5 Steps to create website like Pinterest

How to Create a Pinterest-like Website That Surpasses the Expectations of Users

August 02, 2022 11:45 AM

How to create website like Pinterest

Making a website like Pinterest requires careful preparation of crucial phases of development, such as a monetization strategy, UI/UX design, and the selection of a technology stack. But, the first step, to begin, is conducting market research. Following that, you'll proceed one step at a time towards creating the mobile and web versions of the app. We've previously written articles on creating an online social media site and making a social networking app and recommend that you read these articles.

1. Carry out market research

In the course of conducting market research, it is essential to look at the market's target customers, identify and evaluate competitors, and determine the market's specificity and a suitable monetization strategy. Additionally, it is important to choose the right field in which you want to operate.

Research on your target audience is about creating a profile of potential customers by researching their interests, habits, and pain points. Studying similar Pinterest products like DudePins, We Heart It, Dribbble, and FoodGawker can be extremely helpful in determining the preferences of users.

The process of processing the information will help you address your audience's questions with the knowledge gained from studying your competitors' experiences. If you want to create an app that is similar to Pinterest, it is essential to be prepared for a long-term campaign. Therefore, we suggest outsourcing the research for marketing to a reputable marketing agency or a software company that can offer full-cycle development.

2. Select a method of monetization

Typically, applications such as Pinterest decide on a monetization method using three strategies:

In-app advertising

The income earned is contingent on the number of ads from third parties on the application. There are a variety of models for advertisements in the app:

  • The cost per click for watching a video
  • The price per click on banners to boost your website's traffic.
  • When you click on banners to increase the effectiveness of your website, you pay per click.
  • price per click to show the same number of ads.

Pinterest utilizes this specific monetization method but is slightly modernized. The ads on the site are by way of pins, which are the most popular images. When users click on an image, it is considered an engagement with the ad banner. The difficulty in distinguishing between organic and sponsored ads resulted in a rise in CTR (click-through rate).

Subscription Model

A subscription-based model is based on offering access to services or content at a monthly or annual cost. Its benefit lies in the regular income: instead of selling your service once for a set price, the subscription model allows you to sell the same functionality month-to-month. This generates greater profits over the long term. The success of the model of subscription relies on the availability of an ever-growing variety of content or services. This makes applications like Pinterest perfect for its use.

3. UI/UX design

The Pinterest design is considered to be among the top websites hosting images for a reason. What makes it effective? In the first place, such websites run the risk of becoming overwhelmed by images, and the grid's uniform vertical layout that includes indents helps to provide better visual perception. It is recommended to create an uncolored background to provide an air space between the diverse images. There shouldn't be anything unnecessary in the content area since extra panels could overwhelm the interface. In terms of design, you must adhere to an orderly structure of colors (for Pinterest, these are black, white, red, and black) and the order in which buttons are laid out.

4. Select a technology stack

When choosing the right tech stack for developing a website such as Pinterest, it is important to think about scalability options to cope with spikes in load So, choose technology that can be scalable easily.

We recommend the following technology stack to create Pinterest-like websites:
  • StageTechnology
  • Tech StackAndroid
  • Tech StackiOS

5. Website creation

You've decided on a feature and technology stack, and you are now wondering how you can build a site similar to Pinterest. These projects are characterized by a variety of aspects that you must be aware of from the Best Website Development Company.

1. A site such as Pinterest must withstand loads on servers because it hosts an enormous amount of live media in addition to social capabilities. The primary challenges for the development of Pinterest will be scaling at the server level and content delivery. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and without a hitch, you have to arrange the servers. Because their organization is vital, it is essential to have DevOps involved in the project or utilize the services of an IT development company that has these specialists

2. When you design architecture, you must take into account an aspect of products that resemble Pinterest as multi-platform. It lets you run the application on tablets, PCs, and mobile applications, for instance. So, if you want to create a Pinterest-like site, it is recommended to create a server that is client-agnostic, which means that the client uses the server's information.

3. Certain social benefits could require machine learning to guarantee the best user experience. For instance, newsfeeds often display not just important content but also content based on the interests of users and previously viewed media files. Machine learning can assist you to achieve this essential feature.

Then, it's vital to conduct extensive testing from a security standpoint. The social networks of thousands of users might contain personal files and photos that nobody would like to put in the general public eye.

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