Customer Experience Statistics 2022

Customer experience statistics 2022 for business owners!

June 07, 2022 04:00 PM

Customer Experience Statistics 2022

In 2022, customer experience (CX), will be the driving force behind business growth and increasing revenue. Customers expect a great brand experience, regardless of what channel they use. A business that provides exceptional customer service through all channels can greatly improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, as well as traffic and sales, and eventually, business revenue.

If you want to enhance customer experience, there are many ways to communicate with customers. This can also be done via many different platforms. Customer experience statistics show that the ultimate goal of any communication channel (e.g., Facebook or Twitter) is to convert regular visitors to your business. social media chat website, email, and so on.

We have collected some of the most important customer experience statistics for 2022. This article will help you understand how this affects your business. Continue reading!

Customer Experience Statistics: 2022

These customer experience statistics will show you why your company should take this issue seriously.

  • 60% say that reviews from family and friends are the best way to learn about a product.
  • Businesses that are focused on customer service will see an 80% increase in revenue
  • Two-thirds of companies compete based on customer experience.
  • 73% of customers agree that customer service is a key factor in their purchasing decision.
  • 86% of customers say they are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.
  • Increase the revenue of your company by doubling it in 36 months.
  • According to 67% of customers, companies actively work towards customer service improvement.

Now you can see why businesses are starting to care about customer experience! Let's get into the details.

General Customer Experience Statistics

These statistics will demonstrate why Customer experience or CX is so important for business growth.

60% of customers trust reviews from family and friends when learning about new products. 

It is not a good idea to shop only to return home with a disappointing product. Reviewers can provide valuable insight into a product before you make a purchase. These reviews ensure that customers shop knowing what to expect and come out satisfied.

Businesses that improve customer experience see an 80% increase in their revenue.

Marketing customer experience statistics show that improving customer experience is possible by making data-driven business decisions. This will increase the likelihood that customers will return to your business in the future. They will also recommend your services to others which can inadvertently lead to increased sales and revenue.

Customer experience is a major factor in the competitiveness of two-thirds (65%) of all companies.

Only 36% of global businesses were competing based on customer experience in 2010. This shows how marketing has evolved from focusing on price and product as the key brand differentiation to putting customer experience at the forefront.

73% of customers believe that customer experience is a key factor in their purchasing decision.

Customer service starts the moment customers contact you. It doesn't end after they use your product or are satisfied. Consider how many times you've had to leave a website that took too long to load. To prevent this from happening, use a professional website builder and backed up with a reliable web hosting provider.

Do you also remember how many times you purchased a product because it offered free delivery? You can win their trust if you make the buyer journey easy, enjoyable, and flexible enough. This will increase your customers' likelihood of buying again from you, according to statistics on customer satisfaction.

86% of customers agree that they would be willing to pay more for a better customer service experience.

Who doesn't want to receive the best treatment? A brand that cares about its customers' experience will be a great choice. The 2021 customer experience statistics show that customers will pay up to 13%-18% more for a product/service if they have a great experience.

Customer Experience: The Business Impact

Statistics on customer satisfaction and profitability show that a great customer experience can increase your chances to win more customers and make more sales. Here are some of the positive effects that customer experience has on businesses.

Customers who are treated with respect have higher revenue than competitors by 4-8%.

Businesses that provide the best customer experience have the best chance to win in a market with so much competition. Customers who have had a positive experience with your brand in the past will be more likely to return for another deal. You can also get referrals from satisfied customers, as shown by B2B customer service statistics.

89% of customers have switched to a competitor after a bad experience with a brand.

How many times has your shopping cart been abandoned because of a complicated purchase process? Many, we'd guess. This is the impact poor customer service can have on any business. Worst of all, most customers who leave will not tell you why.

Customer-focused businesses increase revenue by 1.4x more than those that are not customer-focused.

Statistics on customer experience value show that customer-focused businesses have a higher customer lifetime value of 1.6x. High employee engagement results in faster and more efficient work. A great customer experience will increase loyalty and ultimately, improve the customer's lifetime value.

Businesses will spend $641 billion on customer experience technologies by 2022.

Businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of customer service. This has led to increased spending on technology such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Data analytics which provide actionable insights about customers. These insights can be used for improving the g customer experience. The total amount spent on customer-related technology in 2018 was $471 billion. This figure jumped to $508 billion by the end of 2019. The figure is expected to rise further as there are many more companies that have yet to embrace customer experience.

4% of customers are likely to switch brands if they have a bad experience with their current brand.

Making customers' purchasing experience difficult is one of the best ways to keep them away. Customer experience research shows that convenience is key to providing a great customer experience. Customers will look for a competitor if your customer service is not comfortable.

Customer Experience Statistics

These are positive customer experience statistics that show how important they are to a company's success.

70% of customers believe that a great customer experience must be quick, efficient, helpful, and friendly.

These qualities are essential pillars for a great customer service team as shown by statistics from customer experience reports. If the goal of providing exceptional customer service throughout the buyer’s journey, it should not be taken as a given.

Positive customer experiences can boost customer spending up to 140 strong.

According to customer experience statistics for 2021, people are more likely to deal with your brand in a greater capacity. and also become more loyal to it. may even recommend it if they had positive experiences with you.

87% of customers are willing to return to a brand for another purchase if they had a good experience.

This is the same message that this article aims to convey from the beginning. People will become loyal if they are treated with great customer service. Only 18% of customers would return if they had a bad experience with your brand, according to customer experience statistics.

72% of customers who have had a positive experience with their customer service will share their stories with six or more people.

This is a good sign, but customer experience stats show that 13% will share a poor customer experience with 15+ people.

People love to talk. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your customers are happy and have the best experience possible.

Statistics on Customer Experience

Poor customer service can lead to brand damage, loss of customers, and, most importantly, lost revenue. Continue reading to learn about bad customer experience statistics.

57% of customers don't recommend brands if they have a poor-designed website that isn't optimized for mobile.

Mobile usage has increased over the past decade. It accounted for 70% of global internet traffic in the first quarter of 2021.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on potential customers of 3.9 billion that your business could potentially attract.

If a website is not mobile-friendly, 50% of customers will abandon it.

Mobile commerce is simple, cost-effective, quick, and convenient.

This is why your business must be visible on mobile. Your competitors will likely be optimizing for mobile, so if you don’t, you’ll soon go out of business.

92% of customers will forget about a brand if they have had negative experiences with the same brand twice or more.

According to customer experience statistics, 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand after one bad experience. If you want your business to succeed in the current market, you must provide a great customer experience.

Customer Experience Trends for 2022

These customer experience trends are quickly becoming a standard for businesses and have taken over the market.

80% of companies now invest in the Omnichannel Experience.

Omnichannel is a multichannel approach that aims to provide seamless customer experiences for clients regardless of their shopping channel. You can do it through mobile, tablet, phone, in-store, and desktop. No matter what it is, the service quality remains the same.

Customer experience statistics show that only 20% of global companies invested in omnichannel experiences in 2010. Almost every business now wants to implement it in their infrastructure. More are expected to do so in the future.

Companies that provide the best omnichannel experience to their customers see a 10% increase in year-on-year sales.

An omnichannel experience will not only improve customer retention but also reduce your cost per lead. An omnichannel approach makes your customer's buying journey seamless, easy, and engaging. You have a greater chance of keeping them. An increased retention rate means that you spend less on new sales. Your customers who are already loyal will return to you more often and may refer others to you.

84% of customer-centric businesses are now focusing on improving the mobile customer experience.

It is important to improve customer experience, but this must be done across all channels. According to customer statistics, customers spend more time using mobile than any other device. Your brand's popularity will increase if you improve customer experience on mobile.

67% of customers prefer to use self-service rather than speaking with a representative from a company.

Customers love self-service, and it is becoming the norm. They will go to great lengths to find what they need on their own. This is especially true for millennials. Your job at this point is to give them the information and tools they need to navigate your shop easily.

Wrap up

These statistics can help you to understand the current market state. There are too many competitors, and customers will switch to them if they get unsatisfactory results.

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