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10 Features of Mobile Retail App - PerfectionGeeks

10 Must-Have Features for Your Retail Mobile App

March 9, 2023 4:12 PM

Mobile Retail App Features

As a grocery store owner, you know the importance of technology in your business. Apps are essential for shoppers today, as they spend five to six hours using their mobile devices daily. They link ideas and action, allowing them to find inspiration, plan their shopping trips, and make purchases.

Even if your brick-and-mortar store has an app, you might not know how to use mobile retail technology. Your retail mobile app can provide customers with a customized shopping experience, including product scanning, shopping list creation, and personalized loyalty programs. This will drive loyalty and increase sales.

Essential Features for Retail Mobile Apps

Mobile Retail App Features

These are the ten essential features you need for your mobile retail app. Learn how PerfectionGeeks can help with their implementation:

  • Personalization
  • Your customers will be more loyal if you provide relevant information. For example, if a customer buys the same brand of peanut butter every month for 10+ years, advertising for your store may not be worth it. But winning consumers' affection is possible by partnering with your favourite brand to offer double loyalty points.

    Personalization strategies include coupons and promotions, but that's just the beginning. You can, for example, restructure how items are displayed to customers, show WIC and SNAP purchases first if this is how they pay, and then change the purchase options as soon as items your customers prefer become out of stock.

  • An integrated loyalty programme
  • 52% of American shoppers join loyalty programs at stores they frequent. However, 79% of them say they're more likely to sign up for a program that doesn't require them to have a physical card. A retail mobile app allows shoppers to concentrate their loyalty program in one digital area that is easy to use, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the store


    The PerfectionGeeks tools allow retailers to connect with an existing loyalty provider and activate sweepstakes, promotions, and offers. In addition, the digital loyalty playbook enables retailers to use proven strategies and tactics that drive significant digital engagement.

  • Intuitive product catalogue navigation
  • It is not a pleasant experience for shoppers to go to the store and find that the product they are looking for is out of stock. You can avoid this by creating a user-friendly catalog. A strong product catalogue allows shoppers to shop for in-stock products instantly with high-quality visuals and store-specific pricing.

    You can customize product catalogue listings for each shopper. This allows you to adjust featured products and highlight deals based on individual shoppers' data.

    A user-friendly app is part of the seamless user experience customers have come to expect. They love that they can check prices and availability anytime, anywhere. It's easy to shop online, finish in-store, or ship out items that are not in stock. Shoppers aren't choosing third-party delivery services because it's more affordable or better for them; they're opting for the service because they like the convenience of a robust app experience—something that you, the retailer, can develop and control for yourself rather than relying on outsourced third parties.

  • Rich product details
  • A catalogue with detailed product information shows shoppers exactly what they are getting at your store. The catalogue gives shoppers instant digital access to nutritional facts, specifications, videos, demonstrations, deals, and reviews. This allows them to make informed purchasing decisions, regardless of whether they are onshore or at home. This makes it easier for shoppers to feel confident about the products they purchase and encourages them to return to your store for a great experience.

  • Enhanced Search
  • important part of your product catalogue is the search functionality. Shoppers can quickly find the products they are looking for when your catalogue is user-friendly, informative, and intelligent. A Perfectiongeeks-powered app allows shoppers to search beyond product categories and brand names. They can use targeted keywords to find products that are "on sale," "vegetarian," "gluten-free," or "on sale." The search results include both in-store and online products. This gives shoppers full visibility. They can also choose to ship out-of-stock items to a customer's home. Monetized Shopping Lists

    While a paper shopping list is useful, a shopping list in a mobile retail app is much more valuable.

    Offering a state-of-the-art shopping list feature is a great way to help organized shoppers.

    PerfectionGeeks powered apps allow shoppers to seamlessly add items to their shopping lists; view coupons, savings, and deals; view suggested products based on past purchases; and receive navigation information about where to buy items in-store.

  • Product scan functionality
  • Shoppers can scan product barcodes to see the full store view, regardless of whether they are browsing the aisles or making plans for their next meal. In addition, scanning item barcodes can add products to shopping carts, view available discounts, order pickup or delivery, and receive brand promotional content.

    A bonus? barcode scanning function works in all stores. A shopper can scan the barcode of a competitor's product to check if they have a coupon, promotion, or direct shipping option. This leveraging tool allows you to capture sales from other retailers.

  • Mobile scan-and-go checkout
  • In a hurry, shoppers don't want to wait in long checkout lines. SwiftLane Checkout makes it easy for them to do so. The mobile app's convenience feature allows shoppers to scan and pay from their phones and skip the queue.

    Customers find it psychologically satisfying to use a cart calculator for tracking spending and calculating discounts. However, research has shown that scan-and-go shoppers don't spend less. Studies have shown that mobile self-checkout shoppers spend longer in the aisle and may consider more expensive private-label products. This could explain the stable basket size.

  • Endless aisle marketplace
  • If you don't have enough inventory, it doesn't matter if you miss a sale. With an extended marketplace, you can sell products that are not available in your stores and prevent customers from shopping on Amazon or Walmart.

    PerfectionGeeks allows you to connect directly with CPG manufacturers to fulfil orders. This eliminates the need for integration and allows you to sell products directly from brands to consumers. In addition, this is a great way to try out new products before you commit to putting them on your shelves.

  • Assistance program filters
  • Your brick-and-mortar store is more accessible than ever to increase sales and serve your community. The PerfectionGeeks-powered app allows shoppers to identify products eligible for purchase through special assistance programs such as FSA, HSA, and SNAP. It also features search filters and product placements.

    PerfectionGeeks allows you to create an MVP for a mCommerce app that is personalized, efficient, and private. You can better understand the needs and wants of shoppers by using first-party data. This will allow you to provide a closed-loop shopping experience that increases loyalty and boosts sales.

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