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Useful Statistics on Online Shopping vs in Store Shopping

In Store vs Online Shopping Statistics Useful for Your Business

Online Shopping vs in Store Shopping

Most consumers have to choose between shopping online and visiting an offline shop. Online and offline shopping is now more competitive due to the availability of modern technology and the buyers' demands for quality and speed. We are here to discuss the many factors that influence a purchase decision. These include fundamental concepts like time, delivery speed, and cost savings. While we don't recommend one option over another, we can offer concrete ideas to increase your income by utilizing the best aspects of each.

Online Shopping is gaining popularity

It's not easy to find someone who hasn't heard of online shopping or used electronic marketplaces. In the early 1990s, online shopping was first introduced. Over the years, the industry has grown in popularity and is now a multi-billion-dollar niche. The development of eCommerce has seen a strong boost in popularity. More and more customers prefer to shop online to shopping in-stores. The rise of online shopping can be seen in the Statista charts, which are independent market data sources. Worldwide eCommerce Sales shows that in 2020, online shoppers spent over $4.2 billion, and will reach $6.3 billion by 2024.

Here are some more encouraging statistics

Do you want to know how many purchases were made online? Statista also provides data about how often people shop online. About 20% of internet users buy goods and services more than once per week.25% of internet users purchase goods and services more frequently than once every two weeks; About 30% of internet users buy goods and services more than once per month. This means that more than 70% of users make online purchases each month, which significantly increases the likelihood of eCommerce gaining repeat customers.

Google reports show that more than 60% (of all online purchases) start online. This is regardless of whether the purchase was made through an in-store or online store. Your brand's online presence is essential in every case. You should also be aware that it is not "another marketing tool" but a necessity.

Check out these eCommerce Features

The increase in online shopping statistics is a sign of eCommerce's gradual transition, but offline shopping continues to be popular, as it adapts to modern society's needs. Most people still prefer shopping in malls and shopping centers, where they can purchase all their goods quickly and easily. Online shopping has many advantages and is slowly changing the way that some business activities are conducted. Let's take a look at some of these:

Time savings are a major advantage of online shopping over in-store shopping. Customers can shop at their own pace and save time, without having to spend time searching for the right product or going to the mall.

There are no queues for weekends or holidays. However, endless waiting, heavy traffic, and a lack of goods make pre-holiday shopping difficult. Online shopping can save you time, nerves, and money.

Low prices Online stores are easier to manage to offer a lower markup on assortments and more lucrative loyalty programs. This is especially true when it comes to high-value items like household appliances.

Extended range. This means you can search the Internet for hundreds of options, appropriate analogs, unique products, services, and unique offers from all over the globe.

Selecting a payment method Online shopping is more flexible in terms of payment options. eCommerce representatives can offer alternative payment methods, including bank transfers and currency payments, unlike in-store transactions.

Multifunctional Business Solution

What if we stopped comparing online shopping to in-store shopping, and instead focused on the interaction between these two options? The statistics show that eCommerce is still in its infancy, but there are some significant flaws. This is why we recommend that you study this business tool as it can complement in-store commercial activities and expand your possibilities.

A powerful tool for small businesses

Online vs. in-store shopping statistics may be one of the biggest problems for small businesses whose owners don't have enough funds to invest in a broad range of marketing tools. Most of them believe that choosing the right future market is crucial as it will determine their profits and further promotions. We'd love to take a look at some of the most popular scenarios and offer competent advice.

You just opened a new business and don't know where to begin trading.

An online store is the best way to begin an eCommerce business. It is easier to create, maintain, and manage a website resource than renting premises or establishing business contacts. You can gain valuable experience and insight by interacting with your users and using intelligent performance tracking.

You are a trader on popular marketplaces and you're thinking of creating your website.

Certain restrictions apply to trading on marketplaces. These include specific requirements, commissions, and the choice of promotion tools. These are a great starting point for ensuring the viability of your site as well as attracting regular customers in the future. However, having a web resource who can assist you with organizing and updating your advertising campaigns and making changes to the product line is a great help. If you already have a brand and a customer base, this transition is logical.

You can purchase ideas and services instead of a product.

When you find niches with a narrow profile and creative businesses, such as selling hand-made products, exclusive services, and ideas, the distinction between online and in-store shopping statistics is no longer relevant. It takes significant investment to create a web development services along with resource with rich features that people will enjoy exploring. Clients are unlikely to be impressed by your capabilities and office location in the capital without being "nurtured" through an informative, ergonomic website.

Online Support for Medium & Large Businesses

These tips are useful for all business owners, but they will be of greater value to representatives of large businesses and companies with established business models. eCommerce is a way to combine forces

Many well-known companies have their web resources. This simplifies information dissemination and reduces marketing budgets. Online shopping can expand your customer base, simplify your interactions with customers and save you a lot of time searching for and purchasing the products they need.

All-in-one marketing package

You have many marketing tools that you can use for your business' benefit. A personal web resource using an ecommerce plug can help you combine the best online marketing strategies and boost them with SEO and SMM.

There are endless opportunities for further development.

Online store development

Let's discuss how to join the eCommerce market, making the transition from physical trading easy and efficient. The content is what users think about you and how they interact. Before creating a website resource, it is a good idea to have the right information and knowledge. You will need to organize your data, arrange the products correctly, and think about delivery and payment options. A website for eCommerce requires creativity and a lot of thought. While you can leave this work to professionals who will create the website from scratch, it will be difficult to keep track of the results. There are other options, including the use of pre-made themes for websites.

As an expert online marketer and a representative of the popular CMS, I can assure you that eCommerce templates do not compare to professional website design services projects. Sometimes they even exceed them.

Benefits of pre-designed website templates

These are just a few of the many features that ready-made solutions can offer based on an online content management system.


Popular responsive website builders offer many options for any business. These include a fashion blog design, a ready-made clothing shop website, and many other niches. You can also explore similar solutions and reap the benefits of them all in one project.


The time it takes to manage orders and catalogs can be a burden on eCommerce reps. It is therefore crucial that the CMS interface and built-in capabilities allow for easy interaction. The majority of popular web solutions developed by professionals include an intuitive environment that allows you to customize your site and return to editing or updating pages at any moment.

Possibilities for unique ideas to be implemented

This brings us back to the topic of creative businesses that offer ideas as a product. While you can choose a ready-made solution such as an eCommerce site for home decor, it is important to remember that the product must be customizable and edited worldwide. The most extensive templates collection will allow you to find inspiration and valuable ideas. A visual editor makes it easy to customize a website resource and reduces the time it takes to launch.

Conclusion: online shopping vs in-store shopping Statistics

It is subjective to choose a trading method. This decision depends on many factors. However, combining online and in-store shopping is the most efficient and practical way to make money. You can create a web resource using an eCommerce plugin to support offline activities. Customers will have more options to purchase, ship, and receive information about products or services. The presence of an online platform in-store will boost customer confidence and offer you more opportunities for interaction and cooperation.

We cannot ignore the popularity and effectiveness of eCommerce. Take advantage of the in-store vs. online shopping statistics to ensure your business grows and prospers.

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