Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

Oct 27, 2023 15:20 PM

Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Lead generation is a crucial part of any digital campaign your business undertakes.

The digital age has changed the way that we do business. The days of launching a campaign with flyers and a newspaper ad to promote your business are gone.

You can now focus on your audience by using analytics software.

It's like an x-ray of your data. You can select who to target, when, and how to execute campaigns accurately.

You can reverse engineer campaigns by starting with the end user—your final goal.

To develop digital marketing strategies, businesses must constantly adapt and keep pace with the latest technologies.

Social media and search engine marketing have the same meaning as lead generation.

They both play an essential role in getting your brand noticed and heard. This sets the scene for many marketing campaigns you see online today.

What is Lead?

A lead is someone who has expressed interest in your business.

Customers can contact your business via email, telephone, or social media.

Customers can learn more about your business by signing up for an offer or trial you're running. They could also call and ask questions.

Direct response lead generation is far from the old-fashioned, predictable methods of cold calling that are no longer in favour.

Imagine that you fill out a survey about a brand you love and receive a voucher to use in local shops.

They ask for your contact details in exchange for discounted offers. This is likely because they wish to remain connected to you or sell you their products.

By exchanging your personal information for the promotional voucher, you have allowed that company to sell you their product.

They've warmed you up a bit for a more comfortable first conversation.

The information you provide to the company in exchange for the promotional voucher helps create more meaningful and personalised marketing communications.

it helps reduce waste by limiting the time spent on prospects who are not interested in your service.

Why Do You Need Leads?

Leads are essential for businesses because they help you refine your understanding of your customers and their needs and wants. They also allow you to determine when they will most likely be receptive and how to reach them best.

Lead generation is a way for businesses to reach out to qualified prospects who have expressed an interest in the products or services they offer.

This allows you to engage effectively with people looking for information about specific topics or who have expressed an explicit interest in purchasing a similar product or service.

Top Digital Marketing Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

Sarah and Tanya started exploring different lead-generation strategies in digital marketing. Let's look at them one by one.

Sales Engagement Outreach

After experimenting with various strategies, it was discovered that reaching out to clients via multiple channels is one of the best digital marketing lead-generation strategies.

Sarah and Tanya began engaging with prospects through multiple channels, like LinkedIn and WhatsApp. They also started sending messages and making calls. They were able to boost their brand visibility and attract prospects' interest.

They gathered enough information while exploring different channels to identify the most efficient ones. The team realised that using different channels would help reduce their dependence on one channel.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies, a platform for sales engagement, offers multiple channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and phone calls. LinkedIn can perform the following tasks: view profiles, send connect requests and messages, and send emails.

Email Marketing

Email marketing was the following strategy that Sarah and Tanya knew about since it's one of the most popular communication channels.

This time, they spent a lot of effort understanding how to email correctly to generate more leads.

They began exploring the software before they launched any campaigns, as their company had just subscribed to an improved version of cold email.

Around 78% of companies use email marketing to generate leads. Sarah and Tanya were determined to make it happen this time. They also had this cold email software at their disposal.

They discovered that the automation feature of cold email software helped them with more than half their tasks, giving them time to focus on other things. Automated tasks include automatic follow-ups and auto-replies. They also categorize responses from prospects and non-prospects and reply with sentiments.


Sarah and Tanya knew that blogging could generate significant traffic with its valuable content and SEO-optimised content. Sarah and Tanya can convert this traffic into quality leads.

They changed their strategy and started writing blogs. Instead of only focusing on opinions, they began mentioning experiences, practical solutions, case studies, etc. They were able to see the results within a short period of time.

The chances of generating traffic increase by creating blogs with valuable content, optimising them with SaaS links, and keyword stuffing. Traffic generated by your blog can be converted into valuable leads for your business.

Web Page Optimisation

Websites are the primary source of traffic and new leads. Sarah and Tanya realised the importance of a well-maintained site, so they optimised and made it user-friendly.

As these things could drive traffic away, they eliminated errors, lag times, and complex interfaces. They used different tools to help them understand where and how to make changes.

Sarah added testimonials to her website to help build trust with visitors. She placed call-to-action buttons in the appropriate places. No unnecessary popups were interfering with the user's experience.

Sarah discovered that Google's Search Console was one of the best tools. They could determine which website sections needed to be optimised under the Core Web Vitals section.

