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The Best APIs And Libraries for Android Developers

With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, there are lot many benefits that users can access.

Now, what are the different benefits we are talking about?

How those benefits can be achieved?

There are lot many such questions that can be taken forth.

All of those benefits are attained with the help of mobile app development. Yes, it is the app that at present time assist individuals to reach their needs.

To this, there has been an increased popularity of the apps. However, this in turn has increased the businesses to own their APP.

Now the app can be built with two platforms, it can be with android and also with iOS.

But among both of the platforms, Android App Development has gained a lot of importance.

However, is one of the popular smartphones operating system in the world. 

Hence several android applications are being developed now and then. Hence Play store is loaded with millions of APPS.

Walking with today’s trend mobile apps are one of the most important necessities for businesses and users.

Hence to grow your businesses, there is a need for you to reach Android developers. Hence with the help of experts, you can get a hold of the best outcomes.

However, with a lot of features and benefits, there are android libraries that cannot be missed.

They help to create apps with better performance and user experience.

Also, libraries are known as the major game-changers in software development.

With the help of libraries, it leverages the efforts of the developers to perform-

Best Android API helps you to bring out new features and also accompany new specifications.

However, in this case you need to know what are the top APIs And Libraries for android developers are-


Among the top API and libraries of android, Retrofit seems to be very valuable. Now, what makes it valuable?

Well, it depends upon the choice and also on what specification it is holding.

It allows developers to define the rest of API as an interface. In this case, experts can manipulate the 

API requests’ body


query parameters 

and much more via annotations

With all of these features, it makes everything to be simple and clear.

Apart from all of these, it also offers an Rx module. As a developer if you are using this module then it returns your API call as an observable.


Moshi can convert JSON into Java and Kotlin models. There are lot many people who consider Moshi as GSON 3.0.

This particular library is superior to GSON in many cases. Now what are the major benefits which come up-

It is very fast when compared to kotlin.

It can throw predictable exceptions and does not make use of broken data time adapted by default. 

Besides all of this Moshi is also valuable for JSON API support. It is known as the specification for building API.


An HTTP inspector of the android allows the developers to dig into the apps HTTPS history. Here in this case the log is displayed as a notification. 

Now when you expand to open the full chuck UI then it comes up. When you will make use of chuck the quality assurance team will applaud.

The library becomes sometimes more useful than any other. 

Therefore, it becomes the prominent choice of the developers and also the users to make their work valuable.


Sometimes android images and loading become difficult. It becomes difficult to resize the image without being in touch with the memory exception.

Now here when it comes to glide it is the image loading library that comes with a nice API.

It allows the developer to transform the image the way users want to.

This becomes simpler for them to perform their work easier and efficiently.

It upon using allow the easy loading of the image and define the fallback images.

Besides this, there are some common transformations like a circular image which help developers the best.

Three Ten

Three Ten is the time and date heading the android library. It is known as the backport of JSR-310. It was included in Java 8 as a standard java. time.

The library is one of the prominent choices among developers. Now you must be wondering why it is the prime choice.

Well, it is because of the standard android calendar API which is a nightmare to work with.

Also, it is very smaller than JodaTime in terms of count and binary size.

There are lot many experts who are witnessing the benefit of three ten libraries.


Timber is very powerful and also at the same time very simple. It is built on top of the android Log class. 

Therefore, it allows developers to easily logging on or off. Developers easily make the entire process smooth.

Hence as a user, you will be able to get the entire process with simplicity. It helps you to support the logging formatted string and also exceptions. 

The timber contains all of those benefits, it is one of the core libraries which can be used on almost all android projects. 

When it comes to using the best of all API and libraries then Timber is one of the prime choices.

Developers make use of this to get the finest benefits.


 The room is called an artificial android ORM. And there are multiple reasons for the status. With the help of this particular library, a developer can create a descent API that can be similar to other API.

On the other hand, it strongly relies on annotation and standard SQL syntax.  

Besides this, if we talk about the special features then it contains, support for Rx and Live Data.

On the other side the main benefit you can get it offers simple ORM.

While if you will come across or compare it with other API then it is very simple.

But when it comes to the room, it comes with the standard SQL syntax it is very easy to use. It allows the developers to dive into the documentation easily.  

Rx Java 

Another android API is named Rx Java which is an implementation of Reactive X. It allows developers to sum up the asynchronous tasks into observable sequences.

As a user, if you are looking to display the data in real-time then Rx Java helps.

In case if you want to see the data updated automatically then Rx Java comes into play. 

But at the time of fetching data, it becomes difficult to merge the API’s, threads and handle errors.

Now when you want all of these steps done then this particular APIs comes

At times it becomes difficult for developers to understand or learn. But at the same time when you understand the API then it is worth it.  

Android KTX

Android KTX is known as the set of Kotlin extensions that wraps around API. Hence it makes to be more user-friendly.

The entire process of the library is to develop the android API more effortless to use. Here experts will come across with lot many new methods and also features to explore.

Some of those features are parameters, lambdas, and default parameter values.

Upon using Android API levels, you can get a lot many assistances and features.

With the Android KTX, there are a lot of extension features. Developers get out the most beneficial steps is by digging out the library code.


You need to consider the APIs and libraries as they are a necessity. However, they help in attaining better features and with modification.

However, in the list of top 10 APIs And Libraries, Dagger is one of those. The one API is fully static which is compile a time dependency injection framework.

It becomes hard for developers to understand Dagger, but once understood then it is very worth and also efficient.

When it comes to dependency injection then it is a way to provide smaller components to another model.

Hence it combines with the other and with minimum effort. Now at the time when experts are developing the larger applications then it comes with the best step.

If you do not want to handle dependency injection yourself because code will become difficult to handle.


There are a lot many APIs and libraries when it comes to android development. However, the above mentioned are the top one’s.

In this case, when you are looking to get your app build with android is one of the best choices. Hence you must reach to Top Mobile & Web App Development Company is PerfectionGeeks.

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 All you need is to come up with your idea and for the rest, we have the power to shape it.

Our main goal is to serve the extensive and comprehensive result. Hence when it comes to android app development, we can offer the greatest benefits.

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1968 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States

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10 Anson Road, #33-01, International Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 079903

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