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How to Find Investor for the Best App Idea?

January 23, 2023 1:36 PM

 Best App Idea

Are you looking for investors for your mobile app business? About 10% of all startups succeed in it. Lack of funds is the primary reason behind the failure of startups (38 percent). There are several ways to transform your best app idea into the profitable business you've dreamed of. Beyond app ideas, an overall marketing and business plan is needed. Most importantly, you require investors to fund the development of apps.

Securing investors for apps is vital for their success. It is possible to achieve this by learning some tried-and-tested methods. In this article, we'll explain the Tips to find the best investor for app idea.

How to Find Investors for Mobile App Project?

Around 75% of startups fail because investors only finance a few projects. Investors must be convinced that the money is worth it. To improve your chances of success, prepare to meet with potential investors.

Choose the type to begin; you must determine the best way to attract investors for your mobile app. Are venture capital funds a viable choice? What is the case with angel investors? Could a contest be an appropriate idea? Carefully answer these and similar ones. Estimate the price of the mobile app before contacting investors. The founder of a successful startup will only pitch an investor when they are aware of the app's cost.

1. Assess The Situation In-Depth

A fresh app idea comes to you, and you see the potential. The investor, however, doesn't have the same views. You must convince him using the statistics of the project. Review the offerings of your competition and explain why they're not suited to be successful. It is, therefore, easier to demonstrate why your product is superior to other solutions.

2. Manage Your Brand

App investors are searching for businesses that have a positive image. A strong brand image is essential. The brand's identity comprises the design, colors, and even the company's concept. Your brand's image should flow naturally into the product. Investors are more able to envision your concept with branding.

3. Engage In Marketing Activities

When will you start advertising? After your product launch? This is a risky strategy. Get your promotion started early because of one of the reasons listed below:

• Try testing your concept with users you might want to

• Find potential clients

• Interested contact investors

Funding Stages for Startups

 Best App Idea

In the typical scenario of bootstrapping, private networks finance the startup. You are establishing and testing your idea in the early stages of your business. In this phase, part of the money is used for a market research before the pitch.

If the funding is adequate, it's possible to create a prototype before the seed stage. Unfortunately, startups pop up like mushrooms and require financing for mobile apps. The situation has resulted in an extremely competitive market. If you can offer more than just an idea and initial calculations, it improves the chances of getting investors for your startup.


The first step to funding comes from a variety of sources. You will require more than the savings you have, and your network could help. The pre-seed stage is a great way to draw angel investors; however, they are usually present at the time of the seed stage.

Recent reports have revealed the existence of venture capital companies in addition. Therefore, it is important to allocate funds before the initial stage, or at a minimum, to expand the Mobile app team to include more skilled professionals.

Series A

The rapid growth of a startup starts with the Series A investment. So venture capital is a good option at this point of the process. On top of that, businesses in venture capital usually invest in mobile application development companies in Dubai with a lot of growth potential. The Series A stage is the initial venture capital stage, in which investors take on the biggest dangers. A well-crafted elevator pitch will assist you in getting the money you need at this point. When it has passed this point, it has more chance of success.

Series B

Series A is the one that suffers from a decline in the number of survivors. If your application has made it to Series B, it's likely to be successful. However, errors occur, so don't take this for granted. Series B funding can allow you to grow your business more quickly. Your shares' value rises this way, allowing you to offer fewer shares to venture capitalists. Furthermore, you keep the ownership of your business.

Series C

Your business is active if it's functioning at this point. You earn enough through your business to pay your expenses without requesting additional funds. After the Series B funding, each stage aims to expand your business largely, make major improvements, and more.

What are Investors Searching For in Mobile Apps?

• Enthusiasm.

Mobile app development project success depends on the creator, the main driver. So make sure you are enthusiastic about your venture and ready for hard work.

• Learn The Market Completely.

As the person who initiated the whole project, you should be aware of your industry, its major users (competitors), and other pertinent factors (such as the number of potential customers interested in your products).

• Your Unique Selling Point.

Every day, nearly every investor looks at a wide variety of startups. So what is it that makes your company different? Create something new! Make your project memorable! If you succeed in doing so, you'll increase the likelihood of receiving an investment for your application.

• Keywords

Be sure to know the meaning behind buzzwords and have an adequate understanding of what they mean. In addition, it is important to clarify that your application does not use blockchain or machine learning techniques if the lie continues to perpetuate until the truth is revealed.

• Economic Forecast.

The audit will request every financial indicator to evaluate the prospects of your business. Make sure you list the cost for acquiring customers and also.

• Be Professional

Potential investors should be aware that your team comprises experts and enthusiasts. Therefore, be sure to employ skilled experts with extensive experience.


It is possible to improve anytime. This saying is well-suited to applications. If you get funding, your work does not end. Ensure you introduce new features to make your app more enjoyable and expand it to more lucrative investment opportunities. An experienced firm for app development project can assist you in creating an appealing app. We offer various services, including mobile application development and customized software solutions.

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