Strategies To Leverage AI In Social Media Marketing

5 Strategies to Leverage AI in Social Media Marketing

September 26, 2022 12:40 PM

AI in Social Media

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) can provide effective solutions to lots of marketing challenges. It can assist you to optimize your advertising budget, personalize your clients’ experience, offer the most accurate attribution model, increase your marketing analytics, and even develop original brand content, including pictures and advertising slogans.

However, AI is growing so quickly these days that even the numerous advanced marketing groups can find it challenging to track all the research advances in the area and fail to keep track of all potential company applications for novel AI approaches.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the design of intelligent agents, which are methods that can reason, learn, and act autonomously. It is a fairly young field, and there are many competing explanations of what AI is.

Artificial Intelligence. The word "artificial" implies something not natural or arising naturally. Artificial intelligence is the analysis of intelligence in computers, robots, and other sorts of smart machines, like self-driving cars. It’s a domain that has widened over the years to become massive in scope, containing learning systems and patterns credited to brain simulation (although we’re still some way off from creating mechanical brains).

How can you leverage AI in social media marketing to deliver better results?

By employing AI chatbots

AI chatbots are the latest trend in the realm of the internet. AI chatbots are bots that assist consumers by replying to their questions and questions. It is very popular among the audience. About 56 percent of the users like to interact with the chatbots to ask questions, report inconveniences, and get answers. This is because AI-powered chatbots provide faster, smarter, and faster solutions to the audience’s queries across different platforms.

As far as social media is involved, AI chatbots are not confined to websites. Now they are extensively being used in social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. These chatbots reduce the waiting time for client requests. It can include customer data so that customers don’t have to replicate giving the details.

Chatbots enhance the overall client experience, which means a lot to a brand. They are chosen because they provide 24/7 support to the clients, interact with options, and even make suggestions and bookings for them. Hence, AI chatbots are useful for enhancing social media marketing.

AI can enhance visual content strategy

As we know, social media is a graphic medium, and hence brands must put out influential visual content. But nowadays, with thousands of pieces of content being produced every day, how can one make sure that their range is portrayed well? The answer is by using AI. How? First of all, you should understand that certain sorts of visual content serve certain purposes better and create more engagement than others.

Now, what AI does is that it interprets trends and indicates how your followers will respond to images and videos based on their formatting, subject, color palette, texture, and more. In other words, they study the implementation of the visual content before publishing it on social media.

This study gives you the insight to make out the visual content that will draw the audience most and the content that the audience will resonate with, and based on that you can enhance your content, its impressions, reach, and engagement.

Customer intelligence enables you to calculate

It is very important to understand the level of your client's intelligence. To find out their individuality, their requirements and preferences, and the way they are looking for the details. Well, it is next to impossible to gather and analyze the requirements and behavior of thousands of followers manually, whereas AI can do that very fast and effectively. In conjunction with machine learning, AI can help you manage and analyse social and behavioral data to gain a precise and accurate understanding of your customers.

You can discover the products that your clients are most likely to purchase and, accordingly, you can show them to the users so that they can complete a purchase. You would be able to put out more interesting content for your audience when you have an idea about your client’s psychology and behaviour. All of this will allow you to adjust your social media marketing to make it better, which will boost your engagement and ROI.

Increase your sales with AI-Augmented Reality (AR).

If you want to increase your sales, then the combo of AI and augmented reality is the most profitable technology for that. Augmented Reality technology lets users have a virtual try-on experience of your products on social media apps.

Why do people like offline shopping? Because they can test whatever they want to purchase, and the possibilities are always high in physical shopping because the buyer knows how the product looks to him. Augmented Reality attempts to make that scenario virtually. This increases the probability of making sales online. This trend surely allows brands to boost their conversions and sales.

AI helps in tracking and measuring the campaign

This procedure is very important for any marketing method. You cannot make the needed adjustments to your movement without tracking and calculating the progress of the marketing campaign. With the use of AI technology, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide analytics to track audience engagement and identify the top-performing posts and hashtags.

You can also find out the time when your audience is most energetic and engaged. This AI-based analytics enables you to choose the most engaging content and ad copy to achieve the maximum number of clicks and sales; maximum share and liked posts; and assistance from influencers for your brand in terms of engagement and sales.

Summing up

AI is an evolving technology. We are seeing many uses of AI in the technology domain, marketing domain, and more. To carve a distinctive place for your brand on social media, you must consider using AI in your social media marketing. It will only enhance your marketing technique by producing great outcomes. It will increase your brand awareness, engagement, and sales as well. We are here to help you. You can reach PerfectionGeeks Technologies.

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