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June 29, 2022 2:50 PM

Best App Development Company

The Services That We Provide Make Us Dignified As One of the Top App Development Companies.

Data Backups

The backups are the most suitable choices, and we carefully maintain our customer project backups to deal with misfortunes in the best manner.

Data Protection

By signing an NDA, our firm provides the utmost security for all your private data. We deliver the best-rated developments to maintain confidentiality.

Quality Deliverance

We think about providing quality outcomes to our customers by ensuring all their project specifications are met at the most industry-competitive price.


During the designing, discovery, and development phases, our technical group is consistently there to deliver recommendations and improvements to improvise their product in the best possible manner.

Client-Centric Development

We craft the customer's requirements on mobile, web, and blockchain to tailor the keys and improve the development of the businesses.

Agile Development

We follow the Agile Development method that allows us to deliver the assignment with the highest quality and most reliable product for a reliable and scalable enterprise.

A Dedicated Development Team

Our expert team leverages projects to deliver the best outcomes. The team dedicates their every struggle and does not look back until it's accomplished.

Excellent Support

We are still there to help our customers in every possible way to meet customer expectations and end demands.

Services We Offer: App Development
  • Android App
  • Ionic
  • iOS App
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Web Development
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • CakePHP
  • Drupal
  • Laravel
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum
  • Private Blockchains
  • Smart Contracts
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Game Development
  • Unity 3d
  • Casual Games
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Metaverse
  • Salesforce Solutions
  • AI & ML
  • Business Intelligence
  • IoT Apps
  • IoT Hardware Prototyping
  • Embedded Software
  • Analytics and the IoT Dashboard
  • Superior Digital Solution
We follow a process
Necessity Gathering

We follow the first and foremost preference of collecting needs, resources, and details to start our project:

Ideation and Planning:

Every development project starts with an idea. The company opinion you are choosing must be unique so that you can make some incredible mobile apps. The leading mobile app development company in the USA, India believes in a healthy discussion with customers. The more details you give, the better a mobile app can be developed. Our professional team delivers service in the following:

Specifications for the app concept


Development prices

UI/UX design

Every mobile app development work must be user–friendly; otherwise, it won’t have a big impact on the play store. While creating a fantastic app, originality is something we always take care of. Our experienced team takes care of the shade and the font size while designing a mobile app.


Following a design informational meeting with the client, our team decides on the technology on which the app will be built.

Market research and MVP development

It can be a challenging job to market an app post-launch. Social media platforms can be very useful when there is a need to launch a mobile app. The launch can assist you to gain real consumer reviews, which can be used to enhance its efficiency.


The testing of the mobile app development determines the viability of the mobile app. The further you go, the more expensive it becomes to test a mobile app. Before the deployment, the QA team brings the app through the tests done to set it free from bugs. Functional and non-functional tests must be done to check its speed, usability, and UI design.

Quality Assurance and Deployment

As soon as the quality assessment is done, the mobile app will be deployed. The app is taken out after the testing procedure to make sure that the created app is of great quality. The deployment is carried out in the following procedure:

App store submissions

Quality assurance must be a focus.

Testing must be done twice

Find your technological partner

Are you also looking for the most suitable choice that can give life to your company's plan and can help you with a mobile app solution that entirely complements the company's needs? Are you pursuing the best mobile app development companies in India but finding it a tough job to list down the best companies? Then you are on the correct page. Here we have listed the top mobile application development companies in India to make your job simpler

Partnership Models

PerfectionGeeks, a top mobile app development company in the USA and India, delivers custom app development services to a wide range of enterprises and businesses. Learn more about our partnership models.

A Model with a Fixed Price

In this model, the project area of employment, with its associated price and timeline, is determined before growth begins. This is a model chosen for longer-term engagements. The customer always has peace of mind knowing the project will stay on budget as agreed. This example suits the best customers who have an ideal vision of their necessities.

Hire a Dedicated Model

This is a very classic and easy way of engagement wherein customers pay for the number of hours the app developer works on the project. Customers easily begin the project as they don't have to walk in with exact specifications. This model also enables the customer to update new elements at any time, and customers know exactly what they’re paying for. This leads to a lot more trust and communication.

On-Site Development Model

This model is preferred when customers want additional quick resources for on-site development. This contract type provides the engagement is cost-effective and has face-to-face interactions with developers. This model assists in reaching the deadline on time as there is constant communication during the whole procedure.

Our Services

iPhone App Development

We offer next-generation iPhone applications to meet the most demanding client needs. We are praised for our iPhone application development services to empower modern companies with the highest productivity.

Development of Android Apps

As an Android app development company, we deliver end-to-end mobility solutions to fit your company's requirements. Our professional team designs and creates custom feature-packed apps across different business segments, including retail, media, healthcare, travel, and education.

Development of Artificial Intelligence

PerfectionGeeks Technologies delivers the most useful AI development services as per the customer's needs. We are experienced in AI development, natural language processing, computer vision, and deep learning to make a high-performance app.

Game Development Services

We concentrate on the edges of your vision. Utilizing Unity and Unreal game engines, we follow innovative design and technically advanced game development processes. We create futuristic games that can change your game ideas into reality.

AR/VR & Metaverse Development

PerfectionGeeks Technologies has worked broadly on AR/VR and Metaverse tasks. We operate across a wide range of devices, numerous technologies, and ways to deliver both 3D designs and modelling for immersive AR and VR apps and games.

Blockchain Development

Our expert developers opt for advanced blockchain methods to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace. We have a good understanding of creating decentralized solutions such as Ethereum (Cryptocurrency), Smart Contracts Development, Hyperledger, and many others.

About PerfectionGeeks Technologies:

A team of professionals with a fascination for web and mobile app development services. Give your firm the edge over your competition. Assisting start-ups, and mid-sized firms with advanced mobile app solutions. Be an important part of marketing, we have professional app developers to withstand your necessity. Join the future of mobility with PerfectionGeeks Technologies. With Client-centric, future-ready, unbeatable performance, flexible packages, and security tested we handle projects efficiently and effectively.

Our experts boast extensive knowledge of various app development platforms and languages. In favor to offer app development services. Develop what you require within the specified time, with transparency and trustworthy code. PerfectionGeeks has served with many app development projects and served customers across the globe. Be it the UK, USA, or Singapore. We have developed our hands all because of prodigious services and expertise. Crafting mobile & web app solutions android, ios, Cross Platforms, lOT, wearable & other latest technologies) is our core expertise.

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Cost of App Development

As of 2022, according to numerous pieces of research, it takes 2-4 months to create a simple app, 4-6 months to complete a mid-complexity app, and 9 months and up for a complex one. In particular, these are just estimates, because eventually the actual app growth timeline also depends on the quality of coordination and level of productivity of an app developer's team.

According to the research on app development hourly rates, which presently have around $50 / hour, the US app development price charge for an app with a basic user interface and a set of necessary features varies from $16,000 to $32,000, Medium complexity app development project prices between $32,000 and $48,000 and, ultimately, a Complex app project would need at least $72,000 investment, if not more.

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