IT sector in Poland 2023

IT sector in Poland 2023: What should you know before starting a project?

December 07, 2022 14:31 PM

IT sector in Poland

Consider Poland as the country to go to for IT outsourcing. This is logical. You may not have the right arguments to convince you that hiring engineers from Poland is the best decision. We have you covered. This article will provide a detailed overview of the IT sector in Poland. It is hoped that it will help you understand the IT industry in Poland and whether or not you should consider outsourcing your project.

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IT outsourcing drives the information technology sector

Web app development and mobile app development, as well as outstaffing and outsourcing, are the main business models followed by Polish IT companies. Particularly interesting is the IT outsourcing market, as well as staff augmentation.

Software development in Europe has impacted almost every industry, increasing the demand for Polish IT services. The IT Market Research Report states that the Polish IT outsourcing industry is far ahead of the IT hardware industry.

Polish IT outsourcing is a major export service. This is due to a large number of IT outsourcing contracts from France, Great Britain, Germany, and Scandinavia. The IT outsourcing market is also growing steadily, with revenues increasing from $2.2 billion in 2019 to $3.1 billion by 2021. Meanwhile, Poland's software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is projected to be worth more than $536 million by the end of 2024.

What are the investments in the Polish IT industry?

Poland is a popular investment destination today:

  • In terms of venture capital invested, the CEE region is considered the fastest-growing in Europe.
  • Poland was ranked third worldwide in 2020 as the country most desired for business and investment. Big foreign investors include giants like Microsoft, Lenovo, and Amazon, as well as Google, Apple, and others.
  • Poland is the region's leader in foreign direct investments, with more than 130 venture capitalists active in the local market.
Why Choose Poland?

Answer to the question: Why isn't Poland rocket science? You can see it for yourself.

  • +410,000 This makes Poland the most populous country in the CEE area in terms of programmers.
  • The IT/ICT market accounts for 8 percent of Poland's GDP.
  • The software market for software development is estimated at 8.8 million euros.
  • The market for IT/ICT in 2022 and beyond is estimated to be $12.4 million.
  • Approximately 70% of local engineers work for foreign companies.
  • According to HackerRank and SkillValue, Poland is consistently ranked in the top 5 or 3 spots, according to TopCoder.
The key points you need to know about the Polish engineers that you will be hiring are:

It is expected that you provide clear information regarding your salary and bonuses.

These numbers are staggering: 84% say that the salary is a major factor in their decision to move jobs.

Don't keep the salary you offer job seekers a secret. Instead, tell them how much, when, and under what conditions. To gain credibility and attract top employees, it is better to be transparent and honest.

A job offer from a foreign company

Polish engineers are bright prospects; nearly half of them received job offers last year from foreign employers. These companies are mostly from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, and Great Britain.

You must work hard to hire the best talent in your industry.

You can hire IT companies in Poland familiar with the local labour market to eliminate the hassle of hiring.

Developers have more flexibility

55% of professionals surveyed said that flexibility and being able to work remotely were crucial to their success.

Working from home, using a hybrid work model, and following an Agile project management process are some conditions that must be met to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes from such a partnership.

Retaining experts can be achieved through professional growth and training

Remember that Poland's IT companies have already begun adopting advanced digital technologies. This allows them to adapt quickly to market changes and meet customer and partner requirements. For example, cloud computing is used by 15–24% of Polish companies, while artificial intelligence is used by 18%.

Local specialists are also provided with additional education. The DESI study found that 18% of Polish businesses offer ICT training to their employees, which is comparable with the EU average.

Why work with an IT team from Poland to start your project?
poland it

Let's face it:

  • You are looking for the best programmers around the globe.
  • Your business problems will be properly addressed.
  • The best value for your money.

Poland appears to be the country that can provide you with what you require:

  • The high-quality education offered at local technological universities has been recognized worldwide.
  • In Poland, engineers begin coding as children.
  • Poles HTML5
  • The vast experience of Polish coders working on large and complex projects is at your disposal.

IT companies in Poland today are more than just providers of outsourcing services:

  • They have extensive cross-industry knowledge and experience gained from major international projects for clients.
  • Highly qualified technicians continually replenish the talent pool.

They are your all-in-one potential technology partner in the CEE region. You got lucky. You didn't know this. Poland has a favourable business environment, a well-developed economy, and stable political conditions. Polish IT companies are valued and considered long-term partners. Customer feedback, case studies, and company ratings speak volumes.

You get the complete range of services when you choose an IT contractor in Poland—from strategy and full-cycle software development to support after launch. All this is done to help you match your product with the market and increase its demand.

Bottom line

It is easy to work with an IT partner in Poland. Your team comprises people who share your values and are committed to your success. Their invaluable experience, tailored approach, and the strength of Poland's IT industry are all yours.

You decide whether or not to contact an IT company in Poland. These are the basics of the IT industry in Poland. Let's talk more about your request. Give us a call to discuss your request.

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