Combining Blockchain with Machine Learning

How can machine learning be used with blockchain technology?

August 10, 2022 12:52 PM

Combining Blockchain with Machine Learning

Machine learning technology is one of today's most popular technologies. The blockchain is the core of all cryptocurrencies. The popularity of blockchain technology is increasing day by day. It allows users to interact directly with each other through a secure, decentralized system that doesn't require any intermediary. Blockchain technology can be combined with machine learning to make it more efficient. This is how machine learning and blockchain can be combined to achieve maximum results. Let's start by understanding the basics of each technology.

What's Blockchain?

A blockchain is a digital shared ledger that can store transactions and track assets in a highly secure network. Because the blockchain is immutable, data can never be undone.

A blockchain can be described as a distributed database system that stores any type of data. It is extremely difficult to hack, modify, or cheat the system. A blockchain is a different type of database than a traditional database. Instead of data being stored in tables, blockchain data is stored in blocks that can be linked together.

A blockchain can be described as a distributed system. It is not managed by any centralized entity, such as an individual, group, or organization.

A blockchain can store many types of information, but it is primarily used for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

How did Machine Learning get into play with Blockchain?

Machine learning is a technology that uses past data to improve performance and learns from it. We don't have to manually add new rules. It is easy to understand with the most popular example of machine learning, spam detection. This software automatically improves its ability to detect spam and junk mail over time. This is possible thanks to an algorithm that learns from data and makes predictions based on it.

Machine Learning Services and blockchain combine to create great opportunities for users.

The security of the blockchain can be greatly improved by using ML to manage it. Furthermore, machine learning works better with large amounts of data and can create better models by taking advantage of the decentralized nature blockchains offer. Combining both technologies can make it possible for financial and insurance companies to detect fraudulent transactions.

Machine Learning in Blockchain-Based Applications

Enhanced Customer Service

Companies are using ML techniques to improve customer service as customer satisfaction is a major challenge for every company. Customer service can be greatly improved by combining machine learning and a blockchain-based app.

Surveillance System

Due to the rising crime rate, security is a major concern. Machine learning and blockchain technology are both useful for surveillance. The blockchain can be used to manage continuous data and ML can be used to analyze it.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are becoming more popular every day. They help people improve their lives by simplifying their lives. Machine learning and blockchain technology play an important role in a smart city. A smart home equipped with machine learning and blockchain can be easily monitored and provide individualization for each user.

Trading (Reinforcement Learning)

Blockchain is the core technology of the most popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These trading cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular with large financial institutions and retail investors. Modern trading bots have powerful machine learning algorithms embedded.

Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning that's commonly used in complex games and simulation programs. Reinforcement learning is an effective way to create profitable and adaptable cryptocurrency trading strategies.

Optimizing Mining Strategies (Reinforcement Learning)

The mining process is a key component of the blockchain. The mining process involves figuring out a set value to solve a function using different computing resources. After solving the function, the miner can update the blockchain with any valid pending transactions.

Tackling Cryptojacking (Deep Learning):

Machine learning can also be used to make the blockchain more secure. Cryptojackers can target different computational resources that are used to mine cryptocurrencies. These attacks are now more common and require greater security. Researchers have discovered a new way to detect malicious programs that could hijack computer resources. SiCaGCN is one such method.

SiCaGCN was created by researchers to identify similarities between two pieces of code. It is composed of components of neural networks, as well as different techniques for deep learning and the domain of ML.

The benefits of combining blockchain and machine learning

Machine Learning and Blockchain can bring enormous benefits to many industries. Here are some of the most popular benefits of blockchain and machine learning in an organization.

Enhancing Security

Blockchain data is more secure because it uses implicit encryption. This is the ideal system for storing highly sensitive personal data such as personalized recommendations.

While blockchain's core is secure, there are some applications and additional layers that use blockchain that can be vulnerable. Machine learning is a great option in such cases. Machine learning (ML) can be used to predict security risks and possible breaches in blockchain apps.

Managing data markets

Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few examples of large companies that have huge data sets or data pools. This data can be extremely useful in the AI process. This data is not accessible to everyone. However, with blockchain, multiple start-ups or small businesses can access the same data and use the same AI process.

Optimizing Energy Consumption

Data mining is an energy-intensive process that can be costly and is a major challenge for many industries. Google has made this problem much easier with Machine Learning. Google achieves this by training DeepMind AI to reduce the energy used to cool data centers by approximately 40 %.

Implementing a Trustable Real-time Payment Process

Combining ML and Blockchain creates the most reliable real-time payment system.


From the description above, we can see that machine learning and blockchain complement each other. Both of these technologies can be used to build the foundations for future innovation.


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