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How to Collect Online Reviews On Your Website Right Now - PerfectionGeeks

How to Use Online Reviews Effectively Through Website Design

March 22, 2023 03:55 PM

Online Reviews

As the internet has changed the way consumers shop, it is crucial to maintain a digital platform for your business. Buying something without reading reviews online, from medical services to gadgets, is rare. Instead, most customers leave a review on the website to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Most businesses overlook the website review page and focus more on product pages. This small oversight is a huge setback for digital business platforms. Want to know the reason? After reading negative reviews, half of the online customers don't go to the store.

This means that no matter your business, having an online presence can bring you many benefits.

What are customer reviews?

Customers can leave reviews about brands and businesses based on their opinions, experiences, feedback, and ideas. These reviews generally concern the brand, its products, services, value for money, and other elements.

Customer reviews can be understood as content that addresses the brand's legitimacy and identity from the point of view of a customer.

Customer reviews are important for websites

There must be a reason for a customer review if one is available. Right? These are just a few reasons customer reviews are important for your site.

Promotion free of charge: Online customer reviews are very valuable and can help your company in many ways that a simple marketing campaign cannot.

Improve customer satisfaction: Brands can only improve their products if they know their shortcomings. Website reviews from customers help business owners understand customer satisfaction.

Trust is earned: Anyone will trust your website if they read honest reviews about the products and services offered. Likewise, visitors trust your strategy and intentions more if they read positive reviews rather than rehashed marketing messages.

Social proof is key: Customer reviews are a great source of social proof. Social proof is the process by which people change their behavior in response to and are influenced by others.

SEO Benefits: Digital marketers know how important it is for websites to be updated to improve their local search rankings. The review is a great way to keep your website pages updated.

Different Strategies to Collect Reviews from Customers

    Is it possible for customers to leave reviews on a product? Of course, it is important to collect customer reviews for products. Still, it is even more important to collect reviews of the entire website, including accessibility, smooth processing, helpful content, etc.

    To collect customer reviews, you must create a section on your website for people to submit their reviews.

    You can use all your web design skills to create a review page for your website. Although there is no one way to collect reviews, there are proven ways to increase the number of customers who review your website. These are just a few of the options.

  • You can create a "Leave Feedback" button on your website. This will allow you to gather client feedback.
  • Popover or make it floating: A floating popover that appears at the top or bottom of your page could be a great way to collect customer reviews.
  • Feedback forms: The feedback form is an efficient and quick way to obtain opinions, impressions, and feedback from clients, current or prospective.
  • Other than using these call-to-action techniques, here are some steps to get your customers to leave reviews.
  • Ask customers if they want anything from you. Ask. Just ask.
  • Give incentives to customers to write reviews. This is one of the most powerful and effective ways to pamper your customer. Your clients will be more likely to review your company if given a coupon code or a gift certificate. They will also appreciate the reimbursement of shipping costs.
  • Social media is a powerful tool. Being approachable via social media is the best way to get open feedback. Customers should be able to easily access your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to ask questions and leave comments.
  • Update reviews. Keep your reviews current. Not only should there be many positive reviews, but they must also be current. When deciding whether to patronize a company, most consumers don't look at reviews older than two months.
  • Negative reviews are not to be ignored. Customers may say that a negative online review has made them leave. Negative reviews can impact your bottom line. You can respond politely to negative reviews and work with the customer to resolve them.
  • There are many ways to gather customer reviews. But simplicity is what matters. Do not make it harder by asking customers five pages of questions. This will cause them to become frustrated and then leave. Instead, be simple, organized, and catchy.
  • Methods to Creatively Display Online Reviews

    Online Reviews

    It is encouraging that over 70% of internet users believe in personal recommendations and online reviews. To maximize the impact of your review, you only need to publish it. It's easy. These are some options to show your reviews.


    A testimonial is the most common form of review for companies. It is a client-attributed review that has been enclosed in quotation marks. It may contain a link to the reviewer's website or a case report to prove their credibility.

    Custom Review Graphics on Social Media
  • Because it can reach many people simultaneously, social media is the best way to showcase customer reviews. You can showcase them using two of the most popular methods: animated GIF-based and image-based reviews.
  • Image-based: A link is not enough to maximize the visual appeal of your social media post. Instead, you should create a graphic highlighting both the reviewer and the review.
  • GIFs animated with animation: GIFs that include animation are very popular. These GIFs are easy to create and can be entertaining, appealing, and, most importantly, fun. GIF Maker by GIPHY lets you upload your image or video, choose a canvas base, and add text in any style you like.
Review Badges

Website users can use review badges to encourage them to rate their business on sites like Yelp and Google. You can also find badges on review sites that direct users to your site by asking them for customer reviews. Many review badges can be connected to different sources. However, with its reputation and brand recognition, a website design company is the best choice if you have to choose one.

Featured Reviews

Sometimes, the quoted testimonials can become ineffective if they are not linked to the homepage. What's the solution? A solution is a tool. A schema markup tool. This allows you to increase the review's value by adding a link to the client's or an actual review site. Google will show you positive reviews when you search for your business.


We now understand how critical it is to have customer reviews on your website when it comes to Website Design services. It is always interesting to see what your existing clients think about your products. This is easy to do and shows potential clients you care about their opinion by posting reviews.

Business owners must constantly be aware of the market they are targeting. Understanding what customers think can help you improve your product by highlighting its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses.

Online business owners, don't forget to get valuable customer feedback.

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