Facebook, Google, or Bing Ads: Who's Winning the Race?

Facebook, Google, or Bing Ads: Who's Winning the Race?

Aug 19, 2023 02:12PM

Social Media Platforms

Let's learn "Facebook-Google-Bing Ads: Who is Winning the Race?" The world of web advertising has been dominated by the two search engine goliaths, Google and Bing. Facebook, the uncrowned king of social networks, is closely behind them.

Google had a market share of 92% in 2010. By 2019, that number was up to 90%. Bing's market share was 3.6% in 2010. In 2019, the market share of Facebook was 65.8%


Google Adwords is a search engine-driven platform that allows advertisers to target customers by displaying ads based on keyword searches. Bing is Internet Explorer's default search engine, making it easier for advertisers and users to connect. Facebook allows its marketers to utilise demographic, geographical, psychographic, and interest-based information.

Google, Bing, and Facebook each have a percentage of regular users and use different types of advertising. It is difficult to identify a clear winner.

Let's start by discussing Facebook, Google, and Bing Ads.

Overview: Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the first thing that comes to mind when considering PPC. This makes sense, as it's the world's most popular PPC advertising platform. AdWords is often used when people say "sponsored search," even though other online advertising systems work similarly. PerfectionGeeks Technologies, India's Best Google Ads Agency, can guide you.

What does "paid search" mean in Google AdWords? Sponsored search is a text-based advertisement that mimics search results to attract attention and target keywords to increase your reach and the number of clicks to your website. It would be best to bid as an advertiser on the words and phrases that Google users use to search for similar products and services. You are charged a set amount for each click on your ad.

You can get the best AdWords service from an SEO company in Delhi at a reasonable price.

Overview: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a paid-social model, which differs from Google AdWords sponsored search. Facebook is a great way to promote your business online. But that's about it.

Facebook ads focus on the demographics and interests of potential customers rather than bidding for keywords and phrases. You can create target audiences to show your ads to people according to their online behaviour, interests, and demographics.

This means that sponsored social media can help you reach new consumers, and paid search can help you find new clients.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies, a leading social media marketing agency, can increase your post engagement three times over and achieve a CTR of 0.5%.

Overview of Bing Ads

Bing Ads is Microsoft's response to Google Ads. It allows businesses to advertise on the Bing network and its affiliate networks. Bing ads can be displayed at the top, bottom, or side of a search engine results page (SERP). Bing determines which ads will appear in the SERP when a user performs a keyword-matching search. It compares the bids of competing businesses and the quality of their ads. To advertise, companies bid on keywords they think customers will use. Bing allows companies to sync their Google Ad campaigns with Bing to advertise on both platforms.

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What elements have the most impact on ad performance?

Researchers found that each significant platform for online advertising offers its own advantages:

  • Facebook ads are the most cost-effective channel.

  • Microsoft Ads was the most responsive network in terms of rising advertising spending.

  • Google Ads offers the most reach at the lowest cost.

Differences between CPM, CPC, and Ads on Facebook, Microsoft, and Google

Researchers found this link between the channel and cost KPIs and sought the average CPM and CPC for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads.

CPM and CPC for Facebook ads, Google ads, and Bing Ads are 3.1 and 0.15, 7.5 and 0.45, and 12.6, respectively.

What is the Best Choice Among Facebook, Google, and Bing ads?

Bing and Google are competing on an uneven playing field. Bing users have a low CPC, and their purchasing power is strong. This leads us to believe Bing is better than Google. Google's AI is superior to Microsoft's in terms of whose platform has more intelligence. Google's ad algorithm also outperforms Facebook's when compared.

Search engines can benefit greatly from artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is cutting-edge technology that delivers precise and accurate results. In an AI IQ test, Google, Bing, and other popular search engines were tested against each other.

Google's AI was named the most intelligent of all. The results confirmed Google's dominance in the search engine platform market.