Optimise your Mobile Traffic

Sarah and Tanya, who were well-versed in mobile traffic, began with mobile performance. They knew that Google prioritised performance on mobile devices, and they could not afford to fall behind.

The two worked together to develop a strategy to ensure the mobile site was easy to use and had a precise CTA and perfect functionality.

Tanya knew that Google's mobile-first indexing was their approach, so she ensured that full-screen popups, chatbots, and irrelevant CTAs did not appear, affecting the user experience.

Google Ads

Sarah researched and found that Google Ads are one of the most powerful tools to convert traffic into leads. They concentrated on the three T's for search engine ads: targeting, tracking, and time.

Tanya ensured that the ads were perfectly tuned to their target audience. This would help potential visitors convert. According to a survey, 11% of marketers think paid ads help generate leads.

Personalising Your Content

Sarah and Tanya's next strategy for lead generation is to personalise their content. Personalising content is a critical aspect that will increase engagement by making the user feel like it is intended for them.

They began writing content aimed at business leaders, CEOs, and directors. Tanya began customising communication by identifying the needs and objectives of the audience. This process would increase conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now a key component of their lead generation strategies. The duo developed different strategies to use various social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, while considering target segmentation.

Sarah knew that social media was the future and present of lead generation. In addition to generating leads, social media helps build client relationships, increase sales and traffic, and develop the brand.

A menu creator online like Wepik is an excellent way for companies in the hospitality and food industries to engage with potential customers on social media. This tool allows you to create eye-catching, professional-looking menus that will entice customers to explore your offerings further.

Giveaways and Gratitude

Sarah discovered that giveaways could also be a strategy to generate quality leads. The contests and giveaways were used to engage visitors.

Sarah was able to generate some leads. In digital marketing, rewarding users with products and services could be an effective way to increase traffic. Everyone likes to feel rewarded.

These giveaways can be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Get IG followers on reputable sites to help you share your offer.

Brand or Marketing Partnerships

Tanya researched and found brands with a larger audience and more connections. She realised that a partnership would be beneficial to her company and could help with lead generation.

Sarah Tanya began to build partnerships with these brands, and they took advantage of the brand's presence to grow their client base.

Cold Outreach

Sarah and Tanya understood that cold outreach can be effective if done correctly. They developed user personas and conducted extensive research. Personalisation was also emphasized. They knew they were sending a message to a stranger and that it needed to be reliable, trustworthy, and confidential.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies was the tool they used for cold outreach. The tool impressed them with its features. Features like personalisation, email verification, prospect management, workflow management, email automation, follow-ups, etc. were inspiring. Sarah and Tanya were able to reach their target.

Content Marketing

Their lead generation strategy was centered around content marketing. Their content was high-quality, valuable, and tailored to the audience's needs and interests.

Sarah knew users who consume high-quality content would appreciate and sign up for their company's email newsletter. This would help lead generation.

According to research, content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing and costs less than half.

Sarah and Tanya created valuable reports and content and began offering them as lead magnets. They asked visitors to fill out a form in exchange for the report. They also got a lot of leads from this strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

Sarah and Tanya realised the importance of SEO after working on lead-generation strategies. They knew that a website with SEO optimisation had the potential to generate a lot of organic traffic.

Every online business needs to be at the top of search engine results. According to research conducted by Backlinko, the #1 result had a CTR (click-through rate) of 27.6% and 10x more conversion chances than the #10 results.

Tanya began optimising her website and landing pages. She knew that SEO-optimised pages would appear higher on the search engine results page and would help reach the intended audience.

Tanya created a checklist of things she needed to do to optimise the SEO content.

Ensure that the landing page matches the intent of the search query

Meta title and meta description with keywords

Incorporate relevant internal links into the content.

This is a thorough keyword search

Quality backlinks

A/B Testing

Next, Tanya and Sarah decided to make decisions based on data. They collected data and incorporated A/B testing into their lead generation strategy. They experimented with headlines, images, copy, and lead generation forms.

The two versions were created, with 50% of traffic diverted to one version and the other 50% to the second version. After some time, they compared the data from the two versions and made a decision.


After discussing the best ways to generate business leads, you should have a follow-up mechanism, a sales pitch or template, and a sales offer.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies, a sales engagement platform specialising in cold outreach campaigns, is an effective tool to engage with customers. Its main selling point is its exceptional deliverability. It offers many features, including personalisation and spintax: shared inboxes, outreach to sales across multiple channels, AI-generated email content, and more.

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