What Benefits does Digital App Development offer Startup Businesses?

What Benefits does Digital App Development offer Startup Businesses?

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Before any enterprise can begin its journey to app development, there is one critical question it must answer...

"Which platform should we target?"

Although it is an important question, it does not address all aspects of the enterprise's concern. Other considerations are necessary to ensure that your business app is successful. For example, your app users should be closely linked. Did you know that nearly 23% of users don't open apps after their first use?

You don't want your app thrown out like this. So instead, focus on your business goals, audience, and available resources. But first, you must answer the crucial question...

"Which platform should we target, and why?"

It is all about the clashing of two tech titans regarding mobile app development on Singaporean platforms. Android (powered and engineered by Google) and iOS (engineered by Apple) Both Apple and Google have completely different ways of operating their platforms. They differ greatly in functionality, costs, restrictions, and other factors. However, Android applications are favoured by market share statistics.

Net Market share reported that Android accounted for 68.69% of the global market share at the end of 2017. This is almost twice the global share of iOS (29.26%). So if you want to reach a larger customer base for your mobile app, they will likely be using the Android platform.

These numbers are impressive, but you may want to know more about Android application development in Singapore. Knowledge is always better than assumptions.

We've compiled a list of five reasons why Android app development in Singapore is the best option for business growth.

Reason 1: Enriching the Android Developer Community

Android developers are well-established. Android is home to over 300 hardware, software, and carrier partners. These partners can help you create your app quickly and move it in the right direction. Android app developers work on an open platform, unlike on other platforms. They share their app development experience, knowledge, and skills during the app's creation.

The Android app development environment supports smooth learning and provides support for any newbie developer. In addition, Google provides documentation for all educational resources that can be used to assist Android app developers at each step. Working with an Android app development company has another benefit. For example, at PerfectionGeeks Technologies, Android developers are available to you without any concerns about the quality or delivery of your work.

Reason 2: Developer-Friendly Tools and Integration Technologies

Open platforms like Android are always better; any programmer can use them regardless of their technical knowledge (with the correct logins). You can download the Software Development Kit for Android app development (also known as Android SDK) anytime with Eclipse, Android's official Integrated Development Environment.

A business app can be created in hours with a few skills and effort from Android application developers. This is a striking contrast to other platforms because all these Android tools are free. This allows you to get a great app and save operational costs.

Google has also remarkably redesigned Android Studio with cutting-edge functionalities and features. The latest highlights include:

Live visual editing guide for coders

Lint tools are available for version control, performance, and usability.

Excellent integration with Google Cloud

Astonishing ability to create APK files

Editing view is running on multiple screens.

App layout rendering in real-time

Building variants

Java is the preferred programming language for Android app developers. Global companies highly value this technology for its broad scope and ease of use. You will find multiple software development platforms for Android that have different capacities. This allows you to quickly address changing business needs, regardless of whether you are using other platforms.

There's more. Many frameworks for Java and Android support Linux hardware and related tools. This can allow you to explore the many benefits of open-source platforms.

Reason 3: Futuristic Advancements

How much money a company is willing to invest in its future development will determine the success of any mobile platform. This is where Android excels as a platform. Google and its Android platform partners have spent a lot of money and resources to make Android app development the top choice for future developers.

Google has focused its platform advancement efforts on developing new technologies, improving existing tools, and creating effective methods for Android app development. The tech giant recently extended Android OS support to wearable apps and devices. As a result, Android app developers can continue exploring new technologies and creating business apps that adapt to future needs.

Reason 4: An Effective Marketplace

All Android apps are submitted to the Google Play Store. This store is fast and responsive, especially regarding app approvals. Contrary to the Apple App Store, which can be expensive and take time, an enterprise app can be approved for the Android application marketplace in less than two days.

Android app developers can keep their app on the Google Play Store for a small fee instead of investing capital over a year. In addition, the Google Play Store allows for automatic updates to all Android apps. It also provides continuous support for Android OS, ensuring that targeted apps remain market relevant.

Developers can quickly review feedback from actual users and launch updates as needed. Android apps can also be downloaded from sources other than the Android Market, which increases your business' visibility and outreach.

Google's recent moves to preserve quality paid apps in the Play Store have helped many Android app developers maintain their monetization strategies and build a richer customer base on the Android platform. Your business can be more successful by choosing Android application development. Google plans to launch several high-tech devices that have Android OS embedded.

This will increase the popularity and reach of Android app development services. It can also help many corporations with Android business applications get a global brand image.

Reason 5: Great Return on Investment (ROI)

Android application development does not require the same hardware requirements as Apple's iOS. Android doesn't need expensive tools like Xcode or Mac OS X to run its app development environment. As a result, Android application development is a cost-effective platform for developers and businesses.

Your Android app developers can experiment with new technologies. You will get a business-level application out of your Android app development investment which has the potential to earn big in the market.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies: Your Android Application Development Partner

You are ready to embark on a long, exciting journey with Android app development.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies' Android app development services focus on maximising your market success by considering the many IDE features, nature, and market demographics. The result is often an Android app that is smart and flexible, simplifying business processes and providing the expected ROI.

Learn how to make a successful Android app and help your business grow digitally.