique user accounts. This will create a platform that is thriving, as it allows users to build relationships, share their experiences, and develop a sense of community.

Social Media Mobile Apps: Advanced Features

 My Social Media App Popular
AR-backed face filters

Face filters and augmented reality (AR), when integrated into your app, can add significant value. Instagram and Snapchat offer great examples of AR-face filter integration. The filters allow users to integrate old photos and videos into different virtual settings for an optimised experience.

AI and chatbots

Artificial intelligence has revolutionised content and communication. Chatbots can be integrated to automate tasks and offer a personalized experience. Chatbots can improve customer service, optimise marketing, and boost sales by providing personalised suggestions.

Text-to-Speech Feature

This is a great feature to make your app more accessible for users with disabilities. Even for the average user, long emails and texts can be hard to read. Converting them into natural human speech removes the need to read them. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp have already implemented this feature.

Social media industry trends

Apps for social media are changing rapidly. You need to know the latest features and trends to keep up. We've compiled a list of some of the biggest trends for 2024.

How can PerfectionGeeks assist you in building a successful mobile social media app?

PerfectionGeeks has more than 10 years of experience in the field of mobile app development. Our experienced team of app developers will take your vision and transform it to make you competitive with other social media apps. Our goal is to build a social media app that's scalable, adaptive, and sets you apart from the competition.


Do you monetize a social media app?

You can generate revenue through your social media app in many different ways. You can then use in-app advertisements, in-app purchases, and premium content.

How much does it cost to develop a social media application?

The cost of social media apps depends on their features and complexity. App design, development costs, testing, maintenance, and support are included. It can range from $55,000 up to $200,000.

What role does social media play in business success?

Social media can be a powerful tool to create and develop a brand. Businesses can use social media to build their brand, create awareness of their brand, engage with their customers, promote their products and services, and build a community.

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