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How Perfection Geeks
Vaccinated Itself From COVID-19?

The impact of COVID-19 has been significant. Not only millions and millions of people have suffered family losses but also they have been affected financially.

The impact of COVID-19 has been significant. Not only millions and millions of people have suffered family losses but also they have been affected financially. The pandemic lockdown has had a drastic impact all around the world and people suffered huge losses in terms of work, job opportunities, and slowly things got even worse with people avoiding to gather or go outside.

Perfection Geeks have been through this situation in different manners. Though it was not easy, but, we ensured that none in our company would suffer because of this horrible situation. We found ways to keep on working and keep helping clients with their different needs and requirements like:

● Website designing service.

● Web development service,

● Mobile app development service,

● eCommerce store development service,

● Blockchain development service,

● Complete digital marketing,

● And a lot more.

What Was Our Mode Of Work?

With Covid-19 cases rising high with every passing day, the lockdown was the only way out to stop it from hammering every single individual. With lockdown, even transportation service got hit and it became difficult for people to visit their office premises. It was huge as well as nobody knew who might be suffering from COVID-19.

We at Perfection Geeks, planned for this situation in such a way that our work never gets hampered. We made use of all the available facilities that allowed us to keep on working while being in our home. We used video platforms to connect and discuss the projects. We ensured that all the protocols were followed that kept us safe yet the work was not hampered. While following this way, we ensure that the data is never compromised and the work deliverable matches the deadline.

But, now with lockdown coming to an end, we have our offices open. But, now we are even more strict and ensure that every employee working with us is safe and secure in every which way.

Precautions We Are Taking

We are taking every precaution and strict measure to ensure that our employees are safe and secure in every which way while providing you your projects on time. We have to go ourselves insured from COVID-19 by following the below-mentioned measures, check it out:

● Regular thermal screening

● Maintaining proper hygiene,

● Sanitizer at every desk,

● Mandatory use of face masks,

● Maintaining social distancing,

● Flexible timings,

● Having proper facilities to manage sick employees.

So, these are the precautions we are taking to ensure that all our employees are safe and secure and the work is not hampered at all costs.

Secure Applications

With most of the employees working from home, we ensure that all the precautionary steps are taken to ensure that the data being used is completely safe and secure from any third party access. We have the best software and applications in the process to keep the work data away from all kinds of hacks and theft. So, you can be certain that the work from home approach will never cause any kind of damage to the data shared by the clients. It will remain safe and secure in every which way.

Eyeing The Future

The new normal is to maintain a social distance and we ensure that it is followed strictly until and unless this virus is out of the planet. Our prime motive has been to ensure things keep rolling in the right direction. We are always working with full commitment and innovation in our mind that can help us all fight this tough situation without any hassle.

Usage of the digital platform is surely going to be learning the way in the future to keep the productivity running whatever be the situation in the future. It has helped us battle out the challenging COVID situation and will surely be the way the future will be ahead as well.

Raining Discounts

If you are facing difficulty in kick-starting your business again, you can consider going the online route. Here at Perfection Geeks, we will help you set up a website where you can connect with the audience online and promote your product and services. We have our services available at up to 50 percent discount. So, let's keep the COVID-stress aside and get ahead together so that we can atleast a good POSITIVE to remember.! Connect now!

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