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Top 10 Cross-Platform Frameworks for 2021: Mobile App Development Made Easy

In such a fast and rapid changing world if we need to be ahead we have to be in touch with the latest technology. Well, we cannot deny the fact, if you want to gain your business visibility then there is a need for your to walk towards the latest updates and techniques.

To reach a wide and a higher scale visitors, at present mobile app for a business is a necessity. To make sure you are in touch with the latest frameworks you need to connect with the mobile app development platform USA. PerfectionGeeks here has made an impression on many businesses and now it can be you. We are here to help you with the mobile app development services and while giving you all the latest framework.

At present cross-platform application development in the field of mobile app development is presenting a positive trend in terms of profit. Mobile application developed with the help of cross-platform framework are known to gain more popularity than any other. Or in another word we can say that it has reached new heights.

The main reason behind the increased demand for cross-platform mobile application development is that it has a wider reach than the native app. Therefore it allows businesses to reach more customers and make their wider reach.

Day by day there are new technologies is comping up along with the framework for mobile app development and to this one of the best suited is the cross-platform framework. Our team of developers are well-versed with the latest technology where they can help you to build a cross-platform app for your business. So if you are looking to find the one and reliable source then we are here for you.

Importance Of Cross-Platform Framework

A cross-platform app is being introduced to develop a single application with multiple OS. With the introduction of the latest smartphone now and then it is not possible to deal with every OS, so in this case, cross-platform is a valuable one.

The importance of cross-platform has been introduced so that the mobile app development USA can create many apps for a single purpose. There are different benefits of opting cross-platform framework when you are looking to develop an app for your business.

It is very affordable as compared to other app development process. You will be able to enjoy easy access to plug-ins and its development takes place in the framework like PhoneGap and Appcelerator.With all these benefits, there are top 10 Cross-platform frameworks for 2021 which is proven to be valuable.

Top 10 Cross-Platform Frameworks for 2021

There are various cross-platform framework has been introduced in the market and each one of them has their value. So let us know what all are they and what are their pros and cons.

1. Flutter

Flutter cross-platform framework is at its highest peak when it comes to mobile app development. It is an open-source cross-platform app framework. The different features that flutter are making use of is Dart programming language instead of JavaScipt.

Here along with android and iOS, the developers are also able to make ground breaking applications for the Furchisa OS with flutter.

Pros : It is very useful in reducing testing efforts.
It helps in quick and easy development.

cons : There can be some sort of question to be raised about its useability.
There is a bigger app size which can be negative here.

2. React Native

If you are thinking to make use of a mobile app then react native is one that you cannot forget. It is extensively used for iOS app and android app and here reaching an IOS App Development Company in USA will be beneficial for you. The framework is built on JavaScript and holds a lot many advantages for android and iOS app.

Pros : This framework can give a highly responsive UI interface.
It has a larger developer’s community and hence can give support to developers at the time of app development.

cons : It is not suitable for beginners and needs attention here.
It also involves a steep learning curve.

3. Ionic

When it comes to knowing which is the top cross-platform framework then Ionic is one of those which is the most remarkable one. It is based on Angular JS and an open-source cross-platform. It has the main versions are Apache Cordova and AngularJS. If you are considering building mobile app then building with an Ionic framework can be beneficial for you.

Pros : There are lot many ready to use UI components that can be found in the Ionic framework.
The Ionic framework is specifically designed for mobile OS and it is based upon the SAAS UI framework.

cons : At the time the framework can lead to complexity.
If you are using the free version then it has certain limitations.

4. Node.JS

Node.JS is a V8 based cross-platform mobile development and it is known to transform JavaScript into the general language to those of highly specialized language. It is one of the impressive ions in terms of speed, features, functionality.

Pros : It contains a huge inbuilt library.
Has a reliable performance.

cons : You can get stuck at the time of heavy GUI interface and web interface.

5. Xamarin

It is an independent platform and being acquired by Microsoft. It is one of the yet another top cross-platform apps, and it is based on the implementation of the .NET platform -mono. The platform was launched to resolve the problem associated with native technology stacks.

Pros : Supports for latest APIs, and another programming language.
It helps to provide a consistent look across the different OS.

cons : Not recommended for heavy graphics.

6. Native Script

Native Script is an open-source cross-platform framework, here the development process is not restricted to JavaScript only. The biggest USP is that the developers here do not need to install extra plugins for various other functions.

Pros : Here developers can write a platform based on API and in JavaScript.
It has a native UI that is accessible without webviews.

cons : It might take some time for you to take long towards development.

7. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is also known as Cordova and contains the highest number of shares of all the cross-platform app development process. It is one of the highly-rated mobile application development frameworks and uses HTML, CSS and Javascript. One of the main advantages of PhoneGap is that it has a powerful backend system which is useful in playing a vital role in increasing the speed of the development process.

Pros : The user will be able to embed payment systems like Google Play Store and App Store.
Without showing the minimal difference the PhoneGap will run consistently on all the leading mobile OS platform.

cons : You can take much loading time and no heavy graphics.

8. Corona SDK

If you are looking to build a two-dimensional mobile application for a leading platform then Corona SKD is one of the suitable frameworks. It is one of the open-source cross-platform app frameworks and helps towards a 10x faster mobile app development process.

Pros : It holds lots of plugin for media, analytics.
It is based on the Lua programming language which makes the framework to be more powerful.

cons : It is dependent on iOS SKD’s
App builds with PhoneGap can lag at the time as compared to those of native.

9. Appcelerator Titanium

The platform is known as the open-source cross-platform native app development platform. It got a release in the year 2008 with the features of device functionality, API for accessing native UI and MVC based framework. As an Android App Development in USA our developers can deploy the data model easily with this framework as it offers a schema-less database ArrowDB.

Pros : It has a pre-built connector for MS SQL, MS Azure, Salesforce and Box.
It holds a lot many tools which make the development process faster.

cons : There can be SKD related issue so here developers need to keep an eye at the time of the app development process.

10. Sencha Touch

The main application of the Sencha Touch is to accelerate the hardware techniques. Here if you are looking for inbuild Cordova integration then in this case the respective platform is proven to be the most valuable one. The main benefit of this framework we can see it makes the development process of the large app easier.

Pros : It is considered to be fast and reliable
Ease of integration with API and Plugins.
There are more than 50+ inbuilt UI widgets

cons : Heavy documentation object model elements.


The above are the top 10 Cross-platform frameworks for 2021 who all will help to play an important role in defining your app development process. It is said that choosing the right platform is very important as it will allow your app to work efficiently and smoothly.

When it comes to cross-platform framework there are top 10 platforms that can be used to make your app valuable. Also, the entire development process can be taken with the help of mobile development frameworks in USA like us as we are aware of all the latest and advanced technology and make your app development process work efficiently.

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