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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Hotstar?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Hotstar?

july 12, 2023 14:30PM

Cost to Develop an App Like Hotstar

We all remember when television was not widely available and government channels could only manage a handful. Over time and thanks to new technology, private channels began entering the market, first broadcasting through cables before transitioning over time to direct-to-home connectivity (also referred to as DTH).

As Internet access became possible and video streaming on demand revolutionised entertainment and television industry operations, 4G technology quickly became accessible through broadband internet connections, thus making cable TV obsolete as an option for today's public.

Nowadays, people are overwhelmed by their busy lives and need more time for leisure activities like watching their favourite shows, movies, or programmes at home.

To meet customer satisfaction, well-known Video Streaming apps like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are now widely available. Using these applications, users can stream their desired movies while at work or travelling in comfort.

Video streaming apps are projected to experience exponential annual growth of 40% annually; top-rated apps on OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are expected to take in 70% (approximately) of revenues by 2024.

This blog closely examines one of the most widely used web-based broadcasting apps, Hotstar. We will discuss its functions, benefits, and the costs of developing something similar.

What Is Hotstar, and How Does It Operate?

Hotstar provides videos in many popular languages, such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil. As a web-based broadcasting application providing live television shows, sports films, and more to over one million users simultaneously across Android and iOS devices, Hotstar can deliver a quality entertainment experience.

Hotstar enjoys strong customer loyalty thanks to its ability to offer content that appeals to viewers of all kinds, making Hotstar an essential service in today's rapidly expanding internet medium. Their market size currently exceeds $300 Million.

Hotstar premium subscribers have access to local television shows in multiple languages before their broadcast on television, while non-premium members may watch local programming and movies that appear late. Be sure to turn on your sports channel if you enjoy real-time cricket, Kabaddi, hockey, football, etc.

The VIP Pack brings excellent news to sports enthusiasts around the globe as it will allow them to watch their most-loved leagues from around the world, such as the Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi League, English Premier League, Bundesliga, F1, Grand Slams, etc., without interruption. Fans love watching their teams without interruption.

What Factors Define the Quality of a Video streaming App?

If you're exploring entering the entertainment world through video streaming applications, be aware of all the variables that could hinder progress and combine all available advantages for optimal success.

The Interface that's Easy to Use:For optimal user experience, an application should offer an intuitive user interface that's simple to navigate and use. Dark Mode is a solution that can enhance this aspect.

Multiple Login Choices:Allowing users multiple login choices, such as mobile phone numbers, OTP codes, Google and Facebook login credentials, and Email accounts, can simplify onboarding users with different preferences.

Glitch-Free Experience: Technical glitches may make the audience uncomfortable, so to provide an enjoyable user experience, it should run without interruptions and hangups. Apps need to provide users with a smooth, seamless, and uninterrupted journey from start to finish.

Good recommendations:Apps should be designed to offer insight into customer preferences. You could add similar videos that draw more viewers and customer attention; this helps retain viewers while increasing impact. Furthermore, display related information to make finding it more straightforward for viewers.

Access Options for Viewing Videos:While video streaming apps may be designed with smartphones in mind, their use should not be limited by those devices alone. They should allow casting to TVs, laptops, and tablets, as limitations in viewing platforms may negatively affect the acceptance of an application.

Secure Payment Features:Online scams are rising, making payments with inadequate encryption increasingly risky and damaging your video streaming application. A single error could seriously affect viewers and significantly alter its effectiveness.

Bookmarks and Collections: Allowing users to save content to view later is an essential feature. Furthermore, platforms must offer organised lists like "Best comedy movies to watch with family."

Offline Watching:Offline viewing allows users to download and stream content without an internet connection, making this an essential feature for those with slower connections.

Subtitles: For successful content distribution to multiple viewers in various languages, multiple-language support for subtitles is critical.

Select the Ideal Technology Partner

Cost to Develop an App Like Hotstar

PerfectionGeeks provides the ideal technology partner to build a compelling video streaming service. Their team of experts has extensive knowledge of developing apps to stream videos. Their experience has allowed many clients to scale up to over 250,000 users! You, too, can build mobile-friendly video streaming applications if you seek assistance from professional video streaming app developers such as themselves; all it takes is for someone like them to understand all the subtle yet essential components necessary to making such apps successful.

What Is The Cost of Designing and Developing a Video Streaming App?

A variety of factors impacting the cost to design and create applications for streaming video can have an impactful effect on their price, such as your goals for this particular App, such as its type, the language you prefer, or any special features exclusive to you that may make this venture costlier than expected. Some such elements that influence costs include:

Platforms: Once your market research is complete, you may select an app development platform based on market demand from Android, iOS, iPad, or website development. Your options could include Android TV, FireTV, Roku TV, Jio TV, Apple TV, Samsung Tizen OS, LG Web OS, and PlayStation apps. Mac OS and Windows apps, as the development costs may differ based on which specific ,Top (OTT) platformyour streaming video application development will take place on. We advise using cross-platform solutions wherever possible, potentially saving costs when developing video streaming apps.

Video Streaming Server:Selecting your streaming provider can have an impactful effect on integration costs.

Paying Gateway: If your App is free and does not require users to make purchases, then the effort required for implementation should be minimal. However, users must purchase content through Android and iOS applications. Payment gateway integration becomes essential, as any third-party system would likely be disqualified during the Apple and Google app review processes.

What will it Cost and take to Develop an App Similar to Hotstar?

As noted previously, the Cost of developing an App Like Hotstar or an application for streaming video could differ depending on its features and requirements. If your app plans on including all these features, then development costs could become significant.

Building a mobile app similar to Hotstar requires adhering to budgetary and time constraints and hiring top app developers with hourly rates similar to Hotstar's. Creating such an application also varies by location; hiring developers from India may be less costly than in more established nations like the USA, UK, or Australia.

Why PerfectionGeeks Technology for Building an App Like Hotstar?

Hire PerfectionGeeks Technologies, the top mobile app development company in the USA, for user-friendly streaming apps like Hotstar that are both user-friendly and efficient web-based applications. Our highly qualified, skilled, imaginative, and flexible team will always be on hand to support you throughout the development proc

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