5 Ways Smart Hotel Rooms Transform

5 Ways to Transform a Hotel Room into a Smart Room

September 07, 2022 13:09 PM

Smart Hotel Rooms

In a company with a high asset base, such as resorts, innovation often lags behind other industries. It’s simply more comfortable and more cost-efficient to tweak an app or to establish that new portion of tools in a plant than it is to equip hundreds of thousands of spaces with the latest technical accomplishments. The investment required to fundamentally modernize the industry is huge. Yet there are smart ways to do it so you don’t only enhance the guest experience but also improve your margins in the method.

A little under a year has expired since both Hilton and Marriott declared their strategies to make a large effort in the age of digitalization. This action sees two major players in the enterprise rolling out of the "Smart Room". Let’s have a look at the greatest bonuses of prospective hotel rooms we can look forward to.

What is a "Smart Room"?

First, it is important to establish what we suggest as a "smart hotel room." This refers to a room that makes use of the Internet of Things, fitting everyday gadgets with internet connectivity. As a result of this, several devices and things in the room then have the ability to send and obtain digital knowledge.

Devices equipped with this power are often referred to as "smart" devices, and their benefits are numerous. Ideas that are often associated with smart room technology include voice control, energy efficiency, automation, and improved responsiveness. In-room technology may also be capable of interacting with guests’ smartphones.

Why Are Smart Hotel Rooms Becoming Important?

Smart hotel technology is evolving into a more important concept because it can greatly improve the customer experience. For instance, smart room controls can permit guests to get their room precisely how they like it, in terms of lighting, temperature and air conditioning, without having to manually adjust individual devices.

Similarly, a smart hotel might offer entertainment machines that can be controlled through voice controls, or it might authorize things like room service to be ordered without the need to speak to another human being.These things all add to the general convenience associated with staying in a hotel, which can enhance a guest’s perception of their stay, can make their visit more memorable, and can make it more probable that they return in the future.

Additionally,because smart hotel rooms still have a wonder element, they can enhance demand, ultimately allowing hotels to raise room rates and optimize the revenue they develop from guests.At the same time,while the transformation process is likely to need substantial investment, smart hotel rooms can save hotels money.

Today, your hotel can implement smart room technologies

Smart room technology is still unexplored yet sufficient, which represents a promising company benefit for hotels that adopt it before others. But nobody likes to support non-working answers. For your convenience, we’ve collected the most cost-effective tactics and tools hotels can use today in this section.

Personalized Room Controls

At this point, IoT-enabled key devices (like lighting, heating, air conditioning systems, blinds, or draperies) will be connected to the hotel’s strategies through a central controller, a large speaker, a smart hub, a smartphone, or a tablet. This way, the smart room lets guests handle multiple appliances on their phones. In their turn, owners can get more authority over the resources they spend.

Voice Control for Entertainment

There are different ways to use voice recognition in smart hotel rooms, starting from working TV to navigating through pay-to-view entertainment on several machines. In this regard, Amazon Echo and Alexa are the most famous devices with this function in hotels to date.

Smart Hubs

With smart room technology,guests and owners can enhance room benefits collaboratively. In particular, smart hubs can let your guests order breakfast in bed,arrange for a post-workout shower and even book an appointment with an on-site masseuse.

Hotel Interactive Maps

A wall map in a hotel can be enhanced with augmented reality to provide more interesting and interactive adventures to clients.Relying on the level of sophistication, this smart room technology can allow your guests to find their way around and even tell you when their favorite restaurants are open.

Disinfecting UVC Lighting Control

Smart rooms in hospitals are highly adequate at killing viruses with UVC technology that is safe for humans.Among the in-hotel applications of this smart room technology for healthcare, you can sanitize boxes and room keys, thus enabling your guests to feel safer in your hotel.

Hotel Branded Mobile Apps

Allowing guests to manage their hotel experience in an app is one of the best uses for smart rooms. When visitors can find, control, book, and examine their stay in one place, you get the start of valuable data to enhance your services and apply for marketing activities.

Hotel Robots

You can train robots to bring towels or tea to the smart room, releasing your maids to do other work and improving their safety thanks to social distance supervision. Even more, hotel robots can help people with more sophisticated tasks, like noticing poor connectivity, fixing technical errors, and notifying housekeepers about food deficits.

Digital Concierges

This smart room technology is an ideal way to save time on the back end without altering the guest experience. In hotels, virtual robots and chatbots can manage the most basic inquiries, including answering typical queries about installations or today’s restaurant menu.

They let housekeepers take care of the big things. Also, digital guards are a great way to help decrease contact with guests without any human beings having to be there at all.

Contactless tracing

The improved safety level of smart conference rooms includes contactless tracing,indicating an ability to manage safe meetings and events in hotels. Such devices track trends and warn about social distancing issues, enhancing safety measures for crowd control on site.

Contactless Payment

For additional safety, it’s important to provide your guests with the ability to pay for services without using a touchpoint. Keeping mobile wallets and providing the ability to book a stay in an app are two must-have smart room technologies for hotels these days.

The Top 5 Benefits of Smart Rooms for Owners and Guests

The concept of smart hotels is gradually catching up and carrying forth all sorts of advantages for owners and visitors. Generally, the smart room system provides the necessary level of safety and personal control for modern travelers. Here’s a list of its top advantages.

Higher Security

Smart rooms are equipped with webcams, speakers, microphones, and an intercom system so that owners can see who is at their door without having to unlock it.

In their turn, guests can efficiently access their room after entering their pin code without stressing about losing or robbing a key card. Some extra post-COVID safety Standards have touchless technologies, maid service delivered by robots, and crowd control.

A Better Consumer Experience

The hotel experience becomes more pleasant for the guest thanks to an option to create ideal surroundings on one device before the stay. The outcome is a more memorable visit with a "Wow" effect and total ease.


Smart spaces handle today's customers’ demand for eco-friendly buildings and services. IoT lighting techniques and thermostats deliver the next-level optimization of spending resources, bringing sustainability and cost-effectiveness to hotels.

Greater Personalization

With smart rooms, you can create a recreational experience that feels like home, thanks to the multiple tools that guests can adjust to in a hotel and remotely in advance.

Quick Fixes

When something goes wrong in a hotel, full control through IoT devicesmakes it much easier for owners to catch difficulties timely and provide exact technical help when required.

Ask PerfectionGeeks Technologies for Help!

Although it might appear like a new idea, smart rooms are becoming increasingly popular around the world thanks to a large amount of comfort and safety they deliver for guests and owners.

And to make the most of hotel room technology, our professionals suggest combining it with your current mobile apps and hotel property management softwareso that everything functions correctly and lets you enjoy all the company advantages of the solution.

If you need help with smooth smart room integration, we can help! PerfectionGeeks Technologies has years of experience developing creative solutions for the hospitality industry. We are willing to apply our knowledge and skills to your company's challenges.

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