Get started with Hedera

Getting started on Hedera for Developers

September 22, 2022 13:38 PM

Get started with Hedera

If you’re still considering different networks to create your decentralized applications, it’s worth mentioning that Hedera helps you do that in a fast, secure, fair, sustainable, and cost-effective way. Hedera is the greenest Proof-of-Stake network in the world, and it can assist you to achieve your environmental sustainability plans by maintaining your carbon footprint low. In addition, you don’t have to stress about throughput conditions because the network handles 10,000 transactions per second (tps) for aboriginal services and over 400 tps for smart arrangements. All of this is done with an average transaction cost of $0.0001, always denominated in USD, so you can predict and plan the costs for your company. Finally, the transparent governance model of the network provides you with the guarantee that there will be no forks and that your company and applications are developed on a regular and reliable basis.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

What Do I Need to Start Developing on Hedera?

Start developing on the Hedera network in three simple ways: get a free development account; set up your environment; and try out some examples and tutorials.

Get a Free Development Account

Begin developing for free by utilizing the Hedera test network (testnet). Go to the Hedera Developer Portal to create a testnet account. This reserve is filled with 10,000 pretend bars every 24 hours—that will give you a bunch of room for testing.

Remember that the price of trades on the Hedera main web (mainnet) is paid in real hbar. Once you’re keen on deploying your application to the mainnet, be sure to create a mainnet account through one of the supported wallets.

Set Up Your Environment

Go to the Getting Begun area of the documentation and follow the instructions to put up your consequence environment in your best language. You have SDKs open for JavaScript, Java, and Go. There is also a community-authored SDK for.NET.

Use the documentation regularly as it has components and examples for each functionality. This will be beneficial when you like to, for instance, make a smart contract, build a token using the Hedera Token Service (HTS), or make a topic employing the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS).

Try 'em Out!

Operating instances is one of the best methods to discover a new subject, and with Hedera, you have many models and tutorials open for your consideration and reuse.

Beginner Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Make Your First Smart Contract Deployment
  • Developing and Sharing Your First NFT
  • Submit Your First Consensus Message
  • Schedule Your First Transaction
  • Transfer hbar

What Should I Know Before I Begin?

Hedera Network Services, Inc.
  • Make and deploy Solidity smart contracts on the network using the Smart Contract Service. It is a suggestion to utilize the Hedera Token Service to mint tokens, with integration with smart contracts coming soon.
  • Configure, mint, and handle native fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Hedera network without the requirement to deploy a smart contract.
  • For any application or licence in the blockchain framework, checkable timestamping and order of possibilities
  • File Service:Spread files to each node on the web. While this isn’t designed for large file repositories, it can support storing files that need an active repository on the ledger, such as Solidity code or an address book.
  • HBAR is the native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency of the Hedera public network. Hbars are used to settle transaction fees and save the network from hostile actors.


    Hedera and the designer community donate to and support Hedera SDKs across different languages.

    Hedera supported
    • JavaScript
    • Go
    • Java
    The community supported Python
    • NET
    Key Concepts
    Accounts: The Central Starting Point
    • Accounts are stored on the public ledger and have hbar which is used to pay for the marketing and query fees.
    • Hedera accounts can be developed, edited, or deleted and are represented by an account ID.
    • To open an account, you must first have an existing account that can pay the associated transaction fees for the new account and optionally fund the new account with an initial balance.
    • Keys and Signatures

      • Each account has a private and public key pair.

      The private key of the account is used to approve and sign transactions for that account.

      The public key is what is perceptible to others on the network when account data is requested.

      • The key to an account can be a list of keys, with three prospects available.

      Key List: M out of M signatures (multi-signature).

      Nested: A complicated order of signatures is needed. This can include key lists and thresholds.

      Threshold:M out of N signatures.

      Transactions, Queries, and Confirmations

      • Transactions are proposals sent by a customer to the network for processing. Each transaction has an associated marketing fee that reimburses the Hedera network for that processing and subsequent care in a consensus state.

      Scheduled transactions allow implementation when time and signature needs are met, which makes them ideal for multi-signature transactions when you don’t have all the needed signatures instantly available.

      • Queries are sent by customers to a single node to retrieve some points of the current consensus state, like the balance of an account.

      • Confirmationsare receipts, records, and state proofs.

      Receipts (minimal details) suggest whether a transaction was successfully processed into a peaceful state.

      Records (more information) show transaction points like the consensus timestamp or the outcomes of a smart contract function call.

      State proofs (coming soon) This web agreement on the ranges of a record must include signatures from most of the network nodes.

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