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February 07, 2023 3:33 PM

 Help Desk Management System

It can seem overwhelming to start with the IT Help Desk Management System if it is your first time using it. We have created a detailed guide to help you get started. It explains how to set up your help desk management system.

Determine your Help Desk Management needs

Before setting up anything, you need to consider why you purchased a help desk management system. The help desk system will be used to answer customer questions. Do you need to develop knowledge bases for external customers as part of your service solutions? On what channels are you hoping to provide assistance on? These questions will help you determine which help desk system you prefer.

No matter what help desk system option you choose, it should have the ability to accomplish two things. It should first streamline all communication channels. You reduce the chance of customers being forgotten by having all their information and queries in one place. Your agents will also be less likely to give inconsistent or inaccurate answers. You are less likely to have them share your admin login credentials.

A help desk can also improve your workflow through its unique features. You can manage tickets and related tasks with ticket routing, tags, departments, and other features. Here's how to set up your help desk system now that you know what it should do:

Connect all your communication channels

Connect all communication channels your customers use to contact you. You can ensure seamless customer service by connecting all your channels to your help desk system.

● Mailboxes

All email addresses used for business communication should be connected so that all questions can be answered in one place. It is a good idea to connect all email addresses used for business communication.

Sales communication

Tech support

Finance/billing questions

Public relations/Press

You might be worried about the chaos and disorder that streamlining all these email addresses into one inbox will cause. Innovative software called help desk management systems organises and routes your queries to the appropriate departments within your email inbox. This means sales agents and vice versa will only access tech support queries. Only the queries assigned to their departments will be visible to agents (unless you specifically request otherwise).

● Chat live

Integrating a live chat widget into your website will allow you to offer instant support to existing and potential customers. It's easy to add chat widgets to your website.

You can create the chat button widget within your help desk system and copy its code. Then, please place it in your website's header or footer. Your help desk system will automatically convert all live chats into tickets. This allows you to view the transcripts and continue conversations through other channels.

● Customer Portal

Businesses can benefit from a customer portal that allows users to submit contact forms. Your website allows users to reach you directly without the need to speak with support agents.

● Social media

It is essential to keep up with your social media. Customers are active on social media and expect businesses to offer support through these channels. A good help desk management system must integrate with social media networks like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram.

After integration, all private messages, DMs, and comments made on these social media networks by your brand will be converted to tickets and pushed to your universal inbox.

● Telephone numbers

You can create a virtual help desk by choosing a help desk system that allows you to do this. This will give you a better view of every customer interaction. All calls will be recorded and saved in your help desk system as a ticket. This allows you to access them easily for legal or training purposes.

● Integrate third-party applications

Your workflow efficiency will be improved by integrating all the apps you use daily. You'll save tonnes of time by being able to perform actions directly within your help desk system without having to log into different platforms. For maximum efficiency, you can integrate CRM systems with customer satisfaction management, payment processing, and email marketing tools.

Route options

Intelligent routing options allow you to manage your team's workflow within your help desk management software. You can set up intelligent routing options to route live chats, phone calls, tickets, and live chats to specific departments or agents.

● Priority routing

Priority routing routes incoming tickets to the agent who is free or has had the most extended downtime since their last interaction with a customer. A routing option can be set up that routes incoming tickets to the last agent the client spoke with.

● Random assignment

Random assignments route calls, chats, or tickets to agents who are online and available in your helpdesk system.

● IVR (interactive voice response)

Based on the dial pad input, interactive voice response technology routes callers directly to the appropriate departments and agents. You can create complex IVR trees as part of your help desk system.


Your tickets can be organised through your software development services more efficiently by creating departments. Advanced automation rules allow you to create rules that route all queries with specific keywords (such as reset and password) to specific departments (technical assistance).

● Tags

You can view all tickets in your help desk system by using tags. If the ticket is about a pre-sale question, you can add the pre-sale tag. Using your universal inbox to browse, you can quickly see the contents of each ticket without opening it.

Tags can also help you organize your help desk management system further. Most systems allow you to filter tickets using tags. You can add tags manually or automatically. The system automatically adds a reward tag to your ticket if you receive a positive rating from a customer during a live chat.

● Automation rules

A good help desk management system will offer many automation options, including mass actions, rules, and canned responses.

We've listed below a few automation rules that you should create when you get started with your help desk software. You can add hundreds more rules to your help desk software once you feel more comfortable.

● Time rules

Time rules: perform the desired action after a specified time period has passed. You can create a time rule to automatically generate and send an email to customers 24 hours after interacting with them. The email could ask for customer feedback.

● Rules that are activated by actions

Rules that can be executed when certain conditions are met are called "action-triggered rules. These rules go through system background checks to ensure the conditions are met before they can be executed.

SLA rules

SLA rules ensure that agents respond to all tickets according to the Service Level Agreement. Your help desk can remind agents to follow the SLA. For instance, an SLA states that you must respond to all client inquiries within four hours after receiving their ticket.

Create knowledge bases and customer portals

Knowledge bases and customer portals are essential. This is especially important for a service-oriented or IT company. You can provide 24/7 support to your customers by creating an online knowledge base or customer platform, no matter where they are located. Customers also love self-service solutions like knowledge bases. Customers prefer to search online for answers to their questions than to contact customer service.

● Make content and suggestions boxes

It will take time to create content, as we have already mentioned. It is a good idea to ask your agents to take notes on any topics raised in customer conversations. It is wise to involve your agents in the process, as they understand customers' problems best and can help them. Ask them to create how-to articles, videos, or step-by-step guides explaining how your product can be used to its full potential. You can also add a suggestion box to your customer portal. Customers can send suggestions to you about topics they would like to see in the knowledge base.

You can also share your ideas about new product launches and updates. This is a great way to get first hand feedback from customers. To gain valuable insights from customers, companies often need to guess what customers want.

It's Time for you to get Started

 Help Desk Management System

After we have covered everything, you can create your own help desk management system. Maximize its utility. Use all it offers, including automation rules and third-party app integrations. Before you can get started, invite your agents to the system. Once they are comfortable with the system, they will soon be able to provide excellent customer service. Learn about best practises before we send you off. It will prove to be very useful before you start. Contact us for more information.

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