How Much Does it Cost to Build the Mobile Banking App: A Complete Guide?

How Much Does it Cost to Build the Mobile Banking App: A Complete Guide?

Oct 28, 2023 16:40 PM

 Mobile Banking App Cost

Online banking software represents a potential growth area in the financial sector. Banking apps provide customers with convenient, secure, and easy access to financial services. Online banking apps help banks better serve their customers by providing a convenient, secure, and user-friendly mobile banking experience.

Mobile banking apps that are the best allow users to perform fraudulent transactions on their mobile phones and other devices, giving them greater control over their finances. Making online banking apps allows customers to get the needed services quickly and efficiently. This will improve brand recognition.

This blog will provide a detailed guide to creating a mobile app with all the features needed to reduce manual labor costs. This will allow businesses to earn more money and provide better customer service.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is an advanced version of banking services available through mobile apps. First, users must download the mobile app from the app store.

Users can perform different functions while developing their user profiles, such as checking their account balances or passbooks, making fund transfers, booking tickets, and making payments.

To use a mobile bank app, you need a smartphone with a stable connection to the internet.

This enhances customer competence by allowing the customer to conduct banking transactions at any location and time.

SMS inquiries can provide customers with essential information.

The mobile app for banking sends push notifications about discounts, time updates, and deals.

Benefits of Developing Banking Apps

banking apps became more popular during the pandemic, when people had to exchange money without getting in touch. The developers must put in a lot more effort to develop mobile banking apps that provide essential services to customers from the bank.

Mobile banking allows customers to access the services they need at the push of a button.

Discuss some of the benefits that mobile banking apps can provide to users.

For Users

The following are some of the benefits that users can get from mobile banking apps:

24*7 banking services

Another plus is the ability to create mobile banking applications. The customer can request a transfer at any time. It's not easy for the bank to offer.

Digital services are, therefore, essential. You don't have to wait in line or postpone an urgent transaction because of a bank holiday. You can get or transfer the money from anywhere and at any time.

Immediate Transaction

This is a crucial advantage of mobile banking apps. Creating transactions outside of business hours is impossible when you need to visit a branch. You can instantly transfer money anywhere and anytime using the mobile app.

All banking services are available

You can use the mobile banking application to access almost any banking service. The main benefit of mobile banking is that it eliminates the need to visit a bank branch.

Better Support

The bank offers a customer service department that will address any customer concerns. The support team replies to chats, emails, and phone calls sent by customers with issues.

Online banks can block your debit card if you suspect fraud.

Improved Security in the Mobile Banking App

Face ID, fingerprint scanners, multi-factor verification, and multiple PINs can all be used to enhance the security of mobile banking applications. This will protect banks from theft if you lose or steal your phone.

Banks also allow the feature to turn off the application remotely. Some banks even allow you to share your location to detect fraud.

Better financial control

Mobile banking allows you to keep track of your finances. You can focus on your spending and expenses and avoid unnecessary costs. This could be an essential part of your budget plan. This will help you improve your financial management and save money.

Avoiding linguistic challenges

The languages available in an app can be another problem. It is resolved by mobile apps. The banking apps can be downloaded in multiple languages to break down language barriers.

This app also makes it easier to understand how the app works.

For financial institutions

It is essential to balance the advantages for the users and those for the businesses. Understanding how to build a mobile app is not enough. You would be better off knowing what benefits your business wants to achieve.

Declined Operating Costs

Online operations can be used to reduce operating costs. You do not have to have a branch in every city you serve.

Larger Client Base

The popularity of mobile banking is growing. You can influence more customers and expand your client base with the convenience offered.

Good Return on Investment (ROI)

Banks can save money by reducing the number of staff, offices, and branches. Online mobile banking can help you optimize costs and increase ROI.

Improve customer loyalty

Customers can access banking services anywhere in the world. Customers can make quick payments, check balances, receive 24*7 customer service, and much more. These features increase customer loyalty and create a solid customer experience.

New Marketing Channel

A mobile app is a great way to create a marketing platform. The data gathered can be used to create special offers, advertise other services, and inform customers about any changes made in your business.

Customized Services
Apps can be driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The system can create highly personalized experiences for mobile users using the collected data.

Features that Mobile Banking Apps Must Have

 Mobile Banking App Cost

Here are some essential features to include in the development of your mobile application:

Account Management

Users need to manage their accounts easily to know their balances, their transactions, how much they have spent, and to keep track of their past. The features can set goals, make investment plans, and automate payments.

Authentication and authorization flows

The authentication process should be highly secure. You can, therefore, consider multi-factor authentication as a way to protect your system from unauthorized access.

