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Top 15+ SaaS Products For Start-ups To Consider

We cannot deny the fact that running a company requires talented resources.

They help to grow an organisation and to achieve heights. But do you think so that behind a successful industry there is just one growth model?

The answer to this is NO, there are a lot many responsibilities which an organisation has to take care of.

Right from the resources to keep tracking of their work and other necessary details.

All of those details are in the favour of the industries and help it to achieve better revenue.

Now what are all those managements are and how can an industry keep a record of it safely.

To solve all of your concerns, we are here to let you know various benefits which deal with the growth of an organisation.

With the advancement of technology and software, the industry has paved businesses to adopt the most flexible approach.

You must be wondering what flexible approach are we talking about.

Well, if you are confused then do not need to be. It is a SaaS business model.

There is no doubt that SaaS put businesses in the front of the technology. This in turn helps the business owners to know how day to day management can be taken care of.

How can you put records of each of your activities, resources information in one place and safely?

Before going into the SaaS products let us tell you what is SaaS and Its benefits

What Is SaaS And Its Advantages

SaaS is known as Software as a service and it allows users to connect with cloud-based apps and to use them.

The software is used by the SaaS companies (start-ups/ large organisation to manage their work/records).

Therefore the cloud-based software is the demand for every type of business.

There are different advantages of SaaS are-

• You can mobilise your workforce easily

• Access to data and app from anywhere

• You can pay for what you use

• Access to many sophisticated applications.

Considering SaaS software will help companies to manage their records easily.

Therefore there has been a lot of importance for SaaS business models.

As we informed you that it can be used by start-ups to those of large enterprises. After all the main motive is to simplify the workload and also to keep track of all records.

Therefore more and more companies are moving for its development. It can be software or an app which can help the organisation to achieve its goals.

If you are the one who wants to get the benefits of SaaS then SaaS app development company USA is one of those best ways.

But to get the one best for you is also not an easy job.

Now we do not want you to be stuck between this. Therefore we will straight away come to PerfectionGeeks who has years of experience in simplifying industries various needs.

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You must be wondering why are we focusing on ourselves. Well everyone wants to deserve the best.

When we can offer the one by not compromise with the quality?

Also when it comes to SaaS we have opened a door for many organisations to get their goals done.

SaaS is a product that is offered as a service by the provider and users subscribe as software.

Subscription Plan

Upon subscription, it can either be used on monthly basis or yearly.

Reasons To Choose SaaS Products

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose SaaS products for the success of your business-

• Scalability

• Maintenance

• Low cost of entry

• Easily accessible

With the help of a SaaS product development company like us, you will be able to get a definite product.

The software helps start-up enterprises to manage their day to day tasks.

In this way, you will have each record saved and can be taken out for future use.

Also, there are more than 15 SaaS products that can be used by companies. Let us gander to what all are those.

Top 15 SaaS products To Consider For Start-Ups

The different SaaS products are categorised based on different categories. Right from the team management, accounting, customer support, social media and a lot more.

This is where we have to monitor what these products and services are offered by the SaaS product development services USA .

1. CRM – Pipedrive

The products help the sales team which can look for the entire sales management.

It is one of the low cost, easy to use tools that can be customized as well.

Organisations with the help of Pipedrive can set multiple sets of stages in sales.

You can set your desire action and monitor how sales management is going on.

There is also a free version which can be taken beforehand to see benefits.

2. Accounting – Xero

With the help of accounting – Xero businesses can maintain their accounts records.

Accounting – Xero also enables the users to connect with their bank account and import statement easily.

Generation of customized invoices to send customers.

Also, it is easier to schedule advance payment so that there will not be delays.

There is also an add on benefit for all businesses type.

3. Project Management – Trello

Widely used by organisations trello helps in simplifying various tasks.

Businesses can easily schedule or add their task on Trello and keep all records of activities.

Here, users can create a board according to their projects separately.

Thereafter the project manager can invite their team for collaboration and assign tasks.

Trello also offers a free plan and one can create an unlimited number of boards.

4. Marketing Automation – HubSpot

Considered as one of the most powerful tools available in the market.

With the help of HubSpot, you will be able to track workflow easily.