This is shocking because Google is brilliant but not as intelligent as humans. Google might not seem any smarter than a 5-year-old. A high IQ is essential for its role as a unique search engine. We can now see how fast search results are pulled from the Internet's most obscure areas.

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Google Ads: Strengths and Advantages

Social Media Platforms

Google, the most widely used and popular search engine globally, is the leader in online advertising. Google receives more than 3.5 million search queries per day. This gives advertisers an unmatched and unprecedented audience of active users looking for products and services.

Google's advertising services are divided into two main networks: the Search and Display networks. The Search Network includes the entire Google search engine. Advertisers can target potential customers by bidding on millions of keyword and phrase combinations.

Google Display Network offers more visual ads like banners, covering approximately 98% of the World Wide Web. This makes it an excellent choice for advertisers looking to achieve marketing goals that don't require as much conversion as PPC ads. For example, advertisers can use banner ads to raise brand recognition on a large scale.

  • An immense audience

    Google's reach is one of its most significant advantages as a platform for advertising. Google processes over 40,000 search requests every second. This amounts to more than 1.2 trillion web searches per year. Google's search volume will likely increase as it becomes more sophisticated, thanks to RankBrain, its artificial intelligence, and machine-learning technology.

    Google is the only search engine that can reach a large audience. Google is an excellent addition to any digital marketing strategy because of its vast audience.

  • Level playing fields

    The biggest myth among those new to PPC is that the person with the highest advertising budget automatically "wins." Google Ads is not based on how much money advertisers spend but rather on the quality and relevancy of the ads.

    Google Ads rewards relevance and quality above all other factors. Google Ads prioritizes relevance and quality over all other factors. Savvy advertisers with optimised, high-quality, relevant ads rarely need to bid as much as those with lower-quality ads, making it worth the investment.

    Some keywords will cost more than others, such as those used in the financial sector. These traditional keywords are among the most expensive for any professional industry. However, the amount advertisers bid is primarily determined by their ads' quality and relevance. When evaluating quality and relevance, Google gives more weight to specific metrics, like click-through rate. This is a good indicator of an advertisement's overall appeal and quality.

  • There are many different ad formats

    AdWords was launched by Google in 2000. At the time, there were only 350 advertisers. The text ads Google displayed alongside search results at the time were primitive. However, they contained many of the elements seen today.

    AdWords PPC ads are still text-based. However, advertisers have several options to enhance their ads and make them more appealing to potential customers. Advertisers can take advantage of several features, including site links and social proofing, such as user reviews, shopping ads, location targeting, and shopping ads. This gives them an unprecedented level of control and customization. Google has introduced specific ad formats for businesses such as hotels and vehicle manufacturers. These formats go beyond text-based ads and include rich visual elements like high-resolution photos and interactive maps.

    There's a format or feature for your product or service that can make it more appealing to the target audience. Google continues to implement new ad features and formats, allowing advertisers to reach new markets and increase their business.

Learned Important Takeaways from Comparing Google Ads with Facebook Ads and Microsoft Advertising:

Facebook is the most cost-effective channel for SMBs.

Google Ads is better at displaying ads with positive sentiments, while Microsoft Ads is better at displaying ads with negative sentiments.

Best practices and SEO are the two most important conversion factors for landing pages.

Landing page optimization can increase ROAS by increasing the chances of conversion.


Today, many models show that organizations that have used Facebook, Google, or Bing to promote their products have achieved incredible results.

Facebook has the most extensive and best-maintained B2C advertising platform, with the largest showcasing share in online life. Google Look has begun to 'pick' which promotions are shown to clients. Bing's promotions are more substantial and have a more significant impact on crowds. This is demonstrated by Bing Adwords having a click-through rate (CTC) that was 34% higher.

Each alternative has its benefits and can help different organizations across the globe.

Companies can use the advertising space at each stage to achieve a unique outreach by focusing on the strengths of a good digital marketing agency in India.

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