You can also perform biometric authentication using user metrics like face, voice, and fingerprint. Fintech apps rely on data security, so you can't ignore it when developing mobile apps.

ATM/Branch Locator

Customers are often interested in the locations of ATMs and branches. Instead of manually forcing them to search Google Maps for locations, your mobile banking application can locate ATMs and branches.

Customer Support

To resolve issues, the customer should quickly contact customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Including a customer service panel in the mobile app development process is essential. You can also use AI chatbots to rationalize your customer service procedures.

Push Notifications

Mobile banking can be used as a tool for marketing your business. You can send users customized push notifications about the latest deals, offers, and updates.

A top mobile app developer can help you implement this feature.

Cross-Channel Payments

It would be best to consider flexible payment options when developing a mobile app. This would give users the option to send payments via different channels.

Expense Tracker

Many mobile users use mobile banking applications to track their expenses. This helps them save money and adhere to their budget. You must include these features in your mobile app development process.

Cardless ATM Access

The application's extensive digital features don't require users to bring their ATM card. Therefore, these features offer the application's best digital ATM transaction services.

QR Scanner

Money transfers and payments have become increasingly popular since the introduction of QR codes. You must include a QR code scanner in your mobile banking process to allow users to receive and send payments.

How do I create a Mobile Banking App?

Mobile app development involves a variety of complex tasks and operations. If you have no experience, developing your mobile banking application can be complex.

It is therefore recommended to hire a leading mobile banking app developer. Let's dive deeper into the process of creating a mobile app.

Conduct market research

A business serious about staying in business must conduct thorough market research and analyze competitors. Before you begin developing a mobile application, it is essential to understand the industry trends, your competition, and current development trends.

By understanding the market, you can develop an innovative business model.

Prototype Designing

UI/UX is an essential part of the process. A mobile app will not be successful without a user-friendly interface. You must, therefore, focus on creating wireframes, user guides, mockups, and prototypes.

This is the best approach to the app's structure, logic, and design. You can also get help from a mobile app company by creating a mobile banking application that is easy to use.

Building the security infrastructure

The security of your mobile banking application must be given top priority. You should, therefore, enlist the help of Android and iOS developers to create the security infrastructure for the application.

You can integrate DevSecOps into your development process to better understand the most popular and dangerous risks.

Coding an App

Your mobile app development team should begin coding your mobile banking app after discussing security infrastructure. Your team will focus on the front end of the app, its APIs, and its back end.

You must hire developers specializing in mobile banking applications to ensure the process runs smoothly. The developers have real-world experience and can handle the entire development process effortlessly.

Integrating third-party solutions

It's not necessary to build specific features right from the beginning. There is an alternative, helpful banking API that will make your app more convenient and feature-rich.

Using them will save you the most time and effort during your development process.

Testing the banking application

Developing a mobile banking application without testing it for security and integrity is incomplete. Your development team must test thoroughly to identify and fix any bugs, glitches, or errors. Testing and ensuring the user experience is good can help fix mistakes in the development process.

Deploying the Banking Application

App stores and Play Stores have strict rules for the deployment of apps. Your fintech app should be developed by a company that follows a checklist. This ensures a smooth deployment of the app in the respective stores.

Learning and Marketing from Feedback

It would be best to launch marketing campaigns after your mobile banking app is launched to attract more mobile users. Marketing tools like social media platforms and ads can be used.

Once you have sufficient users using your mobile banking app, it is essential to focus on their feedback to optimize your offer.

This will improve the stability and user experience of your app. Reviews and feedback also play a significant role in developing loyalty and meeting expectations.

Costs of Building a Mobile Banking Application

The cost of developing a mobile banking application can range from $10,000 to $30,000, depending on how it is developed. Costs may vary depending on how many features you want to include in your app.

The complexity of the app will also determine its cost and decline. You may be working with a development team with various expertise. The considered customizations, integrations, and functionality will determine the cost.

Hire a dedicated developer to help you overcome the challenges of developing mobile banking apps.

What Can PerfectionGeeks Technologies Do For You in Terms of Mobile App Development?

We can help you with all of the problems listed above. PerfectionGeeks Technologies is the best mobile application development company on the market. We combine your ideas with our expertise in developing mobile banking apps.

Creating engaging, scalable apps that meet all your needs is possible. Our team of experts can help you provide your business with cutting-edge technology that will allow it to compete in the market.

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Key Takeaways

Mobile banking development requires careful planning and attention to detail because users expect a seamless, secure experience. Developers can create reliable and practical mobile banking applications by following best practices and staying updated with security protocols.

The demand for mobile banking will increase in the coming years. This will lead to a more significant development of apps. To ensure that your app is useful and brings in the expected return, you should talk to an app development company with the experience and skills to complete your project.

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