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Bike Rental App Development: Cost and Features

Bike Rental App Development: Cost and Features

july 14, 2023 16:50PM

Bike Rental App Cost

With just two taps on your phone, reserving or hiring a bike to travel around town is now simpler than ever. Not only is renting one affordable, but its comfort levels surpass those of other modes. Travel is all about exploration, and the only thing better than riding high-end motorbikes while exploring stunning landscapes is riding one. No matter the time or season, nothing beats riding through nature while exploring new cultures on two wheels!

Which do you prefer? Renting motorbikes while travelling may pose unique challenges; mobile apps offer solutions to these issues by offering flexible rental solutions for motorbike rentals from various companies specialising in rental options for motorbike rentals, including several companies offering mobile applications dedicated explicitly to motorbike rentals!

Why limit our mobile app use to cafes, malls, and food delivery services alone? Bike rental apps have recently seen rapid development as more businesses look for ways to simplify the customer journey when renting motorcycles.

MotorBike-Rentals Worldwide Statista Market Forecast Recent studies reveal an upswing in motorbike rental services over recent years, as evidenced by rising motorbike rental services. Indeed, public use has skyrocketed since 2013, when only 700,000 bike rentals could be found worldwide (the Bike-sharing Blog released its most recent study showing this). By 2018, over 1.5 million bikes had been made available for rent around the globe, as seen from the graph below, indicating an increase from 2013.

In 2016, it was revealed that this number had skyrocketed to 2.3 million and has continued to increase.

Researchers predict that the motorbike rental market should experience growth at a rate of 7.74 percent from 2017 to 2021.

Therefore, motorbike rental companies are eager to expand their businesses with innovative rental apps and efficient and flexible rental processes. If this page was your way in for further explanation or you intend on setting up a motorcycle rental app yourself, here you'll find everything from prices, highlight sets, and more for further research!

So it is no surprise that the number of Android application development companies for motorcycle rentals has increased dramatically over time, as more businesses seeking to upscale their operations by creating mobile apps have seen rapid growth. Suppose you are a motorbike rental business owner seeking an app to improve business operations by creating one (after all, mobile apps have become integral parts of most companies). In that case, this article can help explain all aspects of its creation, including features and benefits, technical requirements, and costs associated with creating such an application. Let's begin!

How can I create a Motorcycle Rental Mobile Application?

Bike Rental App Cost

Once we've discussed the core elements of developing a motorcycle rental app for mobile devices, it is time to focus more on its development process. Below, we outline both team structure requirements and an approximate estimate of costs related to creating this application.

Our experienced bicycle rental software developers create an application model that can be adapted by businesses and entrepreneurs to develop customized versions of bicycle rental applications.

  • Prerequisite Analysis

    Our app developers understand and develop an execution plan tailored to their clients requirements to ensure the app provided to them will meet those of their organisation and help them make the most money.

  • Ewallet App Integration

    We provide extensive assistance for the most renowned digital payment platforms, facilitating New Mix assistance. We want to integrate e-wallet payment platforms into your motorcycle rental app so drivers and riders will experience no issues using your service.

  • Notification Integration

    Set pop-up messages, emails, SMS alarms, and other notifications to ensure that customers don't miss service times, travel plans, special offers, or reward points at specific points in time.

  • Analytics Integration

    The analytics integration process involves several widely known analytical steps designed to show you exactly how much revenue your business makes and which aspects perform more efficiently than others. Our bike rental software developers will ensure there are no complications when using our app.

  • Development Option

    Select an on-premise or cloud-sending option tailored to the needs of your business. While we can suggest suitable technologies and information sources, the final decision remains with you, as only you know which services best suit your company.

  • Security Compliance Check

    A complete security audit to ensure compliance with guidelines and specifications. We ensure there is no time when you or your clients experience issues with the services we offer.

  • Application Store Submissions

    After completing the development process, we ensure your product is effectively published to both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to increase accessibility. Once launched, your new product should start making money and building its reputation in the market.

  • Tech Support and Upgrades

    We value our client relationships, offering technical support during deployment and regular updates to ensure you never feel isolated.

  • Required Team Structure

    An experienced team is critical to developing applications. Make contact with an established Mobile App Development Company with creative designers and developers available who can aid in the production of apps. In particular, you will require:

    Project Manager for iOS developers, Android developers, and Backend App developers; UX/UI Designers and Graphic Designers as needed.

  • QA Testers

    Our four elements of the development team collaborate closely to produce services that stand out in the marketplace. We explore various topics and evaluate different aspects to ensure we use your app optimally, striving to deliver only top-quality products that make a statement in their market niche.

    Due to our agile methodology, we will ensure you are involved in every stage of developing our bike rental mobile application development process. We consider your feedback to ensure the results we produce meet your expectations and business requirements.

The Cost Estimation of the Bike Rental App

When it comes to cost estimation for mobile apps for motorcycle rental, all factors that influence its price must be considered, including the complexity of features and additional functions within an app, the location of the development location, etc.

Bike Rental App Development: The cost of mobile is a complex process requiring numerous considerations and decisions to be made. If the team you select for app creation includes these costs in their package price, go ahead. Otherwise, reconsider their decision.

Budgeting should be transparent, with costs divided according to each line item to ensure that bills fit your budget. Outsourcing can help save money, but further understanding may help save even more. Motorbike Rental App developers offer ideas explicitly tailored to fit within both your budget and your requirements for business success.

So, the cost to develop a motorcycle app with all these features could range between $12,000 and $15,000 for one device. If additional features are desired for your app, expect them to increase accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

This article has provided valuable insight if you're seeking the ideal way to start renting bikes as an enterprise. The market is saturated with original ideas that won't let you fail; our developers for applications available for your use ensure a top-quality product from top developers that can help maximise revenue. We have nearly 15 years of experience working within this field and understand its needs, such as AI, VR, ML, ML Data Analytics, etc. Our software for motorcycle rental will allow for maximum profits with high margins, generating software designed exceptionally to maximise revenues, which means more profit.

Additionally, our team can contact you anytime to answer questions or address issues. With highly skilled UI/UX designers on board, we promise technically superior and visually appealing solutions.

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