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6 Common Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

6 Major Mistakes to Avoid Before Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Mistakes

Making a mobile application for your business can be an exciting yet challenging journey. There are numerous things to think about at different phases and numerous obstacles to conquer, and all of it can be very tiring. So mistakes are likely to happen at some point, so it's important to know the warning signs to look out for.

Making a dynamic mobile application can no more be a complicated procedure, but achieving perfection is not easy. Even the tiniest error could cause enormous problems and put at risk your hard-earned money, not to mention precious time.

The principal goal of any Mobile App Development company is to ensure they know the not performing applications. They are the ones that do not perform up to the expectations of their clients and can result in unhappy or deflated customers.

The app development market is growing and growing leaps and leaps. This means that there are some impressive examples of high-performing apps and many poor-performing apps.

These are more difficult to recall since they're often forgotten because of their inability to leave an impression on the users. You're not alone. We've been there, but the good news is that we've made mistakes that we learned from and are here to share the lessons these were.

After having shed sweat, blood, tears, and lots of money due to making a few mistakes, we've identified the most obnoxious mistakes and the best ways to avoid mistakes like them.

If you don't wish to be unsuccessful with your app idea or are interested in knowing the reason for failure in your previous app launch idea, you can start to make corrections for yourself and your group.

More than 5 million apps are on the big app stores; however, only 32K apps reach 1 million downloads. To make up for this huge variation in the number of apps and the number of successful applications, it is essential not to make the same mistakes listed below.

Top App Development Errors to avoid

Developers of apps may accidentally make a few minor errors during development, leading to complications. To avoid making those errors, it is essential to be aware of the problems.

Below are a few of the big and small errors in app development and strategies to avoid making the same mistakes:

1. The lack of proper research

The absence of research can have negative consequences for the whole project. For instance, if you don't conduct a proper investigation, you may be left with a product that only a few are interested in using instead of what you might think.

The important thing here is to validate your assumptions and polish your ideas to perfection during the first stages of creation. Start by looking at what you are looking to create:

  • What's the particular issue that your product could be able to?
  • How would it be able to accomplish this? Are you able to see it as innovative in any way?
  • Does it match your company's model?

These are just a few of the most fundamental questions to ask that you must ask yourself on the way to validation. When you are conducting research, it is crucial to focus on determining your prospective users: their demographics, their needs, and motivations. What do they seem to find interesting, and more importantly, what are their preferences and whether they are in alignment with the mobile app concept you have in mind?

While conducting research, do not forget to look at your competitors. Please find out about their offerings and who their target audiences are. The research will allow you to determine your unique value proposition and learn more about what customers expect from you.

2. In disregarding feedback

It can be difficult to accept that the product you've put so much effort to make available may require some tweaks, and updates are a difficult pill to accept. However, it would help if you did not ignore any feedback users provide, especially when it's not positive.

Naturally, it isn't a good idea to immediately make changes due to one negative comment. However, if many users contact them with the same issue, the team must be looking into the need for adjustments.

The feedback loop of the customer

Do not ignore the feedback that users have to comment on your app. It's an invaluable piece of data you'll receive about what you've not noticed and what's still to be completed. If you can begin getting feedback on your app, the better your entire project.

3. Inadequate budget

Determining the budget for your mobile app is contingent on several elements that most companies don't consider when planning their app.

The first thing to do is keep in mind that the price will depend on the size of your app. If you plan to create a more complex product, the time to develop it will take longer and, therefore, more expensive. In addition, it's important to keep in mind that developing your application isn't only about the development phase: maintenance and design are important to the process and must be included in your budget.

In general, the more documents such as briefs, reports, and general research, you can supply more detailed estimates. But, remember that any changes you make, especially towards the final stage of the process, are likely to end up prolonging the development process and, in turn, costlier.

4. Many features

Developing a complicated application is sure to be a drain on your budget; however, this isn't all there is to it. The more features you include, the more time-consuming the development process will take and the longer you'll be waiting to see a final product.

Additionally, cramming your app with features can mean you risk being more vulnerable. You may take it as a given that users will be thrilled with the features you have included and then find out that they're not using them or using them.

When developing apps using this Minimum Viable Product strategy is believed to be the best, most efficient option in the long run. The idea is to create an application ready to go to the market with sufficient features that are easy for early adopters to use. This way, you'll get valuable feedback from customers and start to improve your product by adding features you are confident that your customers are likely to use.

5. Not paying attention to the marketing

Creating your app could turn out to be a difficult process. And even if launch day can be a great achievement in itself, what happens next is just as crucial. Indeed, the market for mobile apps is always growing, and to make your app stand out, you'll need an extremely solid marketing strategy. In addition, it should be an integral element of your plan beginning in the very beginning.

Promoting your app shouldn't be a last-minute thought since the biggest mistake you can make is leaving the marketing to the last minute and not gaining enough attention from the users.

6. Selecting the wrong platform(s)

The initial thought is to create your app for iOS and Android because that will give you the greatest reach. Although that could be the case, simultaneously creating an app natively for both platforms will dramatically increase the overall cost.

A good option is to choose one platform first and then pick the OS that your users are more likely to use. There are numerous aspects to consider in this regard: Android holds most of the market share globally; however, in contrast, iOS is the most popular alternative in countries like those the United States or Japan. In addition, iOS customers are more likely to make purchases on apps.

iOS vs. Android: global market share

Another option is a development that works cross-platform, i.e., creating a single application that works on both platforms with the same codebase. But, again, it will reduce time and money as you're not creating separate applications designed for iOS and Android. But, remember that if having features specific to your platform is a top priority, and you want to build native apps, then native app development is the right option.

A Partnership with a PerfectionGeeks Development Team is Essential for Companies

The development of mobile apps is expected to be among the most significant investments for your business; therefore, it is not a good idea to hand it over to an inexperienced team. Instead, scrutinize the project as you're getting what you get for your money. Sometimes, it's better to put your money more in a reliable company with the skills and experience required to make a superior product.

Furthermore, the development of mobile apps is a continual process. There will be many modifications until you've got the app ready for launch. This is all about getting it better, step-by-step. If you're able have an experienced group of developers, you'll be able to create a great app more quickly.

Be sure that the Mobile App Development Services company you choose has an in-depth knowledge of your company's needs, design and development skills, and the best practices for testing. In addition, the development company should demonstrate their previous work, check through their reviews, and see what customers they've worked with.


The development of a mobile application can prove to be a game-changer for the growth of a business. If you are aware of the errors to avoid, you can ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. When you place your attention on the right areas and have a reliable team in place, you're well to create an effective product.

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