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Cryptocurrency Trading Software

December 12, 2022 14:55 PM

Cryptocurrency Trading Software

What is the crypto market making?

Crypto market-making entails providing digital asset liquidity to customers and sellers (investors) via centralised or decentralised trading platforms. Companies or people running such services are called market makers.

Everything begins when a cryptocurrency project's contacts are recorded on one or more exchanges. The token markets get launched, and investors may begin purchasing and selling the asset.

What happens if market makers are not present?

Very little activity in the market.

Spreads (the difference between the best bid price and ask price) are usually fairly large, with a couple of uncreative.

When an investor attempts to purchase or sell some of the tickets, it can lead to substantial price swings.

The above issues might prevent traders from selling such an asset. That is why well-managed cryptocurrency projects devote some budget to hiring one or more market-making firms to take care of the token markets on cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Market creation positively affects your markets by:
  • constant price discovery
  • Increasing the liquidity on your token's books and making it more durable—allowing you to mitigate price fluctuations.
  • Lowering spaces between bids and queries so that the costs get more convenient for investors; it lowers the price of joining and exiting places, which enables investors to remain on the exchange and trade these assets.

In the 24/7 cryptocurrency markets, well-managed investments are supported by algorithmic market makers. They provide liquidity through their market-making services, supported by completely automated software algorithms. Empirica’s liquidity effects are respected as top-notch algorithmic market-making solutions.

The challenges token projects face

When we speak about the token projects we often attend, they usually face a few challenges:

  • Our token has reached maturity, and we would like to record it on the Tier 1 business. On Binance, many retail investors could be curious to invest in us.
  • A few of our needs need inspiration, as the volumes, we see there are not satisfactory.
  • Our project is in its early stages—which businesses should be at the top of the list? Do you prefer CEX, DEX, or both? Which CEX is the best place to begin?
  • What are the costs of listing a token on other exchanges, and how can innovative solutions reduce them?
  • Should we utilize the launchpad for the first listing? Are their needs, like the shield's safety, fair to us?
  • Could the projects’ treasury be used to increase liquidity and create work for us? Can it be hedged against the volatility of the market?

We experienced many token projects that met similar issues, which stopped their development prospects. To attract investors to the project and build a community around it, the ticket must overcome these issues. Here’s how we help tokens manage the above challenges.

Our goals regarding your project
  • Our purpose is to make your market so liquid in 6–12 months that you will not need to pay for market-making benefits anymore. We already have a market of over 50 coins, which you do not have to pay us for. We can already make a home on our own PnL because they have a significant volume.
  • If you plan to have your token listed on the Tier 1 exchange, we will together make a strategy and implement it. It’s not comfortable, but it’s possible.

Why work with us?

Cryptocurrency Trading Software
Concentrate on less liquid markets

We specialize in creating liquidity for small and medium token projects,often overlooked by other market-making firms. In the last few years, we have prepared and optimized our algorithms solely for that purpose.

Fair Models

Unlike many other market designers, we do not demand 3-5% of your token pool for our actions and call prospects. We are not concerned with determining which business model is best for you (retainer, call option, hybrid).

Help with listings on exchanges

We develop our liquidity assistance by presenting projects to exchanges and allowing them to negotiate listing agreements. Listings on well-established cryptocurrency media might be very difficult, particularly for startup cryptocurrency projects. Top-tier digital asset media need a proven track record of high trading books on other businesses, so it is of high importance to make a proper plan for token listings.

Usually, new cryptocurrency projects first begin listing their tokens on mid-size venues and making healthy development there. More information on how we help with token listings can be found here.

Constant access to your liquidity data

Access to real-time liquidity analytics for your crypto business or token We set up dashboards to monitor the liquidity of your markets. Market data and trading actions are always recorded in a data warehouse, estimating liquidity metrics for the dashboards. You get insight into your market liquidity and the liquidity of your competition.

Transparent market-making operations

You want to avoidblack-boxmarketing services with no insight into how they are managed by your partner. We set up automatic, adaptive market-making systems, but you always control how things are done. All metrics are stored in data storage, and you get access to your data through analytics dashboards.

Best-in-class technology

Since 2012, our software has performed based on needs rather than the positively competitive major stock trades and derivatives markets; later, we expanded to crypto markets. We are engineers, and we have made high-frequency trading (HFT) methods and data analytics part of our DNA.

Inventory management

We assist youin setting up and managing the inventoryfor your markets.

What do we do?
  • Support tokens in listings on exchanges
  • Connectivity to all major CEX and DEX exchanges
  • 24/7/365 liquidity, 99% of the time
  • Tight spreads in all market conditions
  • Transparent analytics of all trading activity
  • Treasury management
  • Algorithmic execution of large OTC transactions
  • Guidance on all aspects of liquidity and tokenomics

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