6 Proven Business Growth Strategies for Startups

What six growth strategies can you use to grow your startup?

July 07, 2022 11:58 AM

Business Growth Strategies for Startups

Your business is like a tree. The only way to thrive is to grow. Entrepreneurial growth is about the early stages of your business, when you are still looking for more sunlight but struggling to get ahead of the competition.

It's hard and scary, but it's 100% worth it.

Good news! Your business can be our metaphorical garden, but you can also be the gardener, preparing the soil, watering it, and making sure it grows well. These are all elements that can be used to grow your business.

This type of expansion is explicitly an organizational plan that helps you achieve your goals for your products and services. It will help you increase your quality, quantity, as well as your turnover. This term could be used to describe you, whether you are a business developer, business innovator, startup owner, or just a passionate fan. You are willing to take risks, attach yourself to a new venture, and put forth the effort necessary to make it successful.

This means that you are hungry for something valuable and useful. Let's dive into the reasons you're here. We'll look at some of our most successful strategies for business and entrepreneurial growth. A business growth strategy applies to all stages of your life and can help you grow your business. They also make you more attractive to potential lenders and investors if you are looking for loans or VC funds.

Six Business Growth Strategies for Startups

You need to consider the details of your business growth strategies. They will vary depending on what industry you are in, which products you have, and how they will be perceived by current market conditions. There are many proven strategies and plans that have been successful in entrepreneurship growth. To help you get started on your journey, we've highlighted some of our favourite strategies and plans.

1. Include specific locations

Businesses can sell more if their products are sold in more locations. It's time for your customers to go hungry. This can be done in two ways today:

You can open another location if you already have one. This will increase your market presence and improve your word-of-mouth advertising. Multi-location can make your business more resilient. You're familiar with the reality of fires in the restaurant business. If disaster strikes, a brand with two locations does not lose its revenue-generating potential.

If your brick-and-mortar operations can support online sales, you might consider expanding into digital transformation in banking. Look beyond your website and consider Amazon and eBay. With tools from Instagram and Facebook, social selling has never been easier. Customers can easily access your checkout cart without any fuss.

Expansion is focused on reaching more people.

Take the time to find the perfect spot.

Find out where your customers are, and then go there. There is a lot of information in the digital space. Start analyzing your traffic right away.

2. Increase service tiers

Go to the pricing page of your software provider or service provider. We recommend it right here. They'll almost always offer you several options depending on what your needs and service level are if they're a major player in the market. CloudApp allows service providers to reach a wider audience by offering multiple tiers.

To get to know you, your baseline users will only need minimal service. Some potential customers might need more control and account management. A notable feature that you can add to higher tiers if you are a B2B player is the ability to set a charge based on how many users you have. This allows B2B teams to manage their budgets and billing more effectively, as they can only charge one item for the service instead of multiple.

Tiers can be used to increase the number of features your customers receive and the quality of the service you offer. Once customers fall in love, it is easy to transfer them to higher-tier packages. We offer a free trial, which will allow you to test our service and give you access to more storage, sharing, and team functions than our more expensive options.

These options have a secret. One option may be more appealing to your audience than the other. You can either visualize or directly point out which option is better. You can label something as "best value" and write copy to encourage people to choose a particular solution. It's usually either your best money-maker or the easiest package for you to serve.

We have a large customer base that includes teams and project groups. Our initial team package does not just mention the professional benefits but also features a "Get Started Free" button in a beautiful blue color.

3. Increase your product line

You can follow the same approach for service providers if you are a product company by offering more options or levels for your products. You can expand your size and color options, or even branch out into related products. You can look at your competitors to find out if they have a similar product or service that you are missing.

Keep in mind that a different SKU doesn't necessarily mean a new product.

You might consider kits and packages, which combine many products to simplify your customers' ordering. This will reduce shipping costs and increase your average order value. It is also useful if you are looking to raise venture capital.

You can also create recurring revenue packages that are based on customer requirements. This opens up new business opportunities. This is the Dollar Shave Club model, as the razor handle can be quite cheap if you have a customer who will pay for the blades.

This feature is also found in certain software and hardware. Apple makes money from the music and other content that you purchase through iTunes. This is why iTunes was always free. Amazon offers specials on Fire TV sticks that are almost free. These specials include trials for services you can buy, such as HBO subscriptions.

Ask your customers for help in understanding the potential business combinations. Ask your customers. They will tell you what they want and what they don't like. And how you can help.

4. Talk to customers about their needs.

Your existing mailing list is the best tool for expanding your product line, service tiers, or customer service elements. It allows you to quickly and easily ask your customers what they want or need. Learn from their experiences.

This could give you insight into your products and services, as well as notes about your competitors or any other problems. Customers who complain about your checkout process or recurring bills can be addressed and prevented from becoming customers again.

The best insights will often come from those who are willing to answer.

Being proactive is key to entrepreneurial growth. You can't anticipate the issues that customers will face, but you can address the issues they are pointing out and avoid any potential problems.

5. Retention of laser focus

More than 27 million Americans own or manage a business and are currently receiving $72.3 billion from VCs. You need to have a targeted customer base if this is the revenue stream you are looking for.

Many people will encourage you to reach out and grow. But you don't have to push yourself too hard and burn out. To overcome the 5-year hurdle, top entrepreneurs' growth marketers say you need a solid company plan and model. This should include a strong connection with existing and early customers.

You should also take the time to communicate with customers who believe in you from the beginning. A thank-you email series could be based on your orders. A loyalty discount might be an option to increase recurring orders and cross-sell opportunities. These are easy to implement and don't need to be difficult. Most CRMs and email systems will tell you how long a customer has been with us.

Customers who have been with you for a long time are more likely to write positive reviews, especially if they ask. If your customers are similar-minded entrepreneurs, they can be a great referral network.

Customer retention allows you to focus on profitable opportunities and grow without risking your revenue streams. Startups can also use customer retention to help them plan their next move and bridge any funding gaps.

There is only one risk: don't be comfortable. These customers should not be used to stagnate but as a foundation for growth.

6. Put together a trustworthy team

Your people are the most important factor in your business's success and growth. Hire high-quality employees and delegate appropriately to maximize your chances of smart growth. This is some of the most valuable advice for entrepreneurial growth we have ever seen.

This is a steady and slow process. This is a slow and steady process. You are hiring people, getting to know them, and then seeing what they can accomplish. You're also learning about yourself, and you may have to give up some of the less important tasks within your company.

You don't have to give up on projects if they are difficult. Instead, find small tasks that can be done that won't have a significant impact. You could let a virtual assistant create and publish blog posts for your website while you or your lead marketing person still write them. While leaders decide how to use the information, your VA can perform basic keyword research with specific tools.

When you feel more comfortable with the concept, scale it up. You can find people who are more capable of completing projects or elements than you. This will allow you to concentrate on what you do best. If you are lucky enough to find a person who is an excellent fit for your team, you will be able to save hours each night by having a well-informed customer service leader.

Give them all the tools they need.

What are your favourite strategies to promote entrepreneurial growth?

Even if you believe you have the answer, it is a good idea to ask your audience questions. It pays to ask questions, even if your audience isn't going to answer you right away.

We are all about communication, so this last question is very important. CloudApp's integration partners, to the simple way that we can help you create the next GIF or annotate videos for training materials.

Entrepreneurs are driven by passion and have a burning desire to share their passion with the world to grow and expand. CloudApp strives to make communication easier for all types of communication. Get your free trial to discover the features we offer. It's easy to communicate with your customers in their language, regardless of how digital or direct they are.

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