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The way we consume content is changing thanks to technology quickly. Television is no longer the primary entertainment medium. Video streaming apps are gaining popularity due to changing consumer preferences. These apps allow users to stream their favorite movies, sports matches, and music concerts at their own time and pace. Users don't have to wait for streaming content to be available on their televisions.

Entrepreneurs are now ready to create a video streaming app by exploring the potential of live streaming apps over Android, iOS, and cloud data support. The pandemic only accelerated this trend. Today, we see multiple apps with live streaming capabilities in the market, like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.

What is a Live Streaming Application Development Company in Singapore?

It allows for the instant transmission of events and the participation of attendees over a dedicated platform. This type of app is beneficial for both customers and businesses.

  • Live video recording and a paid stream
  • Attracting new clients with online training programs
  • IoT-enabled applications to look after pets, children, and housemaids.

How To Build A Live Streaming App?

Live Streaming Application Development is much more complicated than it sounds. This requires skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about the latest technologies and tools. It would be best to consider these factors to ensure your app meets your business requirements.

Defining Your Target Audience

The app must be designed to understand the user's needs. A survey to understand the preferences and dislikes of users towards live streaming apps This will allow you to identify potential problems early on. You can also concentrate on innovative and exciting features.

Choose a Reliable Platform to Live Stream, Hosting & Store

The next step in live streaming app development is to choose the best platform for streaming, hosting, and storing. Although selecting the lowest possible provider may seem like a good idea, you compromise a lot on quality. When traffic increases and users increase, performance suffers. In addition, consumers who stream content frequently will not tolerate slow-resolution videos and laggy streams.

Excellent User Interface/UX Design

Customers will be happy if you invest in the best UI/UX design. Your app should stand out in a competitive market. A great user experience is essential. Survey it to understand the market trends and determine what your target audience would like.

Create and Test Your MVP

You probably have many ideas for your live streaming app. Before rushing to create your MVP , make sure you've tested the app. This is a basic version that only includes the essential features. This is to evaluate the app's performance on the market. You can then consider other factors to improve the app's performance once you have received feedback and responses.

Now that you're familiar with the steps for creating live streaming apps, let's look at some of the more basic and advanced features.

Live Streaming App Features: Basic & Advanced

User Registration

For simple registration, you will need details such as your email address and phone number. Account authentication and password recovery should be included. Easy access to the platform is made possible by the popular social media sign-in option. Accessibility is essential for younger users.

User Profile

This feature is mandatory and allows each user to control what they see. You can also include recommendations for content consumption. Multiple screens can be added so that each user has access.


It is essential to have a search option or explore the possibility. In the drop-down search box, include as many genres as possible. Your app will be used by a wide range of people of all ages.

Push Notifications

Notify users about the most popular streams to keep them hooked on your app. All followers should be notified when a user creates a broadcast.


Your app should not only stream live but also connect users. So users can express themselves, share content and build a network of friends, just like with other popular apps.


Consider how your users will interact with the app. Then, keep that in mind and focus on creating an interface that all users will love.

Multilingual Content

To expand your reach, you must offer more than English as a standard option. Multilingual content indicates that you are sensitive to user preferences and can provide different content in different languages.


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The Typical Challenges We Help Our Clients Solve
  • Enhance frontend and backend features to ensure your live streaming service can handle the demands of social distancing.
  • Improve existing systems and apps or create new ones.
  • Are you looking for modern technology and upgrades but don't have time or capacity?
  • Meet clients' "cool factor" expectations.
  • Work with a tech partner that understands the live streaming industry.