It offers a free CRM and also a simple user interface.

It helps to save time for the marketing team and allow the work to be done appropriately.

Although there is a free trial you can also purchase it for $200/month.

5. Project Management – Asana

Businesses can create their to-do lists and make their work easier.

It is very simple and hence one of the prominent choices among users.

It also helps to improve the efficiency of the work and also can add up to 5 people in starting.

There are some cool features that you can check to manage projects.

You can create a workspace and add your to-do list.

6. Marketing Automation – Marketo

Marketo helps you to get focus on analytics and other market research.

Therefore it is a very compatible SaaS product among businesses for market research.

The tool is one of the best for B2B businesses and also allow them to take predictive analysis.

In starting you can choose the tool to analyse its different benefits.

Later you can also go for its paid subscription.

7. Marketing Automation – Autopilot

Autopilot is both for small to large scale businesses. The main motive for this SaaS products is to simplify work.

Businesses can use it as an email marketing tool to send email and in-app messages.

Being a marketer you can set different marketing campaigns.

You can also view the real-time report of your performance and keep track easily.

Several clicks to your mails and later can be converted into sales.

8. Marketing Automation – Mailchimp

Mailchimp is used for sending bulk emails and newsletters.

It helps to create a campaign and helps triggers around 2000 subscribers in the free plan itself.

Now let us suppose if you want your content to be circulated among your audience then Mailchimp is one of those best ways.

Being a start-up you can focus on Mailchimp to send bulk messages.

You can at first try for a free plan and later according to your requirement can upgrade as well.

9. Customer Support – Zendesk

It is one of the customer service help desks and supports the ticket system.

It can be used both for the small those of large organisations.

The tool also helps to increase the productivity of your support team and help you to give better results.

You can also integrate with a third-party solution like Salesforce, JIRA and so on.

10. ProProfs Helpdesk

ProProfs Helpdesk is another cloud-based SaaS Product and one of the best sass start-up ideas.

It allows your worker to join forces and solve customer queries instantly.

It has a variety of custom tools and offers 360-degree customer services.

One of the affordable products and gives you a free plan for the first 15 days.

It can also get combined with popular business tools like Salesforce, MS Dynamics.

11. Time Tracking – Timely

Every organisation has a time tracking solution. It helps to keep a record of all resources when check-in and check-out.

Known as one of the award-winning AI-powered time tracking tools.

When an organisation builds one then it helps to give the team a source of trust.

You can get started with the 14 days trial period and later can be purchased as well.

12. Graphic Management – Canva

With the help of a SaaS product development company it is easier to reach your destination.

They help in offering the solution which can simplify your work and load as well.

Yet another essential SaaS product is named Canava.

It allows the designer to create graphics and manage content easily.

There are lot many tools and services which Canava can offer. The designer can start with the ready-made templates or from scratch according to their creativity.

13. Social Media Management – Hootsuite

If you are working on a social media post then Hootsuite is one of the best tools.

You can set up different social media account in one place and begin with your work.

You can save your file in CSV format and post on all of the social media accounts in one shot.

Compatible with social media marketers and also very easy to use.

14. Appointment Scheduling – Calendly

Be it the beginning of your work or it has been years, managing your appointments are a necessity.

Calendly, therefore, helps a business person to manage their meetings in one place.

Yes, with the help of Calendly you can keep track of what meetings are planned and when.

In this way, you can get a reminder and also helps to grow your business.

It can be integrated with Gmail, outlook, office 365.

15. Video Tools – Wistia

One of the video hosting tools which simplifies the work of companies.

If you are implementing videos on your website then it is one of the great choices for your company.

With the help of Whistia, you can customize the thumbnail, change the colour of the player and a lot more.

In this way, you can manage all of your work according to your needs.


There is a huge list of SaaS products that can be used across businesses. Each of the products has its benefits and carries features.

If you are a start-up or an enterprise we are sure that you will be in a need of any of the above products.

Also, they make your work to be easier and in simplified ways. There are different saas business models and can be completed with the help of experts.

A well-defined company with years of experience can assist you. Therefore it will be great for you to consider PerfectionGeeks to simplify your company goals.

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