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The Benefits of Podcasting for Marketing

The Benefits of Podcasting for Marketing

Sept 7, 2023 15:50PM

Podcast Marketing

You're a small-business owner who is always searching for new ways to boost sales and attract more customers. We have some great news: Did you know that podcasting could be an excellent way to achieve this? It's a relatively young form of advertising but is growing rapidly in popularity. Here's everything you need to know about podcasting and seven ways that your business can benefit.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a similar audio programme to a radio broadcast, but it's delivered through digital platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. Listeners have a variety of options depending on their interests. There are many different podcasts, including true crime, financial discussions, mental health, TED talks, etc. Here are the top podcasts as of February. Note the dominance of NPR, which was a pioneer in this area.

Podcasts are convenient because they allow listeners to go about their daily routine while still listening. And unlike radio, users don't have to plan their days around the time a show airs. The podcast can be listened to on-demand or downloaded and streamed anytime. Unlike watching videos or vlogs, listening to podcasts does not require undivided focus. Listeners can listen to podcasts while doing chores, driving, working, or going through their daily commute. You won't lose your station when you pass through a tunnel or any part of the broadcast you listened to before or after leaving.

It is wise to use podcast marketing for your business, as more and more listeners are interested in it. You can see this by looking at the blogger stats from 2014.

Why Podcast Marketing is a Good Idea for Your Business

Podcast Marketing

It would be best to have various marketing strategies and tools to reach a large and diverse clientele. Websites are great for advertising and conversion, but some people may never find you because of search engines' vagaries.

You must also reach out to potential customers multiple times to encourage them to buy. To maximise performance, it's essential to use multiple ways to reach out and increase frequency. This includes podcast marketing. A podcast can bring many benefits to your company if it is done right.

Conversation starters and relationship builders Podcasts offer a new way to communicate with your customers. Many people enjoy listening to music while doing chores or running errands. They feel like they are with someone. Your voice can connect your customers with your brand and business. Interacting and projecting your voice to the listener will trigger their imagination. You can replace face-to-face interactions with this alternative.

They can connect with someone who shares similar experiences. You do not want to sound like you are just selling your product. Instead, you should build relationships, engage, and be a living example of the effectiveness of your product through interviews and guests on your show. Integrating podcast marketing into other digital channels, such as social media, allows you to turn a podcast from a one-way conversation into a two-way dialogue.

Rankings can be improved by increasing business rankings

Those who know search engine optimisation, or SEO, understand how important it can be to create content with keywords. Keywords are often stuffed into blog posts and website content. However, podcasts can be optimised with keywords to improve the website ranking of your business.

You can advertise your podcast through PPC and social media (basically Google Ads), increasing your audience and linking it to your site, where visitors can convert. You can then reach more customers and gain new listeners. Search engines also tend to pick up these posts on social media and the engagement they receive, which will increase your ranking. The result is that you attract potential customers, increasing your website's traffic.

Create an authoritative presence

Podcasts offer a great way to discuss topics and issues relevant to your niche. Your voice projection and your approach can also change depending on the topic. Credible podcasts will establish your credibility and provide your listeners with valuable information.

The conversion rate has improved

As mentioned in the paragraphs above, building rapport with customers will increase the likelihood that they'll want to use your product or be associated with your company. To achieve conversions with your marketing efforts, you'll need to do the same things we have discussed with other channels, including linking your podcasts with your brand, providing listeners with options for connecting with them, and integrating lead nurturing programmes with your podcast.

Lower marketing expenses

There is no need to invest much money to start a podcast channel. You can achieve good sound without spending a lot of money. For example, a decent microphone costs less than US$70.

To find the best deals, you need to do research or ask around. Using a podcasting marketing platform to ensure your podcast channel runs smoothly is essential. It doesn't even cost much. It's usually only USD$20 per month.

A podcast is a more cost-effective option than vlogging and video marketing. Small businesses with limited marketing budgets will find this a more cost-effective alternative. Podcasting is a cheaper alternative to professional video services.

Brand partnerships are possible

Brands are always looking for new ways to connect with customers and prospects. Influencer marketing is huge today; you can use the same principles in a podcast.

Podcasts allow you to partner with relevant brands and target the exact audience without directly competing with your brand. It allows prospects to explore new uses for your brand and attracts more listeners familiar with the brand. Brand partnerships can help you increase your audience and ultimately convert more customers.

When your podcast can attract a large audience over time, it will eventually bring in more brands willing to pay for your exposure and airtime on your podcast channel. Your business can also earn money from your podcast!

This also works in the opposite direction. You can try out podcasting by paying to be featured on another brand's podcast if you are not ready. You can use this method to pique an audience's interest and then market your podcast once you have a large following on social media pages.

Reusing old content can help you cave in

It will feel natural and easy to have a podcast if your business has experience with content marketing. You won't struggle to develop ideas for a podcast if your business has a blog or videos that offer valuable information to your customers and prospects.

Content of high quality, regardless of its age, will always be relevant. Its relevancy transcends trends or time and becomes even more valuable if you revisit it occasionally. You can save time and money by reusing content from your previous podcasts. Listeners will love your podcast if you can expound and add a new perspective. Do not be afraid to reuse content. Your podcast listeners are a completely different group.

Brand recognition and Awareness

An effective marketing strategy begins with knowing your target market. If your primary target audience is a population that works, then a podcast can benefit your business. Listening to a podcast doesn't require the listener's full attention. Many listeners enjoy podcasts while driving, commuting to work, eating, showering, or doing household chores. You can reach a large audience that will passively listen to your podcast while going about their daily lives. This may mean your listeners will be highly distracted, but it is not a significant loss. Your brand will be subconsciously ingrained in their minds since your podcast runs in the background. This helps to increase brand recognition.

Multitasking is a favourite of many people today, and they consume entertainment or content on demand. Podcasts are a perfect medium for people who live an on-the-go life. This is a great tool to keep your business in the minds of many listeners.


The best way to grow a business is to be open to different marketing tools and strategies. Being creative in your approach will increase your chances of being remembered. Your style will be remembered more if it is unique.

Podcasts have made their way into the digital marketing world. You will surely succeed if you can use them effectively for your business with the help of digital marketing services. Podcasts aren't just used to market your business or brand. Podcasts are also an excellent way to build rapport and engage with customers. This is essential for long-term success.

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