How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Casual Game?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Casual Game?

july 19, 2023 14:10PM

Hyper-casual Game

In this article, we'll explore the methods to develop successful games that are hyper-casual, what kind of mechanics these games rely on, the best way to make them profitable, and what it would cost to create a hyper-casual online game.

Hyper-casual games were the latest trend in the mobile game development industry as Voodoo went from a twenty-five position to third (developer of Helix Jump) on the list of the top businesses by the number of app downloads they received in 2017-2018.

The exponential growth of this game demonstrates the popularity of hyper-casual games. This kind of game has been popular ever since. The genre earns around $2 billion to $2.5 billion annually.

What is a Hyper-casual Game?

Hyper-casual games are portable game genres that provide basic gameplay that uses basic mechanics such as turning, stacking, rising, etc. They require minimal onboarding and are played instantly by pressing start" or tapping the "start" button. The average time required to play and finish a level in an ultra-casual game can range from two to six minutes. The aim of being successful is similar at every level. However, the difficulty level will increase with each level to make the sport challenging.

In contrast to other games, there aren't general ratings, lives, or scores. The games are played any time you want, anywhere, and for as long as the player wishes. The genre is aimed at a large market.

History of Hyper-Casual Games

While the concept of "Hyper-casual games" is pretty new to us, the first hyper-casual game was released in 1975 and was referred to as Pong, and the next game came out in 1976 with the name Breakout.

Most of us know the first revolutionary game in Hyper-Casual, Pac-Man. The game's interface was minimal, and there was no instruction on the game's requirements. The players just worked out what they needed to accomplish within the game.

The next major launch for Hyper was announced after nine years of the Tetris game.

Today, with the advent of the web, Hyper-casual games made a splash in 2017 thanks to Helix Jump.

Hyper-casual games are top-rated these days because players can play them for free for only a few minutes. There is no registration requirement or waiting time. The player needs to play the game and then set it to begin with a button that will begin the game once it is pressed.

It's as easy as that!

Key Features of the Hyper Casual Game

Hyper-casual Game

Let's examine the essential features required for a game to qualify as a hyper-Casual Game.

  • Interactive Gameplay

    There are no game modes, no levels, and no loading or plot inserts.

    The background of the start screen is the game itself, and once the player presses Start," the game will begin.

    The game is simple and doesn't require specifics.

    It comes with easy-to-follow Level 1 tutorials to get you started.

    The players can begin playing the game in less than 5 seconds.

  • Total Attention

    There are opportunities to stay.

    After the game starts, There are no breaks until the game is finished.

    The game is taken away if a player focuses their gaze for an instant.

  • Repeatability

    In the game, the player is expected to chase only one goal, like when playing the Helix Jump. The goal is to control the maze spiral and direct the ball towards the bottom of the maze.

    Levels must be made more difficult, or additional obstacles must be added to the gameplay to keep it exciting.

  • Modest use of the components

    The gameplay should remain as easy as it is.

    Every element of the game needs to be used moderately.

    Audio controls and graphics should not distract the player during gaming.

  • Simple monetization model

    Hyper-casual games cannot make more money through in-app purchases.

    The primary source of revenue is an advertisement. It could be video advertisements, banner advertisements, reward ads, etc.

    We will talk about monetization strategies in the future.

Hyper-Casual Game Design

Hyper-casual games feature clear and simple yet vibrant graphics, enhanced with 3D designs that provide appealing gameplay for players. To aid in focusing players, most hyper-casual games use lines and geometry. This helps the player be focused entirely on the game.

Monetization Strategy for Hyper-Casual Games

The games considered to be hyper-casual can be played at any time they want, and the game can be played within 2 to 6 minutes. Therefore, the most effective method of monetizing Hyper-casual games is advertising.

The three types of advertising could be used as a hyper-casual game.

Reward-based advertisements are an advertising strategy that is a win-win for everyone involved. Users will be rewarded after watching the commercial, and you'll earn money from the advertisements.

The players aren't required to view the advertisement. They chose to view the advertisement for 30 seconds to earn rewards. The reward may be more life or coins, or when a level is completed, players will earn twice the reward they earned for completing the stage.

  • Banner Ads

    If the player isn't playing, advertising on banners can be effective without annoying them. The banner will be located at the lower left of the screen, and the player won't be annoyed by the advertisements.

  • Interstitial Ads

    Interstitial Ads will take up the entire screen to ensure they get the full focus. These could be full-screen static advertisements, video ads, store locators, or playable advertisements.

    Playable ads perform superior to all other advertisements because the user can play the ad throughout the ad. In contrast, in other advertisements, players must sit for 30 seconds and, sometimes, longer.

How much will it cost to create an ultra-casual mobile game?

The cost To Develop A Casual Game is around $20,000 to $25,000 for one device Android or iOS with a primary function. If you plan to develop a Hyper-casual game with all the latest features and functions, including support for different platforms, it could cost you up to $80,000.

Why is PerfectionGeeks Technologies the most reliable Hyper-Casual Game Development Company?

PerfectionGeeks Technologies has a highly skilled team of developers with experience creating Mobile app development companies in India and unique hyper-casual games that will attract large audiences.

We utilise the game's top techniques, then combine them into 3D graphics to offer the most enjoyable gaming experience. With numerous achievements, easy gameplay, and a thrilling gaming experience, our games offer players the ultimate Hyper-casual experience.

The Strength of Hyper-Casual Games

Based on research conducted by Business of Apps, hyper-mobile-based gaming apps drew 43% more installs than games that are not hyper-casual.

The main reason is that these games go straight to play. They provide an easy but enjoyable experience. Also, the number of games available is much smaller.

Final Thoughts

The app store's most popular mobile game genre is the hyper-casual game genre. Hyper Causal games' simple, enjoyable, distinctive, and entertaining gameplay attracts many players. The genre has yet to hit its peak and is a promising area to be in if you're thinking of developing a mobile game.

The biggest competition in the hyper-casual category is Voodoo. It can be challenging to beat them because they introduce new games each month and have an array of hyper-casual gaming games to cross-advertise.

If you're looking for an agency that can develop games quickly and need a contact number, contact PerfectionGeeks Technologies. With an experienced and certified team of expert game developers and an eye on the most recent technology, they will help you design the ultimate hyper-casual game that can stand out in the crowd.

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